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  1. That is a steal, on Ovation last week it was either $78 or $72 ( one or the other) USD to buy on the ship. Not hard to consume a few drinks to make it worthwhile when a can of good beer was $8.25 USD and a glass of NZ wine $12 USD a glass.
  2. Just back from a family cruise on the Ovation of the Seas from Sydney and quite a different experience from our cruise on her sister ship, Anthem of the seas in the US late last year. Never saw a fresh flower or carved watermelon ( or any carved fruit or ice creations for that matter) on the Ovation but still at about half the cost of our cruise on the Anthem last year what is there to complain about (except no coffee bags available in the cabins). The way things are going, am just a little concerned that we shall have to pack our own food on our next cruise!
  3. Have always been a little perplexed about this thread and the never ending glowing reviews for this one or that. Seems to me that some posters are being encouraged to report/review in order to persuade others to book with this one or that without looking at other possibilities. Call me a cynic but having visited Vietnam many times since the Government sent me there for a 12 month paid holiday in 1969, something is not quite right!
  4. Try Fatties in Bencoolen, Just over the road from the Bencoolen Ibis hotel and easy to get to by train. . Old Singapore institution, not fancy but cold beer and good food. Old Fattie died years ago but on last visit young Fattie now running the show. Old haunt for airline staff stopping over in Singapore.
  5. In Noumea now, can answer my own question. Never asked by anyone, any where before getting on the ship, while on the ship or when getting off in Noumea. Hope the situation does not change for others in future cruises to this destination
  6. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    The reason your local Vietnamese embassy/consulate will not offer you a $5 visa is that the fees collected for visa by the said office pay for staff wages, running costs etc of the office. The consulate here in Perth even tells clients that anyone travelling to Vietnam should get "their Visa from Them" as other means are highly suspect and you may not be admitted when you get there? Which is a load of crap as most would be aware off.
  7. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    Great information that will assist other cruisers visiting Vietnam by RCL. There is no doubt Princess are ripping off their passengers with the $56 charge when RCL do the same for $6.
  8. Bpos

    Hotel in Phuket

    We recently stayed at the Lantern Hotel and Resort in Patong. Well kept botique hotel with great staff and the rooms were extremely modern and so clean, in fact so clean, the housekeeping was amazing. Three pools in very clean condition and in the centre of all the action, beach (very nice too) a 10 minute walk, bars and restaurants all around, just step out the door and a huge shopping centre a couple of minutes away, again with many great restaurants etc. Highly recommended and will not cost you an arm and a leg.
  9. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    Cannot see Phu My on the above list which is the port used for larger ships that cannot go up the river to HCM City. But please come back on this forum after your trip so that others who travel Princess can benefit from your experience, as if there is a much cheaper option, all the better.
  10. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    I would recommend caution here. I cannot open that web site but I did check another and it advised that the only visa acceptable if arriving by sea was for one issued by an embassy in your home country (very expensive) or one organised by the cruise line on your arrival. It may well be the authories allowed the case cited above entry but one can never be totally sure when dealing with Vietnamese authorities who sway with the wind on occassions. Was the person who organised the visa online travelling on an Australian passport? Because there are some 15 odd countries where citizens of those countries can be granted visa free entry for up to 15 days in which case some cruise line charge a $1 or $2 handling fee. Australia is not one of the countries under this scheme. Can you direct me to the Princess thread where this was discussed as I would be interested in reading it.
  11. Well I would like to put it to bed as well, but no one has answered the one question I would like clarified. Namely what checks or documentation was asked for in relation to travel insurance either by the French authorities or the cruise line from recent cruisers to Noumea?
  12. Has anyone travelled to Noumea recently by way of a cruise? If so, were you asked for documentation or ask to prove that you had comprehensive travel insurance.. A lot of cruisers on this forum have received recent notification from their respective cruise line that French authorities have specified visitors need comprehensive travel insurance and that without it, you may be denied entry of the ship in Noumea. Surely someone has been there recently?
  13. Did I say that? I am using credit card insurance as I have done for so many holidays and cruises in the past but usually do not have comprehensive documentation to produce other than the emergency phone number and booklet etc.
  14. No one been to Noumea lately, would like to know if there travel insurance documents were checked before they were allowed to go ashore?
  15. Can anyone who has been to Noumeaon a ship in the past few weeks advise of their experience with this requirement, ie was it checked, enforced etc.
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