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  1. I would choose Rhapsody as well. Empress it too small for my liking. Rhapsody had a great crew and great service when we sailed the Greek Isles in 2018.
  2. I'm more bothered by the people who feel the need to put their hands into the trays and stand there and eat it on line. And that's anywhere, not just Windjammer.
  3. I paid for the itinerary. If Allure isn't Amped it won't make a difference to me for our Oct. Med cruise. I would have preferred Rhapsody for that itinerary actually, but we have specific weeks we can use and that was the winner.
  4. 53 here. Gen X. Sure do miss the 80's but so looking forward to retiring.
  5. This is exactly what we're debating now. I haven't purchased air to/from Barcelona yet for our October cruise. Final payment is July 22 so I need to know if I'm buying air before then. Right now the air portion is still about $1173 pp. non refundable.
  6. We are sailing out of Barcelona on Allure in October. We are waiting to see what happens as far as cruise cancellations/changes or if airport, TSA restrictions are not worth dealing with. Or even if Spain and Italy restrict cruises this year. We have until July for final payment. We will just fly to Mexico if we have to.
  7. We were on Oasis 5yrs. ago. No El Loco Fresh.
  8. The food wasn't as good on Freedom and the venue was awful. Depends what you're in the mood for? Mexican or wings? Both would be nice.
  9. Haven't been on a ship that had El Loco Fresh. Didn't like Sabor on Freedom though.
  10. We loved Sabor on Oasis. So disappointed also with the Playmaker's change. Also, loved Vintages on Oasis, not sure I like the idea of combining it with Giovanni's. We did like Playmaker's on Mariner, I just hate to see Sabor go.
  11. We are booked on 10/18 Allure out of Barcelona. No plans to cancel unless something unforseen happens.
  12. When I called this morning about a price drop I got right through. As the day gets later, I would imagine the hold times get longer.
  13. Have Oct.18 on Allure booked out of Barcelona. Will fly to Riviera Maya if cancelled. No worries.
  14. I called 20 min ago about a price drop for October. Rang straight through. Off the phone in less than 5min.
  15. Bored here too. We cancelled our cruise last October and flew to a resort. Probably will look at another line next time. We don't care for the theme park atmosphere that Royals ships are becoming. Can't even stomach the thought of another Caribbean cruise. We're about 14 credits away from D+ by the way.
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