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  1. We were scheduled to be on the Connie 10/12/20 but lifted & switched the cruise to 10/4/21 (same cruise itinerary Greece). So if they sell Connie, what will they possibly do with our 10/4/21 cruise?
  2. My refund for the cruise fare and taxes was credited to my cc today. Transaction date was 4/20 and credit posted on 5/22. Don't know why it was almost a month for the credit to show up on my cc. I guess Carnival was holding off releasing the credit. I did not purchase anything from Carnival like drink package, pre-paid grats, or anything else.
  3. We also used Allianz for two cruises that were canceled. Sent them proof from the cruise lines that the cruises were canceled. They put the credit back on our cc. We always insure with Alliancz. Will continue to do so in the futute.
  4. Yes, our $50 deposit was carried over. I am still waiting for a new invoice to be mailed to me. But when I go on X and pull up the cruise, it shows the new date in 2021. My personal cruise person at X said it would take a few days for the new invoice to be emailed to me. Could not resist to book this same cruise with the low deposit with free grats and OBC.
  5. We also moved our October 2020 cruise to October 2021 - Connie out of Venice. We only had a $50 deposit with free grats and OBC, so it was a no-brainer to switch. Also our air was not showing any more - either with X or with the airline. We, like you, don't know what will happen on the ships. So waiting until 2021 makes us feel more comfortable.
  6. We too were on the 5/25 Sunrise out of NYC. I called my PVP to cancel and she told me to cancel through the email. I did that but I called a week later at the Carnival 800#. They said they did not get my cancellation through the email. So the Carnival rep took the info and canceled it for me. Still waiting for the refund. Hopefully, should get it soon?
  7. Received an email from Celebrity about our cruise this October. Here's a portion of it. Same Cruise, Same PriceWant to take the same cruise the following year for the same price and with the same promotion? You can. Simply make this change by August 1, 2020. I wonder if X would just apply our deposit and not ask for the full amount of a new cruise. The cruise would be on the Connie for Oct. 4, 2021. We only put down $25 each from a promotion in Dec. 2019 with free grats and OBC. If so, it would be a no-brainer for us.
  8. We have a similar cruise booked for Oct. 12, 2020. Connie 10 nights. Venice - Katakolon - Santorini - Ephesus - Mykonos - Athens - Chania Crete - Zakynthos - Venice . Looks like it may not happen. Had booked air with Celebrity last December for this cruise. Air does not show now. So another reason why I think my cruise won't happen. Also the Constellation was to be "revolutionized." Again, looks like will not happen. We were on the Summit last year after she was revolutionized. A main reason we booked the Constellation for 2020.
  9. I also got the same casino offer. Never got a casino offer before from HAL or other lines. We have been on 49 cruises and have gamble on all of them. This is the first offer ever. Not sure if we will take them up on the offer. If they had cruises from the NY area (we are from NJ too), I would probably look into it. Not sure we want to make a flight reservation this far in advance.
  10. We also booked our Oct. 12, 2020 Europe cruise with this $25 deposit offer. We also did Celebrity air with the understanding that if we cancel, the air would automatically cancel. Our final payment is not until mid July. We will just wait it out. The $25 deposit was also non-refundable. So I doubt we would even get that back if X cancels this cruise before the final payment date. If X does not cancel before final payment, we will definitely cancel. No need to tie up our money just to wait and see when this cruise would be canceled.
  11. My Sunrise cruise for 5/27/20 was just canceled today. I received the email from Carnival today. What is the best way to cancel for a full refund - call my PVP or through the email I received from Carnival.
  12. We were also canceled on the Sunrise out of NYC May 25, 2020. Think we will take the refund. We are 71 & 73 and not sure if we want to cruise again after 50 cruises. Also not sure if they will require that doctor's note for pax over 70. We also canceled a RC Grandeur cruise (3/27/20 out of Baltimore) and have opted for a refund on that one. Have not received the refund yet.
  13. Hi Claudio: We were with you on the 2018 British Isles cruise. Have just found this post from you and thought I would say hello. Hope you are well and safe. RCI canceled our Grandeur OTS cruise for 3/27/20 from Baltimore. Still no refund from RCI. We have a Carnival Sunrise cruise 5/27/20 from NYC and waiting for it to be canceled so we can get a refund. Then we have a Celebrity cruise from Venice in Oct. 2020. We are not too worried about this one because we only had to put down a $25 deposit each. We did air with Celebrity and no penalty for us if we cancel before the payment date.
  14. Still no refund. We canceled on 3/15 for Grandeur cruise for 3/27/20. I check a few times daily on the credit card and nothing so far.
  15. We also canceled on 3/15 for a cruise departing on 3/27/20 - Grandeur of the Seas. And we also got the email that our dinner plans for the MTD was canceled. What gives?
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