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  1. We sailed the Summit in Feb 2020 with a large group -10 people. We had anytime dining and seating us was never an issue. What was an issue was one of the large tables that we always seemed to get was right next to an area that was used to store dirty dishes. We didn't appreciate having to look at counters loaded with dirty dishes and glasses while we ate. One night we were moved to a better location and it was so much more pleasant.
  2. There are two levels of drink packages. Classic and Premium. The Classic, which is included in most cruise fares covers up to a certain price and the Premium covers also up to a certain price. In the past, you had to pay the difference if the price of the drink was above the limit for your package. Some of the drink prices are above both of these limits. I think these was a Verve Cliquot cocktail that was over $20 a drink. You can also upgrade from the Classic to the Premium for around $10 per day. We always upgrade and then we don't have to worry about most drinks being included.
  3. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/two-guests-onboard-royal-caribbean-cruise-test-covid-19-positive-2021-06-10/#:~:text=Cruise operator Royal Caribbean (RCL,asymptomatic and currently in isolation.&text=Celebrity Millennium was one of,after more than a year.
  4. On our last cruise before Covid was in February 2020 on the Summit. Eddy Jenkins was the cruise director. He was great. He had an activities director as his side-kick, his name was Ryan. What a great pair. A wonderful cruise.
  5. I get very easily seasick, but the forward cabins have never bothered me. There is no more noticeable movement up front. I love the privacy of being at the front of the ship with very little foot traffic. The extra room in the cabins is very nice. The very forward cabins have odd shapes, but it isn't annoying at all. I think we've stayed in all of the different shapes.
  6. We always choose the most forward cabins on floors 6, 7 & 8. If you don't mind walking to the front of the ship, they are very large and spacious.
  7. We are sailing on the Millennium on June 26th. I received an email today offering us to bid and "MoveUp". This is our first ever time cruising in a Sky Suite. I will add that we booked directly with Celebrity. It's already a splurge for us. My husband is retiring and we're celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. The lowest bid to move from a Sky Suite to a Celebrity Suite is $600 per person, Royal Suite minimum is $800 pp and the Penthouse Suite is a minimum bid of $1500 pp. I just can't justify the extra money. Plus we are cruising alone this time. We usually go with a group. If w
  8. Thank you Oldsweets - that sets my mind at ease. I can't imagine being on the first cruise out. Very stressful. Good luck to you and have a wonderful trip.
  9. Perhaps this goes without saying, because of the extensive discussion on the topic of what will be needed to successfully board the Millennium in Phillipsburg, but those of us leaving in the following weeks will need your expertise. My husband and I are set to sail on June 26th, but I'm still a bit stressed about the whole process. I have a few questions: 1. When did you get your PCR test to meet the Celebrity 72 hour requirements? How long did the results take to get back? Is Celebrity very pick on exact timing? What if the plane is delayed a few hours? I calculated I need t
  10. Obviously there are two different copies of the email. I'm sailing on the June 26th cruise. Here is the same paragraph from my email:
  11. My booking was directly through Celebrity. And my email did not have the 72 hour Celebrity requirement. Here is the email I received this morning at 10:04 am. We’re counting down the days to your sailing from St. Maarten. Here’s important information on testing and health screening requirements. VACCINATION POLICY • All guests ages 16 years and older must be fully vaccinated with all Covid-19 vaccine doses administered at least 14 days prior to sailing. Proof of vaccination is required in the form of the original vaccination card. No photocopies or photos accepte
  12. We are sailing on the June 26th cruise out of St. Maarten. This morning we received an email from Celebrity outlining the process of testing. There was no mention of Celebrity wanting a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding. The only timeline was the within 120 hours required by St Maarten. Interesting.
