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  1. Karen, I sympathize since DW and I canceled a trip to Casablanca with a lunch at Rick's Cafe and we also only got a FCC. I knew, however that we were saying good bye to the cash and tbh I feel your mother should have known that. If you travel, being aware of what might happen is crucial; as it frequently does. Far more important to us is what will cruising be like when it restarts. We are around 80 and if there is no vaccine we may not be able to use the FCC as a highly restricted environment, although safe, may not be much fun.
  2. tocruiseguy, Remember that legitimate news organizations like to sell content. Soothing reassurances don't accomplish that objective.
  3. workstocruise, We are on the same cruise and are going. As I wrote on another thread today's NYT has an article in travel section which convinced us!
  4. susiesan, I understand exactly where you're coming from. We,however, are booked in an Oceania suite on the 5/1 cruise on Marina. I would be upset if O decided to upgrade everyone without making at least a comparable monetary offer to me. My take away is what is fair? The company has a very difficult balancing problem. BTW we have talked long and emotionally and are going. The article in today's NYT travel section sealed the deal unless things change dramatically.
  5. Hawaiidan, Having served on USS Essex I will attest to the fact that you got a permanent cure for mal du mere. I watched as DDs in rescue destroyer duty were thrown about mercilessly. We were 33,000 tons and I never had a problem but in one storm 2/3 of the crew was hors de combat.
  6. Regarding the towels in the public washrooms: I prefer paper disposables AND they are safer.
  7. We have cruised SS, R, O but not V or A. Without question SS matches R and is a step up from O. Our problem is we are not fans of formal nights so we woud prefer R or O. All comments about food as previously mentioned are subjective, but we would challenge anyone to find SIGNIFICANT differences between all the "luxury" lines. TBH we are happy to cruise any top end line depending on itinerary.
  8. Hawaiidan +1 I would also add that Mura has it right. You need more time than a shore excursion can provide. In addition a private guide will take you to the top of Pointe d'Hoc, I still can't believe the rangers made it. You also need to see the remaining impressions from the carpet bombing. Private tours also will have time for St. Mere Eglise not to be missed. I've been 3 times and am now too old to go again. Twice were riverboat excursions OK but the highlight was a 3 day private tour with a knowledgable guide. Don't be too proud at Colleville sur Mer
  9. That sounds like it😐
  10. It will be very difficult for Marina to be refurbed in May of 2020 as the whole month is scheduled. We are on the 5/1 cruise which has been sold out for over a year.
  11. I agree Norway is better than Chile, but only by the slightest margin. My take is that there is more green in Norway and the shore excursions are more diversified. We actually did both on Silversea and certainly did not have to worry about size. On both cruises we were never out of sightseeing distance. To the OP we passed Hurtigruten everyday, so unless they have changed their itinerary I would not be too concerned about your viewing opportunities.
  12. schmerl, Good choice. St. Petersburg is MUCH better with a private tour.
  13. Two other quotes Shrouds don't have pockets. You don't see a Brinks truck following the hearse😀
  14. Which is better, not knowing or having a heart attack because of a last second arrival?
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