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  1. Having traveled on Encore and the Odyssey class ships, I just want to clarify that the Earth and Ocean outdoor restaurants on the Ody class ships are not as exposed to the elements as on the Enc class ships. How so? The Ody class E&Os are forward on the pool deck 8 with the forward decks 9,10&11 offering some wind shelter while they are aft on the Enc ships and thereby exposed. (The reason E&O is where it is on the Enc ships is to share the TK and Colonnade kitchens; the former pool grill used on the Ody ships was and still is removed from the TK and Colonnade kitchens.) Oh, and I concur about eliminating the dopey Retreat. On Ody class ships the similar deck space offers putting, shuffle board and table tennis for all. The Encore ships: nothing / nada. Seems like a simple solution is obvious, right? Tear out the cabanas and get with it, Seabourn. Happy and healthy sailing from Odyssey in Antigua!
  2. I’m hearing January for the new classic ship itineraries. But please don’t quote me as I have been badly advised and have spread ultimately untrue dates before. I am not happy either but do have open on-board deposits for whenever I can book another Seabourn cruise. Happy and healthy sailing!
  3. On our current 14 day crossing to Barbados we are having 2 formal nights. Different tastes and styles are in play but we are dressed formally and we enjoy doing so. The first time was the Captain’s party and last night was the Club party. If you want to dress informally you may enjoy the Earth and Ocean which is terrific with creative but simple menus. In our formal wear it is the Restaurant or TK with the Colonnade somewhere in the middle of the mix for others. Happy and healthy sailing!
  4. Here’s a quick update from Odyssey which I hope will calm down those with a predisposition towards anxiety and also reassure those of us who have long considered Seabourn our first choice of cruise line, Conde Nast rumours notwithstanding. We are now on Ody on the last of 7 sea days since Funchal. Disembarkation for most is on Saturday. We are on somewhat longer and so are positioned to talk about what’s what for longer... Today we enjoyed a Seabourn club senior sailors’ “Diamonds are forever” drinks party on the sports deck 11 at 11:11 on 11/11 after CD Robert conducted a solemn service announcement. Next was a beautiful market galley lunch starting at noon which became a bit more animated at 13:05 when the Trivia hordes, fresh with their prizes, descended upon on us good folk. In a bit less than an hour now is the boat building contest’s sailing and judging event an also the art class’ show. I could prattle on about the exquisite, purposeful and fun activities on board, including the Howdy Doody Git to Know Yer Neybers Block Party Signature Event of last week through last night’s Club Party. Suffice it to say that it is ABSOLUTELY not true that the green bean party bake with mushroom soup and canned fried onions is dead, and that people won’t abandon their cabins/showers/makeup tables at 5:30 pm to come as they are. ‘cause they did! Anyway, over to facts and stats... Yesterday evening before dinner was the Dancing with the Stripes party with HD Peppi, CSD Andreas and 4 other officers dancing with guests followed by the Seabourn Club représentative Colleen’s party with Capt Emilian. Fact: Of the 430 guests on board (some cabins were sold as singles), 99 passengers are new to Seabourn. The turnout and awards milestone presentations were noisy enough to represent how valued the brand is to everyone. But to substantiate the point: the combined cruise days of the other 321 passengers is 49,811. Do the mathematics if you need to but it would indicate something pretty outstanding about the loyalty thing, I would suggest! About other matters that have cropped up here on CC... the facial tissue box in our cabin, when removed from its cover, says Kleenex Professional 2 ply from Kimberly Clark. The toilet paper roll sadly shows no branding but it seems medium soft to me although it is single ply. I hope that is useful info. I have already conceded that I don’t much care for surveys much less others’ interpretation of them. So I hope that’s ok, too. We will shift over to Sojourn on 10 Dec so if anyone is interested in what they’re up to, or if you want to know how Ody is doing in the meantime, please holler. In a polite way. I aim to please! Happy and healthy sailing!
