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  1. Thanks Ray. It was more of a curiousity.
  2. When you list a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, etc. in your reservation does that show up at the hostess station when you are being seated? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone. Our last cruises were on Reflection and WiFi was petty good. I was just trying to avoid signing up for a cruise mobile plan and use WiFi for calls. Sounds too dodgy now. Thanks again.
  4. It's been a while since we've been on an M class. With the internet plan how is the WiFi in your cabin? Is it strong enough to make WiFi calls? We will be aft on 9.
  5. We needed one ways LAX-FCO in October. I had fluctuations from $1100 to $9500 for business in the same day. We were able to book for $1287. Since booking I am still seeing the wild swings.
  6. My Cruise Planner offers the upgrade to premium for $12. Buying premium outright is discounted by 20%. I called Captain's Club to check on discounting the upgrade. They said that as a rule the upgrade is not discounted, but occasionally selected cruises offer the discount on the upgrade. My Infinity cruise is not one of them. In checking he said that several Constellation cruises are offering the discount on the upgrade now.
  7. Did he say where and when he's going next? He's the best.
  8. Done it twice staying in same cabin both times. First time in Harwich, super simple. They held a meeting the day before to tell us what to expect. On the turnover day they took on an excursion (free) to a nearby town, brought us back to ship. We had an express line and desk to check in again. Second time a different story. Last April in Southhampton. We were never advised of the meeting, despite several inquiries. Our last inquiry we were told that the meeting already had occurred. We were told that that there would be a separate desk for check in in the terminal when we returned, so we did a self tour to Winchester. Upon return went to the designated desk and it seemed to be in a state of confusion. Ultimately made it back on board to find our sea pass wouldn't open our cabin door, and our beverage package hadn't been loaded onto the card. Three trips to guest service rectified everything. May have been the exception to the process.
  9. Thanks for the tip, no individual admission tickets are currently available.
  10. Just got my response from Shore Excursion Desk. The current Celebrity offering does not include entry to Alhambra. Bummer.
  11. I re-read it. I think you're right. In our case we were 7 points short at the beginning of the first cruise and satisfied Elite Plus prior to the second cruise.
  12. Just did this on back-to-backs last April/May. Called Captain's Club just prior to the end of the first cruise. They put the Elite Plus perks on our second cruise.
  13. Thanks Den. I hope it still the case in October, Celebrity's description was kind of vague and an email to shore excursions wasn't enlightening either.
  14. Thanks for the reply. How long ago was this and was it the ship's 8 hour tour?
  15. When you received notice a day after booking, how far ahead of the cruise was that? Are assignments ever made prior to final payment date?
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