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  1. NY times had an interesting article today about two cities reaction to the 1918 flu epidemic, (yes I know it was a long time ago), the city of Philadelphia did not cancel their parade nor take reasonable precautions. On the other hand St. Louis did cancel events, instituted what we now call 'social distancing'. St. Louis was able to contain the outbreak and Philadelphia was not. History has a nasty way of repeating itself. Reasonable precautions by all will help everyone. We need to think of both ourselves and the community at large. An example: I have been on 5 airplanes in 4 Sta
  2. We are on the same cruise and are 90% sure we will cancel for many reasons. We are both 61. Do not want the stress of quarantine, nor do we want to stress our DD and other family worrying about us. Also, now that the US is saying they may not repatriate people who went on cruises I do not want to be stuck somewhere. Facing the dilemma of paying for our mid June AK cruise that is due in a few days. I know we can cancel but then we will have a lot of FCC as we are paying for two cabins and traveling with two people who are older.
  3. Tables large enough to have breakfast on the balconies. Or even portable carts like in hotels for breakfast on the balcony.
  4. I am a paraplegic and travel on Celebrity extensively. The staff on board is excellent at problem solving. I understand the stress of having challenges and going into a different situation. Take a beat and realize you have months to figure this all out. I would make a list of questions and post them on the Disabilities section of this board. There are many of us, both with and without challenges, who will travel the Reflection over the next year that if aware of your questions will take notice and try and answer them over time. I would plan to board early and do recon
  5. I would add to your list as to why prices dropped. They were extremely high to begin with which turned some people away. For me, I love the Edge, it is just not going any where I want to go. I did the B2B last year and have no desire to repeat those itins for the upteenth time. While we like to take a Carib cruise each winter we opted for the Reflection 10 night because of more unique ports. If I was picking solely on ship I would go back to the Edge. We have 25+ cruises so we are looking to change things up a little.
  6. Counter point to show that everyone has their favs and things they like and dislike and so much is a matter of personal choice. We prefer Luminae on the Edge more then on S and M class. We liked that it was its own space and not just a walled off section of the main dinning room. We found the food better then on the other ships due to it having its own kitchen. The service was ok not great but I think that is server dependent. We always go to Blu on S class ships and not Luminae because we have found on several cruises the service is just way too slow. There you go, t
  7. The tables were very tight at Blu which is both a plus and minus. Nice for making conversation but hard for servers to serve with ease. Food was ok. Not sure that anything was wrong with it but the menu has changed so little over the years that I think we were a little bored with the food. Service was good
  8. Those 4 other restaurants are the MDR. There is not one central MDR but 4 unique ones. I believe they all serve the same menu plus a few dishes unique to their theme. We chose to try one for lunch when we did out b2b as we had Blu one week and Luminae the other week.
  9. My husband and I were on the Edge last year b2b, we are 60, active, and seasoned cruisers. My DH husband did cruise when cruising was traditional with tuxedos every night on the SS United States, we have cruised Royal extensively when our DD was young and Celebrity extensively, and we have tried NCL and Princess. We enjoyed Edge B2B so much that I am having second thoughts about not being on an Edge class ship for our next two cruises in March and June. Week one we had an AQ infinite Veranda and week two we had a sky suite. What we liked: - loved being able to co
  10. Made to dining reservations Friday night: A Fish Called Avalon Sunday night: Stubborn Seed Considering: Sittsville Fish Bar for lunch Saturday then having a light dinner somewhere in the art Deco area Is Joe's Crabs any good or just touristy?
  11. Train. Done it twice. Do Gold Star.
  12. We have also used Island wings several times. Can’t agree more that they are the best.
  13. The sticky back is to attach it to your phone. I have used mine non stop since I received it two years ago. I keep my license and CC in it and do not have to carry a wallet or purse.
  14. I use a lift taxi from MIA to FLL area and vice a versa depending on traffic about $120 If you budget $150 and it is less you will be happy.
  15. I have had good luck on RCCL cruises getting to inaccessible areas (Suite deck with stairs only) by asking for an officer at guest relations and getting an escort to use staff elevators. You would be surprised how many there are tucked away that go to in accessible locations.
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