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  1. Sidney's Peace and Love is in Little Harbor on JVD. Wonderful lobsters, wicked painkillers. While I haven't been there in the last 6 years, Google says it is still there. Well, reopened after hurricane Irma deposited a ferry on top of their building.
  2. We did a similar excursion - Fairbanks to Seward before embarkation. I think it is called the Pristi e Alaska excursion. We had never before done an organized land tour through a cruiseline and were not sure what to expect. We were very happy with the trip. Viking kept us very busy the whole way. Your first day will be from the ship to Talkeetna. It is a very long day in the bus. We stopped at Alyeska resort and rode the gondola to the top. We were given food vouchers and had about 1.5 hours to eat and walk around. We also drove around Anchorage for a panoramic tour. Since
  3. We did Seward to Vancouver in August 2019. We only took 3 optional excursions. I checked the prices with doing them directly rather than through the cruise line and found to my surprise that the costs were very close - within $10. Maybe it was only those three, maybe it was because it was Viking's first year in Alaska, or maybe it will be the same this year. I checked prices by googling the titles of the excursions and figuring out what vendor was being used. Other vendors may have had different prices.
  4. In Juneau I went on the Photo Safari excursion which was run by Gastineau Guides. We saw many whales breaching, diving, and youngsters playing around. One 6 month old calf came up to another small boat to check them out, sticking his head up out of the water. It was my favorite excursion. You don't have to be a professional, just interested in getting some great photos. Some people used their cellphones to take photos. We did a Kenai Fjords tour several years ago and greatly enjoyed it. The scenery is breathtaking, you see many different kinds of wildlife, and it's pristine.
  5. We did the Icy Strait Bear Search this July. While I don't remember how much it cost, I do remember it cost the same as what is quoted on the Icy Strait website. The excursion started with a school bus ride out to the river. Along the way, the local guide described what is was like growing up there, and about current life. After getting off the bus, there was a fairly short walk down to the river. We stopped at several locations where the guide described the countryside (don't step off the boardwalk into the bog!). At the river there were several decks to stand and look for wildlife. We
  6. Oh, ok. Thank you for explaining it to me.
  7. The flights I was arranging in post #13 above included flying into Oslo for a precruise extension rather than into Bergen. We were able to use Air Plus to choose business class flights. However, according to the rep I spoke to, Viking does not have contracts with airlines for discounted fares to Norway, although Mr Hagen (CEO) and the mayor of Bergen are talking to airlines for that. At least that was what the rep said. We ended up paying slightly under the fares I found online rather than the great discount we had when we went on a Viking river cruise. I would love to hear t
  8. My TA and I called Viking Air yesterday to select flights. I had researched which business class flights that I wanted. The polite rep said business class upgrades were not available for our itinerary, but came up with a quote for the flights that I wanted at around the same price as I had found online. However, we would have to pay the full fare on top of the economy air we had already paid ($1299 per person). The rep had checked with a supervisor. After reading this thread, I wrote to Tellus asking if that was indeed correct. This morning Viking Air called me, explained that what we ha
  9. It seems to be missing Orion after 5 June 2020. Hopefully my cruise in 2021 is still on!
  10. On our Seward to Vancouver cruise on the Orion this summer, we had only one tender port. From reading other roll calls, the number of tender ports varied a lot.
  11. This was our third cruise to Alaska (2nd trip to the interior), so we had already done many of the "must do" excursions and did not do a lot of optional excursions. More of a kick-back vacation with some new to us ports added. But I really enjoyed the Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari excursion in Juneau. This was done by Gastineau Guiding in their small vessels built for photography with large windows that open. You can check it out on their website https://www.stepintoalaska.com/excursions/whale-watching-mendenhall-glacier-photo-safari/ We also did Spassk
  12. We did an Alaskan extension this July, but I'm not sure if it is the same one as yours; there are several. Our excursion spent two nights in Fairbanks before taking the train in the morning, arriving at Denali in time for lunch. The lunch included a talk by about Predator vs Prey, which was a lead into the next day's excursion into the park. The entire excursion was very well done, including some very interesting discussions by experts. This was our first Viking Ocean cruise and our second time to the interior of Alaska. We were very impressed.
  13. We are recently off the Orion and we had Lobster Thermidor instead of whole lobster.
  14. We did the 6 day version before our cruise, and the land tour was incredible for the included experiences. In Talkeetna we met with a bush pilot and someone who had climbed Denali. In Denali we had a lecture from a professor who discussed the interdependence of flora, prey, and predators, followed by a bus trip and nature walk into Denali. We also met with a man who won the Iditarod 4 times who discussed that experience as well as the specialized dogs used for races. In Fairbanks we attended a presentation by native American young adults who sang, danced, and talked about their culture.
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