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  1. I agree Norway is better than Chile, but only by the slightest margin. My take is that there is more green in Norway and the shore excursions are more diversified. We actually did both on Silversea and certainly did not have to worry about size. On both cruises we were never out of sightseeing distance. To the OP we passed Hurtigruten everyday, so unless they have changed their itinerary I would not be too concerned about your viewing opportunities.
  2. schmerl, Good choice. St. Petersburg is MUCH better with a private tour.
  3. Two other quotes Shrouds don't have pockets. You don't see a Brinks truck following the hearse😀
  4. Which is better, not knowing or having a heart attack because of a last second arrival?
  5. While the itinerary is slightly different the Tauck price for 9/19 Great Lakes cruise is actually less than Ponant.
  6. Got to admit Lonely Planet certainly is in the right neighborhood with their assessment. Terry great pics. We stayed at the Maria Cristina which was within easy walking distance of the Old Town and all its bars/cafes and therefore spent two evenings sampling the fare. There were many other good options and for any one who makes SS try to get a tour and lunch at the Food Academy.
  7. Brian, Couldn't agree more with your shopping comment. DW takes forever to select and a cool libation in the shade is a wonderful offset:D:D.:D:D:D:D
  8. No doubt Lois, a great talent. Carole King, however, was not a "soul singer" and, therefore, I preferred her style.
  9. UK Jeff, Chac'un as they say. I 1000% would rather listen to Carole King than AF God rest her soul.
  10. We loved Kotor as well. I can't imagine doing the hike to the fort in hot weather. We were there on a fall day and still thought it looked daunting. We, instead visited a farm and had a wonderful experience. The city itself was crowded as it was for you, but as you said the shops are good. Best part--the cruise in and out!
  11. To be fair, I'm 6'1" and had absolutely no problem in the Wind's shower.
  12. However, also missing is a string quartet playing in public spaces after dinner as on O. DW and I made a point to get to this 1+ hr concert every night on Nautica, which we have cruised twice.
  13. Terry, You will love Nautica. We have sailed her twice and yes the cabins reflect the size of the ship. We bid, however, on one cruise for anOS and were accepted at quite a discount. What fun! You do not need an OS, though, to love N. The atmosphere is classic and all the requirements; food etc. are luxury class. As you like to say, Enjoy
  14. Imo Colin Brown is the best CD at sea with no one in second place.
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