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  1. Hi Keith, Please remove us from the Esprit for December 23 Mahe/Eden Island Marina R/T - miklinga (Mike/Linda). We were on the August 21 Bahamas and read they had cancelled all voyages through November and asked at the future cruise desk about December and at the time no information was available about December. Unfortunately, Crystal has now sold the yacht and we were just notified that our cruise won't happen. We are exploring other options.
  2. Unfortunately the report is true.... We were booked for the December 23, 2021 Seychelles cruise for Christmas and New Years and just received an e-mail confirming cancellation. Very disappointing, but we'll figure out a new plan for our holiday.
  3. Safe travels home to those leaving the Serenity today in Miami. We left Saturday in Nassau and did not need a covid test because we are staying 4 more nights in Nassau. Our hotel will administer test for no additional charge before we fly back to the U.S. Luckily we were not in contact with those testing positive before our Nassau departure. We hope he/she is well and those in contact are too. Again safe travels to all of you!
  4. Thanks Roy! We're gearing up for our first Crystal cruise next week. We are still going out of Nassau.... covid testing planned for Monday and then apply for the health visa with our negative (hopefully) results. We will arrive in Nassau on Friday. Following all the threads, there are others on this cruise - Nassau and Miami. Safe travels to everyone! Regards, Mike and Linda
  5. Thanks Keith. We have been following all of the threads and appreciate all the great information.
  6. Good Morning Keith, We are new to Crystal and have booked two cruises. Serenity August 21 - Nassau R/T - miklinga (Mike/Linda) Espirit December 23 - Mahe/Eden Island Marina R/T - miklinga (Mike/Linda) Looking forward to the on-board experience. Please add us to the list. Thank you, Mike and Linda
  7. Thank y'all so much for this information and the great photos! We are booked on the Fram for 11/26 - 12/22/2022. Mike will be 73 and I will be 71 at sailing time. Glad to know crew is so helpful with landings. The "landings" sound similar to our experience in the Galapagos with the timing boarding and disembarking the zodiak-like boats. Mike and Linda - Wedowee, Alabama
  8. We booked Antarctica for 26 November 2022 on Friday 27 November by phone using 800 number. Mike spoke to someone with Scottish accent to book and transferred to someone in Estonia to complete the booking for US deposit. Very efficient with both. Hertigruten has since sent several emails to follow-up with status of deposit acceptance, on-line registration, etc. It is a long way off to the cruise, but so far they have demonstrated better customer service than we have seen with many companies. Mike and Linda - Wedowee, AL USA
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