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  1. Kala: We pre-order the 12-pack of water and can refill these bottles as needed. We bring on the two bottles of wine that is permitted when embarking. We are on the same cruise as you. So we'll see you in 3 weeks. Carol & Roy
  2. Some 15 years ago, we went to a Malibu Beach Club. I believe it may be by Brandon's Beach. Is Malibu Beach still there? And if so, does it have a new name.
  3. Are Rico's & Rascals in the same area?
  4. How did you reach Rico's. Do you have their internet address? I don't do facebook. What did your reservation entailed (price, lounges)? Is this part of Rascals? Thanks for the info.
  5. Can you just show up at Rascals without a reservation? Is this area of Brandon's Beach public?
  6. Thanks for all your replies on Brandon's Beach. We have always gone to Browne's Beach on Carlisle Bay. It's pass Lobster's Alive and all the rest of them. Browne's Beach used to be very quiet and really not too crowded. Now it seems like the popularity of this area has caught on. Now it too is lined with all the beach lounges and umbrellas. And as Rhbullenut has said the taxi drivers want to take you to Carlisle beach clubs. Browne's Beach is just a few seconds down the road but some of the taxi drivers tried to drop us off at Lobster's Alive an it was the same taxi fare. We will venture to Brandon's Beach this time. Just hope it is not too rocky.
  7. Always went to Browne's Beach - the public area. Now considering Brandon's Beach as the public area of Browne's Beach has become too crowded for us. Can anyone tell me if it has coral or rocks when entering the water. Is the water an nice as Carlisle Bay? Also any walking directions would be helpful. Carol
  8. So no free drinks like on Celebrity or Royal during these times for elite, platinum?
  9. Does this mean that 3 ships could be docked at the same time?
  10. Forgot to mention that these are Zone 14 tickets and can be used all over Bermuda.
  11. We buy the 15-ticket booklet for $37.50 (so it's just $2.50 a ride on either the ferry or bus). Tickets never expire. We can all use the same 15-ticket booklet. We buy the 15-ticket at the post office in St. George. You can not buy it at the Dockyard.
  12. Can you get bottle water at the bars and in the lounge for elite members? If so, what kind of water is it? Spring or purified?
  13. Tami: We will gave a good time on this cruise no matter what we wear and how old we are. Looking forward to meeting you and John and the others. Carol & Roy
  14. So, can you use tickets to take the bus back from Clearwater to St. George?
  15. We have been buying the 15-ticket pack for $37.50 at the post office in St. George. A short walk from the ferry. Not sure about the Visitor's Center in St. George.
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