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  1. I cancelled Med cruise when I heard Europe wasn't allowing American travelers before Royal did it. Last night I cancelled a February cruise out of lack of information on what I'm getting into.
  2. That's a not at all for me. Don't want that experience. But as we only cruise once or twice a year, I guess I'm not diehard enough to miss it that much. I'll let you know if I change my mind after our trip to Mexico next month.
  3. We only cruise once or twice a year at most, so don't miss it that much. Going to Mexico in 33 days. Will be happy if we can fly to Rome next fall as we are in the only get two weeks vacation a year bracket. No kids but husband has a horrible vacation plan.
  4. I cancelled my Med Allure cruise in June as soon as they announced no Americans allowed in Europe. Booked a 5nt. Caribbean for February last month thinking I would be safe. Now considering cancelling that. Going to Mexico in October. Might just have to go to Mexico in February as well.
  5. I'm happy in Sixburgh. How happy are you with your two Super Bowl wins and you are basically the Cleveland Browns.
  6. Thank you SO MUCH for the pictures. Haven't seen snow in 15yrs and I get sad every winter.
  7. Did Mariner twice last year. Was on it in 2006 before. Loved it. Playmaker's, the Pub, set up of the pool. I like that you can see the ocean from most locations. Wasn't fond of the Oasis for that reason. I didn't feel the waves, but it would take a lot form me. Also, it depends on time of year.
  8. Fly to just about anywhere in the world. Assuming they let you in...
  9. Just pricing a 4 day Brilliance in February. Afraid to even book. Just got my refund for October Med. Not convinced February will happen at this point.
  10. I just booked Secrets Akumal today for October. We cancelled our Allure Med for October. Not concerned about Cancun, I'm in Florida, how much more concerned can I be? Medical care in Cancun? I work for our local hospital, Cancun might not be much worse. Comfortable in a quarantine facility? I'm sure not but it's the chance I guess I will take. Can I spend that time away from work,home,family? Yes. Have the travel insurance, at this point hoping for the best by the end of October.
  11. We cancelled our Allure Med Oct.18. Planned to fly to Rome instead. Now that's out of the question. Looking at Secrets currently but not sure what travel restrictions will look like and since we're in Florida I'm even more concerned about booking anything at this point.
  12. Usually black pants, some heel that may have sequins or rhinestones and a black blazer with a sequined tank just to make it look like I tried.
  13. Our final payment is due July 22 for Oct Allure Med cruise. 90% sure we're going to cancel for a lot of the same reasons. Don't know what we're getting into on the ship, at the airport or at the sites on land. Also, a lot of the flights now are 2 stops over and back. Not real interested in that and also don't want Royal holding my $ for months.
  14. Loved your review and your gown was to die for! I wondered if you kept this November's cruise. We are on Allure Oct.18. Still not sure if we will go or cancel. Really want to see Rome and the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.
  15. My parents just received their refund today from a March 17th cancellation. Also, many calls to all departments including Mr. Bayley. Finally disputing the charge with BOA got their money back.
  16. Very thankful for the review. Still don't know if we're cruising Allure on Oct.18.
  17. I was beginning to think you fell overboard. Glad we're almost to land.
  18. We are booked on Allure Oct.18. The flights I was looking at no longer exist. I have a refundable deposit. Just debating now when to cancel.
  19. We always ask for the muffin to be toasted more and the eggs to be runny. Hit or miss if you get it that way. I completely understand.
  20. Just curious if you asked for a deconstructed eggs benedict or they serve it that way?
  21. Excited for this journey. Never been to any of these places. Patrick is adorable as always.
  22. I was surprised at how many chairs were at every beach and pool. Mariner and Majesty were in port the day we were there and there was plenty of space at the restaurants as well.
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