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  1. Air Canada has nonstop flights LAX to YYZ and YUL. I would try to get them into Canada as expeditiously as possible. Borders may close. Restaurants are closed in many places.
  2. Nope. If you're a green card holder, you use that instead of a passport. What you do need is documentation that shows that you are allowed to enter the US for the period of time the nice immigration people believe that you will be staying. A passport (without the proper visa) won't work if it's not a US passport and you say you live in Nebraska. My point in my previous post was that there is no one size fits all declaration of the type of documentation that is needed to get off a cruise in the US. Not all US citizens can just use their birth certificate. Not all non-US citizens enter the US with their passport.
  3. FlorenceItaly is correct. It will die a natural death when HAL doesn't receive a deposit.
  4. I had an upsell offer a few years ago from an outside to a verandah. I believe the amount was $700 pp for a 21 night cruise. I was also offered an upsell to a Neptune for $2200 pp. I took the Neptune, because there were 4 of us and we couldn't fit into their available verandahs. So, for the verandah, that works out to about $67/day. For a 28 night cruise, I'd expect in the range of $900-$1000 pp for a verandah. That's for the offer. Whether or not it is "good" is up to you. IMO, it's worth about $75/day (total) for a balcony. Some people value them higher or won't sail without them at all.
  5. If it's a publicly available fare, then it qualifies for the Mariner cruise day credits. If it's an upsell via an email at the last minute, then it doesn't qualify.
  6. Unfortunately, upsells to NS don't count towards Mariner status. My cruise is just a few days after the OP's. I'm going to have to start stalking my email. I'm in a balcony guarantee. I've got my fingers crossed for a nice upgrade or upsell.
  7. Naturalized US citizens and US citizens born abroad can't travel with just their birth certificate, because their birth certificate won't prove US citizenship. You have to have been born in the US for the birth certificate to be accepted for a closed loop cruise out of the US.
  8. It’s been a few years but I recall a lot of standing in line at the Vatican. I would not classify it as easy, maybe moderate. I’d use the easy for an excursion where you just got on and off the bus and maybe walked a few steps.
  9. She'll also need a birth certificate to apply for social security benefits.
  10. Does she have a social security card? Should that not have the same spelling as her birth certificate? I wasn't born in the US, but my kids were and their social security cards were issued when their births were registered.
  11. It sounds like her birth was registered with a different spelling or different birth date. If she has a living older relative, she should verify the spelling of her name and her birth date. If she doesn't have a relative who can do this, she should check with the records that the previous poster mentioned. She needs to get the proper info before she applies to the vital records office of the place where she was born to get her birth certificate. There is time to fix this. Don't panic yet!
  12. $500/week total to upgrade to a balcony is a good price. $500x2/week is not, imo. $500/week total is the cost I paid to upgrade to a balcony on our upcoming cruise. $1000/week is almost another cruise! I've cruise in suites and insides. It's nice to have a balcony, but it's a really small part of the cruise experience.
  13. You don't necessarily have a lot of time. Some Alaskan cruises sell very well, so your preferred cabins may sell out. Another possibility is that the cruise price may go up, which may make it more expensive to book the third cabin. I'd recommend booking now. You should get your deposit back if you have to cancel unless you book a non-refundable fare or wait until April, 2020 or later.
  14. So sorry the itinerary is changed. A storm is blowing in and is supposed to be bad Friday and Saturday. Nawiliwili is on the windward side of Kauai, so it tends to get a lot of rain anyway. Storms can cause significant flooding in that area. The area north of Hanalei is still closed from a storm 10 months ago.
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