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  1. Agreed. We were on the first of the season April 27-May 4, 2019. The tour to Mount Dalsnibba Summit was shortened significantly due to road closures. I would wait until later in the season.
  2. Had a corner FV on constellation TA October 31. Made several calls on lift and shift. Always got a “No” both because it’s a TA and because no FV’s had been released for the October ‘22 crossing.
  3. We were booked on the October 31, Constellation, Barcelona to Tampa. I got some information today that may be of note. My final payment date is August 2. I called to cancel today. Rep put me on hold for 15 minutes while she 'checked'. She came back on the line and said, 'she (supervisor) has extended your payment date to Monday August 3.' I asked why and she said there may be an announcement that day about this cruise. So maybe something's up.
  4. Is there a direct line to Resolutions or is it via reservations or Captains Club? Thanks
  5. I searched the Celebrity site for the Lift and Shift rules and couldn't find it. Maybe I just missed it. Are the rules available online? Thanks
  6. Actually, the feds said it was up to the states. Some super aggressive and some were slackers. There has been no unified command.
  7. Correction: The website has changed the 'Manage My Reservation' since I logged in yesterday. I don't get the drop down that had the cancel button.
  8. There’s a cancel sailing button in manage my reservation.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I guess I wasn't clear. Booked onboard last year, no TA involved. Main reservation line super long waits. I was just curious if cancelations through the website were reliable. Didn't think to call Captains Club. That's what I'll do
  10. We've only canceled by phone with an agent, but the hold times are long right now. Anyone had any issues canceling via the Celebrity website? Thanks
  11. Someone had this link up refereneces Spain: https://nation.com.pk/26-Apr-2020/italy-to-remain-closed-for-tourism-until-end-of-year
  12. This happened to us in January. We never book NRD. Inquired about a fare reduction that I saw online for our cruise in October. The fare with fully refundable deposit had a nice drop. Agent made the change assured deposit was still refundable. Invoice email took longer than usual but it finally came. Saw another reduction a few days later, called and agent said I was now NRD. I had my invoice showing standard deposit. I pushed it to a supervisor who said the agent made a mistake, made it NRD then tried to correct it. Supervisor said sorry can’t change back from NRD. I had to push back and they
  13. Here's a Iink to a story I saw today on a plan RCCL and Celebrity have for moving crew home: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22732-royal-caribbean-to-use-ships-to-get-crew-home.html
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