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  1. Did Mariner twice last year. Was on it in 2006 before. Loved it. Playmaker's, the Pub, set up of the pool. I like that you can see the ocean from most locations. Wasn't fond of the Oasis for that reason. I didn't feel the waves, but it would take a lot form me. Also, it depends on time of year.

  2. 1 hour ago, MJSailors said:

       After reading the posts on this thread and still being very cautious about Covid-19 due to age and health issues, I would like to know how people are comfortable with travel to a resort?  

    Are you concerned about flying iinto a country where the resort is located? If you do contract Covid-19 while  visiting a resort ,would you be comfortable with the medical care given to you in a foreign country ?

    If you needed to be quarantined, would you be comfortable being sent to the country’s quarantine facility ? Could you spend that amount of time away from your work,home,family ?

           Since my DH and I cancelled a resort vacation in Bermuda in early March due to these very concerns, I am wondering about the comfort level of people booking resort vacations for the near future.

            As for us, once we feel comfortable about traveling again, our first few trips will be driving trips within a certain distance of our home.

       Of course,YMMV

    I just booked Secrets Akumal today for October. We cancelled our Allure Med for October.  

    Not concerned about Cancun, I'm in Florida, how much more concerned can I be? Medical care in Cancun? I work for our local hospital, Cancun might not be much worse. Comfortable in a quarantine facility? I'm sure not but it's the chance I guess I will take. Can I spend that time away from work,home,family? Yes. 

    Have the travel insurance, at this point hoping for the best by the end of October. 

  3. 6 hours ago, not-enough-cruising said:

    I wonder what the travel restrictions will look like for Americans to fly to some of these islands where the AI resorts are located?

    We cancelled our Allure Med Oct.18. Planned to fly to Rome instead. Now that's out of the question. Looking at Secrets currently but not sure what travel restrictions will look like and since we're in Florida I'm even more concerned about booking anything at this point.

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