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  1. We seriously considered jumping on some of those super cheap specials that were available earlier this year, thank god we did not proceed. Crews from around the world? What has changed, nothing but I would not be taking assurances from cruise lines that their ship is 'safe' to sail on until I have a jab - that will be my 'safe to go' tick.and only that will do for me.
  2. I have not read the comments on this thread but as the majority of cruisers are in their later years, I cannot believe anyone would even consider booking or going on a cruise from anywhere until there is a vaccine or a immediate effective cure available
  3. Totally agree, we will endure debt for years but at least we have made every effort to look after our fellow Australians in this very trying times
  4. No posts on the Asia forum for over a week, most unusual. Has every one cancelled their cruises to that part of the world?
  5. Was a full page ad in the West Australian newspaper Travel Guide on Saturday 15 Feb, Verandas are $3,499 No it was not my "Imaginecruising" dream either!
  6. All inclusive Indian Ocean Odyssey with Silversea, 16 nights from Singapore to Mumbai Everything included on the ship. ie drinks gratuities, WIFI etc Includes flights, transfers and one night Hotel in Singapore Four nights in Yangoon and Colombo included within the cruise. Prices from $2,999 per person but departure is 28 February so you will need to get a move on
  7. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    Cannot wait for the next instalment!
  8. Bpos

    Vietnam Visa

    You had better believe it CissyFuss, Not only does many cruise lines not know the charges their ships will charge for Visas, give incorrect information, Vietnam Consulates etc have been known to give false or misleading information as well regarding Visas. Princess is probably the worst of the bunch because they impose charges well above the norm to make extra from their passengers and have been doing so for years. According to our resident expert Expat Cruiser, Princess will charge you $USD33 (even though their cruise personaliser says $US56) and the cost of an EVisa is $USD25, for $8 per person extra I would let Princess organise the visa and cop the extra as a cost of cruising. Less hassles and you have to do nothing!
  9. Bpos


    Gardens by the bay are a must see and you probably need 2/3 hours to do it over. Yes you will see plants and flowers from all parts of the world as well as tropical plants Singapore and Asia are well know for
  10. All you need to do is scroll down the topics on this forum and you will find plenty of threads that will assist you to research your trip and provide the answers you seek
  11. Bpos


    Look out for the Ladyboys!
  12. There you go, take plenty of small notes as you will not get change
  13. Just change some Aussie $ to Dong, about what you think you may need for your stops, money changers everywhere, they even came on board our cruise ship a few years ago. Most places will take USD but not AU$, so Dong it is. JUst make sure you use up your Dong at the last stop, not worth taking home unless you are intending to use it to wallpaper your toilet walls. Cards are accepted at many restuarants and better shops so they can be used for larger purchases.
  14. You really need to confirm where your ship will dock. Often, The small ships can access Saigon via the river which means they will dock quite close to the city and you will not need to then stay overnight in a hotel. If you dock at Phu My then that is quite a different situation.
  15. You have missed the boat, 2012 sailed by seven years ago!
  16. If must use a taxi at the port, there is every chance the taxi Mafia will be in place to fix a price, demand payment on the spot and then give the taxi driver less than what you paid. Try and move away from the pack if this is the case and negotiate with a driver direct. And certainly do not pay for the cab (or perhaps a very small deposit) until you get back, it will be a long walk to the port if docked at Phu My. There are two reputable taxi companies in Vietnam and the taxi industry has a shocking reputation for scams, overcharging etc. Do your research on taxi companies before leaving home to be prepared for all eventualities. As an additional DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take a ride in a cyclo (pedibke) anywhere in Vietnam unless it has been arranged, organised and paid for before using them.
  17. So true, I even take my artificial aorta valve and hip along with me when cruising!
  18. I have a friend who firmly believes he has found true love in a brothel in Vietnam several years ago and continues to believe so despite our and his wife's misgivings and a depleted bank balance to boot. Just how does one define 'real love'.
  19. Does this cruise call in at Port Moresby. I lived there for three years in the mid 1960's and would like to go back for a look but unable to find a regular cruise lines that includes Moresby other than the ultra expensive small ships
  20. Bpos

    Hong Kong Disneyland

    We went a few year ago and used the train. If you are a senior then the entry price is peanuts compared to other Disney parks in the world (around $10 Aust I think from memory) The highlight was the Lion King show - if it is still on do not miss it, worth going there just to see that production, amazing
  21. This has been discussed many times, just search this forum for Visas Vietnam etc and you will find all the information you need. Princess will issue visas from the Ship but you will find, unless they have had a change of heart that they charged much much more than the other cruise companies issuing the same visas
  22. The unhappiest couple I have ever seen in my life were two oldies sitting at the same table two each night on an Alaskan cruise and had to put up with a table of 10 noisy Aussies nearby. Indeed I believe they would not have passed more that two words between them at Dinner each night and the only time they smiled was when the passed wind. So not wishing end up like them we always like to share a table with others, even though occasionaly you get seated with someone who you would rather not.
  23. Can highly recommend Mrs Ha at Vietland Discovery Tours. She is located in Danang and we have used her services several times from just day trips to a 21 tour of Vietnam. Our first contact was with over 10 years ago and she continues to provide exceptional service as many reviews on Trip Advisorbwill attest.
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