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  1. Princess have progressively scaled back cruise offerings here in the West, from their first years here in 2008 and 2009 when there was a choice to only one Freo back to back cruise in winter 2017 and 2018 and then nothing last year, then had two cancelled this year, betting it will be awhile before winter cruises are seen again in this State.
  2. No mention of Sea or Sun in the schedule or anything from Western Australia, Very glad now that I got refunds for this year's cruises not future cruise credits, doesn't look like anything on offer for this State for at least 2 years! With the demise of CMV our chances of cruising look pretty grim.
  3. Hi Baz, Don't throw out the tux just yet. Fremantle port page has an entry for QM2 in Feb 2021 & March 2022. So far I have only gazed from afar but still hope to get aboard one day!
  4. I always thought Oceana didn't fit with P&O UK, but hoped she might be transferred to Princess in Australia to make up for losing the Dawn Princess. I did read that she was going to be scraped, but read that she is now in Greece and is going to be a ferry! Seems a waste of a very nice ship.
  5. Hi, In May ocean should be pretty good. Coral Coast cruise goes north from Fremantle and generally in May winter storms have not started and the cyclone season should be over. We have booked the Coral Coast one for late July and don't expect any probs, maybe a bit lumpy going out of Fremantle and coming back in. Even if it is a bit rough next morning the ship is further north and away from the big swells. We have our fingers crossed for both the weather and that there isn't too much spread of the virus so that there isn't much chance of passengers bringing it on board.
  6. We have managed to get the cruise we wanted, got the local agent to do it as I couldn't get the website to work. Booked 10 night coral coast on 27th July in a mini suite. Happy with the price. We had already booked our cruise in September on the Sea Princess in a mini suite and the Sapphire one has come out cheaper. At the moment Broome is about as far from home as I am comfortable travelling and fingers crossed everything works out. Maybe Princess will get the message that cruises from Western Australia are popular in winter so we can get away from the wintery weather when businesses are quiet and there is no danger of bushfires.
  7. Hi West Aussie, I too have been across the bight a couple of times both east to west so into the swell and both in March, so weather not to bad, September can go either way here in the west could be just a bit lumpy or rough. I think east to west would be better as the sea is behind you once you turn the corner at the Leeuwin (by the way I live near Augusta so know what it is like off there) and you are a good sailor. Fortunately we don't get seasick and as long as the swell is under 5 to 6 metres getting around is not to difficult. We went out of Fremantle on the Sun Princess one July in 8 metre seas and 70 knot winds and that was a bit too noisy for a good nights sleep. Personally I am looking at the Coral Coast cruise in July as already have Sea Princess booked in September. Don't care where it goes as suffering cruise withdrawal as no cruises last year now they have stopped coming here in winter.
  8. Very keen to see prices for the cruises can someone post a link, not just the from prices as would be looking to have a balcony. Hoping to get time to do a short cruise out of Fremantle as we don't usually get winter cruises any more. Haven't been on the Sapphire so that is another plus.
  9. Hi There, We have been to Laem Chabang a number of times with Princess. We have taken the shuttle to Pattaya. There is a charge for it and you book it on board ship at the excursions desk. Can't remember how much, but it was not a lot, you pay for a ticket each way. Don't go too early as most shops and the market stalls don't open until 11.00am. The drop off point is the Siam Bayside hotel which as toilets, restaurant and a bar for if you have to wait for the shuttle back. Were last there in 2018 so presumably it is still the same.
  10. We have been on a cruise holiday every year since 2008. This year we have nothing booked as we are in Western Australia and there are no ships coming over winter the last one was in March and nothing now until October. We have sailed Princess on all but one of those cruises but there isn't anything from any other State over winter either. We like the winter get away and all the cruises we have been on have been full, but from a long winter season in Fremantle in 2008 to last year the choices have reduced so there was only one we could do last year and nothing this year. It seems the major cruise lines are only interested in sending ships in our summers when it is too cold and rough in the rest of the world. I have always wondered why no line have put a ship in Darwin for a season sailing to south east Asia, during the dry season.
  11. Princess haven't replaced the Dawn Princess, and looking at port schedules it seems no Princess ships will be based in Australia over winter in 2019 and the same in 2020. We are in Western Australia and Princess did a winter season from 2008 and then just one cruise the last couple of years and now nothing except over summer. They transfer ships to P&O Australia, but what about basing a couple here all year round, they seem to have plenty, or perhaps another line might see the potential and base a ship here full time. Heres Hoping.
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