  13. We booked a balcony cruise last week on Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas to Alaska. It was about $1500 less for two people than a similar cabin on Celebrity Summit. Since Celebrity includes drinks, tip and WIFI there really isn't much difference in the price of the two cruises. We had earlier booked a Bahamas Cruise with Royal Caribbean for the same week, but we switched to Alaska when they were released. I'd rather go to Alaska than spend 2 days at Coco Cay. We aren't really beach people. The cruise sails at the time of our 40th wedding anniversary, so we wanted to do something spec
  14. We just booked the Ovation to Alaska. The Deluxe beverage package is $57 per day. August 20 cruise date.
  15. We are booked on the June 26th cruise out of St. Maarten. When we booked we got a confirmation email with the price, but we didn't get the usual invoice attached. I'm not sure why we didn't get the invoice. Definitely different this time, and we've always booked online. Even when I paid the balance, I didn't receive an update. Normally, when a payment is made, a new invoice is emailed out. Something has changed.
  16. We have a 12 night Equinox Cruise booked for September 5 2021 out of Fort Lauderdale. I have very little confidence that it will actually sail. We booked the cruise directly through Celebrity. I have gotten numerous calls from a Celebrity employee offering to help with further arrangements, such as dining packages, shore excursions etc. Do they know something I don’t know or are they looking for revenue? I almost called them today to ask what’s up? I would think they would look at the reality of the situation and think this is a waste of time?
  17. One of the members of the group we cruise with always talks about "Getting his cruise on". He usually gets this feeling after a few drinks on embarkation day. I think it's the whole - take a deep breath and relax - the vacation is starting and were here to have fun.
  18. The second page of the link below has some of this information. A person who spent time in St Martin over the winter describes their experience on filling out the forms and what needs to be done. I did notice that someone also asked about "Source of the Swab" . I don't think that was ever answered. The post does give pretty extensive information on arriving in Phillipsburg and what happens. We are on the June 26th cruise out of Phillipsburg. I don't have much confidence that Celebrity will outline every step of the process before we go. I'm more confident that people on this
  19. When I booked our cruise out of St Maarten for June 26th, I thought that we would not be required to only take Celebrity Excursions. I thought I read that we would be able to explore on our own. However, today I read this on the Celebrity website. While Ashore Initially, guests will only be allowed off the ship in all ports on one of our curated shore excursions. These curated experiences will extend the highest health and safety standards. Most experiences are outdoors and guests will be encouraged to stay with their group. Buses will be at reduced capacity and will be sanit
  20. Good Afternoon, We booked a cruise out of St. Maarten yesterday and I was sent emails on the total price for the cabin and for air fare. When I went in today to pay the balance the numbers didn't match. I called Celebrity and they said that the tips had been charged to our invoice. Since it is part of the promotion it should be deducted. I paid the balance minus the tip amount. Just take a look as you go to pay your balance. Make sure you are inadvertently paying for the tips since they are included in the promotions.
  21. After seeing the news about Celebrity starting up cruises out of St Maarten in June, it made me wonder if that is the only cruise that will be going this summer. Will they ease back into cruising slowly or will they go full throttle once the CDC lightens up the restrictions for US departure ports? Anyone else have similar thoughts?
  22. My group of 5 cabins are some of the unhappy customers. We were all booked on the April 2022 Edge 10 night cruise. We were not give an alternative sailing on the Silhouette since there are no April 2022 Silhouette sailings. We were offered only to rebook at prevailing prices. The deals we booked onboard in Feb 2020 are gone. No extra perks, no extra obc. New prices are much higher. We’ve been exploring HAL and Norwegian as alternatives.
  23. Twice I’ve won something. On our 25th anniversary cruise my husband and I won the not so newlywed game and we got dinner for two in a specialty restaurant. The other time I won the spa drawing for $500 on embarkation day. Both nice prizes.
  24. We recently got off a cruise to the southern Caribbean on the Summit. The cruise was very enjoyable. While on-board we booked a future cruise. We decided on the NRD because the total price was almost $1000 cheaper and we were only putting $100 per person down. I was asked to sign a paper understanding that the deposit was non refundable, but there was more to the deal than the deposit. Any money that I pay towards the cruise above the deposit will be given back as Future Cruise Credit, it won't be put back on my credit card. So if I cancel before the final payment and I've paid $1000 towa
  25. We are sailing on the Summit on Feb 15th. Is Qsine completely gone? Does the LPC play every night in place of Qsine?
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