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  1. Sovereign was our first cruise EVER in 1988, her #013 but I don't think they called it that because some people thought it bad luck. Well we were hooked from then on and now so sad to see her go. Even worse that we will not be on ANY cruise this year and if/when things get started we will see about next year.
  2. Just MHO but I would not say we are done with X yet, just this week before BP increase, we booked 2 more cruises. We don't NEED the BP as we don't drink a lot but the water and coffee included is nice. We have NO interest in Edgey ships as we don't care about fashionable, just serviceable and comfortable and at the current prices and where they sail, not for us. We like the M class ships as they go where Edge can't at this point in time. Even the S class isn't bad. Bottom line we will sail X when there is somewhere we want to go for a price we want to pay. Just got back from a
  3. I know preaching to the choir, we did the 14 day also this year but have passports. What you should tell them is...if it was today you could do it without passport........BUT... if they are going next year then who knows what could happen with customs/immigration, things change and terrorists in other parts of the world change how OUR county deals with it. If they don't get them now, then a month before their cruise something changes they would have to expedite them at an even greater cost. Not worth the hassle or worry, and the only time I would not go to port a day early is if t
  4. We had this same exact problem ( from guest perspective) happen on the Equinox last fall with Capt Kate. Stopped dead in the middle of the Carribean, no power or anything but emergency lighting no forward motion. DH was still in our cabin and he said fire doors were closed and he walked up to Oceanview where I watching from a window seat. About 45 minutes later thngs started to come back online and we continued on. During a meet the officers the question was asked "what happened" and Capt. Kate started to respnd but chief engineer interrupted and said they just wanted a romantic breakfas
  5. So....can we all agree that "covered" and clean are the "requirements"? We don't bring the tux and gown any more but DH brings a tie and dress shirts and if there is room in luggage a jacket, I bring long dresses, not gowns but I really don't care what others wear. Wait a minute I am really against baseball hats in MDR.
  6. In Anchorage, across the street from the "cute" visitor center is the Federal Bldg which has the Alaska Public Lands Visitor Center. They have public rest rooms and nice movies and things going on and all free. Just BE ADVISED, it IS a FEDERAL bldg so you must go through security and you can NOT bring weapons and such into the bldg. This means ULUs or any knife and such. Go in there before you shop.
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