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  1. I have heard capacity will be between 50-60% but remain unclear. A limit is a limit, right? I am open-minded about the Ovation that I have not sailed. After the Encore launch cruise, I was overall not as impressed as I had hoped, and so have since chosen only the Odyssey class ships, Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest. It helped that their itineraries were just what I wanted then, too. About the Encore, one observation I had was it had many more passengers- up to 150 - in a ship that is really only one deck larger and a tad wider than the Ody ships. That will obviously fall awa
  2. SLSD, I always read your posts to see how you and Mr SLSD are doing. For sure, we live in interesting times! On that note, today I did book the Ovation for its first 2 weeks, in my mind a “maiden voyage” of sorts. The booking includes air, and I have since booked a TK dinner! While I don’t know much about preconditions, we will have in hand evidence of vaccinations and a pre-boarding Covid test to enter Greece, and we expect conditions on board to be changed. Ok, no buffets, but on the positive side I am sure capacity will be very restricted for safety. As far as excursio
  3. This is just another piece of news from some puzzle that press people make. Of course time will tell... Obviously the consumer public will help drive the decision as to who among would-be passengers and crew will join these ships. And if Seabourn expects their ships to visit ports globally, nations well aware as to how Covid spreads, the local authorities will also be driving policy. My bet is that crew and passengers will all have to be vaccinated and have evidence to show it, and that passegers will be obliged to prove they have a mandated amount of medical and repatr
  4. Yes. My diagnosis? You may suffer withdrawal symptoms from your witnessing past cruising experiences on mass market lines going down the drain of a Seabourn restroom. It’s no loss, is it. Kinda liberating. Welcome to Seabourn where the “perks” (a word you can leave to those mass market line ship within a ship faux luxury stuff devotees) are for everyone on board for the taking. Reservations? Tours? First come first served. As it should be in civil society. Happy and healthy sailing!
  5. I could say I am old fashioned too in terms of seeking value for money. Given that I attach a big weighting to what I get per day in terms of comfort including comfortable padded chairs in the dining room, comfortable moderate temperatures on board, higher grade entertainment including an affable cruise director and larger staff, more generous facilities such as a gym considering the 450 vs 210 passenger numbers, and other items including ship maintenance issues, I would always choose an Odyssey class Seabourn ship such as Quest for Antarctica over the old Cloud. Further
  6. Tripacian’s post reminded me that our rather flat Canada/Greenland cruise was on Cloud and not Wind. It did not leave much of an impression, and perhaps I am unfairly comparing that ship to Quest which is of a different class, a more modern ship and a style of cruising that I prefer. Different strokes. Happy and healthy sailing!
  7. I have sailed on Quest to Antarctica in 2017-18 and then Wind two years ago to Canada and Greenland. The experiences could not have been more different. Quest is an elegant ship. For us it combined our one group's landing per day (which was enough for me) efficiently while the ship offered all the luxury that any cruise on the Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest class of ship (450 passengers) offers. Wind is a very old and tired ship, cold throughout the ship especially when the low deck tender doors are open and the large automated pool deck doors open. Even in the theate
  8. If this is true I am surprised that Seabourn has not updated the deck plans on their website which I have just checked. Not the biggest issue. I guess I will check again in a few days. But in any case I would expect your TA to protect the price you were quoted and reserved on a V2 that gets moved to a V3 etc. Happy and healthy sailing!
  9. Ragnar, the cruise is the Silver Moon, 1-17 Nov., 2021. I booked it onboard sister ship Muse last Feb. I find the Muse, Moon and Dawn FAR more appealing than the other ships of the line. I tried Whisper and Cloud. No comparison. Happy and healthy sailing!
  10. On the subject of future cruising and when they might go I am afraid that there is no clarity yet. On the other hand I take comfort that we are making slow but steady progress with the vaccines as we envision down the road a recovery of the business. Fletcher and florisdekort have hit on the big issues. Might I suggest that anyone considering a cruise itinerary do so with these practicalities in mind. We have a Silversea cruise in Nov., 2021 for 16 days which I hope will go. It’s from Athens to Dubai. The only stops are Israel, Egypt and Oman. Assuming the ship is in position and w
  11. florisdekort, that would be the Howdy Doody Git To Know Yer Neyber Party, right? My friend Mel had such a good time at these Seabourn Signature Events that he just won’t let it go. So many friendships. What a hoot! Hope to see you then and there. Happy and healthy sailing!
  12. tv24, Yes, we can all look forward to the 15th as well as the 20th, dates that will deliver the goods which, in turn, will ensure 2021 is a heckuvalot more agreeable than 2020 was. In the coming few months there will be plenty of news about ramped up vaccine rollouts worldwide to deliver more and more of us up and away from the stasis we suffered during 2020. We live in strange and frustrating times and yet we know this era will end soon. What better sweetener is there than anticipation of a couple of Seabourn cruises?! I look forward to greeting you both o
  13. I doubt that crew on leave in their home countries will have to wait for the vaccine as long as you might imagine. It would make sense for the industry to take responsibility for this aspect of crew preparations for sailing again for mass inoculations to be done by clinics hired for the purpose or by Carnival itself in major centers where vaccine distribution is underway now. This may not be this or next month but for now we can foresee a major role for the private sector in partnership with governments to help restore vitality to industry and reduce the burden on the State. In a f
  14. The latest focus is on the 2023 world cruise and grand voyage for which travel agents are registering interest with Seabourn. You can see lots of information at seabourn.com including the wc ports, some of the ports for the gv, and some highlights and incentives. (The 2022 itineraries and pricing have been out for several months and are on the Seabourn website.) The full 2023 itineraries and pricing will be revealed after 15 Jan., 2021 to those who preregistered, and they will be expected to complete the booking with additional deposits. I assume that the website will be updated th
  15. What I know about the itineraries was supplied by my TA. He said that Seabourn will release the itineraries in mid-January, and so I expect to hear back then. Apparently, Seabourn wants to gauge interest from those interested in the entire WC and South America/Antarctic voyages at this point and reserve cabin numbers. I put down my deposit on the latter which sails on Quest. I am glad to see this, and I suggest you contact your TA for whatever information you can get. This is a big shift by Seabourn as they were always many months later than their competition to roll out new cruise
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