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  1. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see her in person next month.
  2. I've always thought that Celebrity sends way too many communications and wondered what their opt-out rates must look like. I'm guessing that most just scan for important or interesting subject lines and then ignore the rest. Rarely do I open one. So, out of curiosity, I counted - 68 in June. Do I win some sort of prize?
  3. What a nice way to celebrate! You won't regret your choice! Thanks for confirming that the program is still active. We've successfully bid on a couple of upgrades in the past and are hoping for the opportunity on our next cruise! Enjoy your cruise!
  4. You can also find more detail on the Celebrity website (at least in the US) if you don't receive an email. Click the hamburger menu in the top left and Celebrity MoveUp is listed in the "Already Booked" section of the menu.
  5. I probably would have done the same if I hadn't seen this post.
  6. Got it, but it was in my spam folder. The sender was Hanover Research. It was a well-designed survey looking for feedback on the value of existing perks, including some of the existing offers/discounts, as well as looking at potential new perk configurations and other onboard experiences. Also several questions surrounding early booking incentives.
  7. While planning for my cruise I found it interesting that I wasn't able to download an Alaska shore excursion brochure for the Summit. Interestingly excursions aren't available for booking in the Cruise Planner either. Out of curiosity I changed the ship to the Millennium for the same sailing date and up popped an excursion brochure for Millennium in Alaska! I tried that for several Alaska sailings and achieved the same result. Just another data point that appears to support the Summit to Millie theory. My first Celebrity cruise was on the Summit, so it would have been nice to sail on her again, but not opposed to the Millie. Can't wait to get back either way!
  8. Having done Hawaii to Vancouver several times, I can say it's one of our favorite itineraries. We do prefer the westbound itinerary as you gain a few hours on the way to Hawaii. We love the mix of sea days and several days in port. After being married on Maui several years ago, we like to return to the island for a few days pre or post-cruise. We've always had smooth seas, but as others have said, sometimes have experienced cool weather as the ship nears Vancouver. That said, we just cruised Hawaii to Vancouver on the Eclipse last year and were able to use our verandah every day as it was protected from the strong and cold breezes that you might experience on one of the upper decks. Don't hesitate - you'll have a great time.
  9. I'll be taking a transatlantic cruise on the Celebrity Reflection in April. I'm aware of the facilities, but curious around what time of day guys typically visit the sauna, especially on sea days. I enjoy a good sweat in the sauna after my workout or just to relax and get away. On previous cruises, it always seems as though I'm there by myself. While alone time is good, I often prefer the company of others. Is there a peak time?
  10. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great review of your experience. I'll be on board the Reflection in a couple of months, so I'm living vicariously through your posts!
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