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  1. What is not clear to me is if this affects Viking cruises - a non US based company - or does it only affect US based cruise lines?
  2. According to the news, the CDC has extended the suspension of sailing for cruise ships several times. The latest extension is slated to last through November 1, 2021. I am not clear on this no-sail order. Does it only affect cruise lines whose main office is based in the USA? Or does it also apply to any cruise lines which stop at a US port? Such as San Juan.
  3. Additional question- if Viking cancels a cruise and I have purchased airfare through their program - I could get a refund for cruise and air? But if I had purchased air on my own - I would be out the airfare? Is that how it works? Hoping none of my cruises get canceled 😱.
  4. I have a TA I have used for years for cruises on other lines and always got a little perk of some sort. Yet when I had her handle our Viking Ocean cruise in 2019 - there was not a thing offered. Are the perks just randomly available? In any case - I booked our cruise in 2022 directly with Viking. Didn’t see the point of using the TA.
  5. Please pardon me - I wasn’t pointing any fingers at other cruise lines - just pointing out the Canada situation. Princess just happened to be part of the message.
  6. This is a quote from an article from Princess but sounds ominous for all cruise lines: From Princess Cruises – We are disappointed to learn about Canada’s decision to extend the interim order that prohibits cruise ships from sailing in its waters and calling on Canadian ports through February 2022 (one year from now).
  7. Was just on the same cruise as me&red - also with 10 people - and about the same experience 🤨. Good for doors and that’s about all.
  8. We are soon traveling on the Royal with 10 people and anytime dining. Are there tables that can seat 10? Sounds like this could prove difficult.
  9. We got our medallions for our upcoming cruise and also got the rubber wrist bands. I was surprised the medallions are only loosely held in place by a magnet! They seem to pop out very easily and not very secure. What is the experience of others with this type of accessory? I’m afraid I will lose it within half an hour!
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