  5. Isklaar and SLSD, I am happy to respond! I did write a review of the Cloud Expedition recently. Please go to the Research section. You will see my review and that of another cruiser on the same cruise. Not very complimentary overall. i am afraid that the hardened hull and any other changes made almost 2 years ago to the classic ship, Cloud, are not enough to draw me back there. The ship is rather tired, draughty, and has many physical faults. It was built in 1994 for a very different purpose and climate than the Arctic adventure we cruised. Happy and healthy sailing!
  6. Seabourn drops 8 places in one year? And on what basis did this happen? For starters, any specifics mentioned that can be validated? BTW, I could not name more than 4 small-mid size luxury segment competitors to Seabourn, by the way. Only Silversea, Regent and maybe Crystal & Cunard Grill Class (despite the size of their ships) come to mind. Hopefully knowledgable and experienced cruisers and their TAs won’t be fooled by this “survey”, such as it is. But hey ho, as they say, given that people will believe what they want to believe. Happy and healthy sailing!
  7. Unless I absolutely recognize that participating in some survey or other will not result in my email being used further for cross-selling, I don’t bother with these things. Further, I would be hard pressed to believe that Seabourn is not number 1 across the list of my priorities. How so? I am on Odyssey now and the contrast with a cruise we took in August/September on a rival line could not be more stark. Seabourn wins hands down and so it’s always a delight to return to “our” ships. I continue to be impressed by the confidence of the crew and the purposeful execution of positive changes e.g. for the environment, cabin and dining enhancements from year to year. Happy and healthy sailing!
  8. I want to mention that tourists must be vigilant against the notorious reputation of Athens’ cab drivers. This means starting your taxi journey from a “regulated” starting point such as your hotel, the port where your disembark, or other place that might allow you to ascertain the fixed or approximate fare before you set off. Three years ago at the taxi queue below the Acropolis museum we joined a taxi for the ship. Halfway there - I recognised the route - the driver started complaining about the route and then started talking up a higher and different fare. When we objected we demanded to be let out and as he left he flipped open the boot/trunk so we could not take down his registration for the complaint I had decided to make to the port tourist police. This shows he does it all the time. I have never experienced anything like this elsewhere in Europe. Happy and healthy sailing!
  9. Thank you. Happy and healthy sailing!
  10. Capt. Golubev is from Ukraine, not Russia. Either way he is a great asset due to his ice navigation credentials. Happy and healthy sailing!
  11. I hope we can move away from the tissues issue and the consequent upheaval in this client satisfaction discussion! Those with grievances can bring their own tissues as long as they meet the biodegradable standards that cruise lines routinely and correctly observe these days. Ok? OK! Happy and healthy sailing!
  12. This is a smart move, but then I don't buy newspapers either. Everything can be accessed online and it remains current by the author-publisher. And I don't have to print the tours since I can see it online, book it and retrieve it all on my ipad. Paper print with all its waste is surely being reduced for the good of the planet and the pocket. And I don't need souvenirs of outdated print piling up on shelves. It's time for this. Well done, Seabourn! Happy and healthy sailing!
  13. Saminia, I believe I know most Seabourn captains but don’t recall any from Russia. Who did you have in mind? Happy and healthy sailing!
  14. Chairsin, Spot on you are, as usual, and so thank you for the effort to put things into perspective across the board of those ten positive and substantive changes. I don't know at all about changes that have disappointed me. And if there were something "missing" on a cruise I could always ask about it. Chances are I wouldn't have to anyway, but if I did there would probably be a good explanation from the officers I have grown to know and trust. For example, if few passengers are interested in some past "benefit" it should be discontinued to save on waste and money. Ditto for less or non-biodegradable tissues if that was the earlier complaint. Simple as that. Happy and healthy sailing!
  15. Saminia, Please list the “other 10 cost cutting moves” already made that you expect others won’t notice. If you list all ten of them I will check them out, report back, and then alert everyone. Happy and healthy sailing!
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