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  1. Just MHO but I would not say we are done with X yet, just this week before BP increase, we booked 2 more cruises. We don't NEED the BP as we don't drink a lot but the water and coffee included is nice. We have NO interest in Edgey ships as we don't care about fashionable, just serviceable and comfortable and at the current prices and where they sail, not for us. We like the M class ships as they go where Edge can't at this point in time. Even the S class isn't bad. Bottom line we will sail X when there is somewhere we want to go for a price we want to pay. Just got back from a HAL cruise and we were pleasantly surprised. No trying to sell BP or spa services every 2 steps you take . There were tables set up if you wanted specialty dinning, spa or BP but you went to them. They also offered a "happy hour" where you got a drink for set price and another of the same for $2, that worked great for us. So when the "deal" is right for us we will take it, as it should be, I will never say never, except maybe for Carnival, unless I "win" a cruise on them. There are other good products out there and we all should do what is best for ourselves. Linda
  2. I know preaching to the choir, we did the 14 day also this year but have passports. What you should tell them is...if it was today you could do it without passport........BUT... if they are going next year then who knows what could happen with customs/immigration, things change and terrorists in other parts of the world change how OUR county deals with it. If they don't get them now, then a month before their cruise something changes they would have to expedite them at an even greater cost. Not worth the hassle or worry, and the only time I would not go to port a day early is if the port was less than 100 miles away.
  3. We had this same exact problem ( from guest perspective) happen on the Equinox last fall with Capt Kate. Stopped dead in the middle of the Carribean, no power or anything but emergency lighting no forward motion. DH was still in our cabin and he said fire doors were closed and he walked up to Oceanview where I watching from a window seat. About 45 minutes later thngs started to come back online and we continued on. During a meet the officers the question was asked "what happened" and Capt. Kate started to respnd but chief engineer interrupted and said they just wanted a romantic breakfast for everyone. They would not comment any more. We never did find out but the cruise continued on with no issues.
  4. So....can we all agree that "covered" and clean are the "requirements"? We don't bring the tux and gown any more but DH brings a tie and dress shirts and if there is room in luggage a jacket, I bring long dresses, not gowns but I really don't care what others wear. Wait a minute I am really against baseball hats in MDR.
  5. In Anchorage, across the street from the "cute" visitor center is the Federal Bldg which has the Alaska Public Lands Visitor Center. They have public rest rooms and nice movies and things going on and all free. Just BE ADVISED, it IS a FEDERAL bldg so you must go through security and you can NOT bring weapons and such into the bldg. This means ULUs or any knife and such. Go in there before you shop.
  6. I have a question for those on the "test" ships with this charge. Has anyone ordered and been charged for a second entree? Do you sign a slip for the charge with your cabin #? How is the bookkeeping handled? I am against this charge but will still go on my 14 day cruise with my eyes open and when booking next cruise decide what is best for me. Many here have made good points pro and con but bottom line it is a take away that affects more people than say not printing all those ads in the cabins, think of the trees saved and the ink used as well as the person/s that make them and deliver them, bigger savings there and less push back from customers, I think. Anyone here enjoy the ads? I wonder of Hal reads this. I am a Celebrity cruiser and remember 2 years ago they did a "test" on $10 hamburgers saying the meat quality was better, I think it only lasted one cruise and they stopped it as the push back was quick, and that was only on one ship.
  7. I am following this and the other thread about the "test" very closely. We usually cruise Celebrity but have cruised HAL before (2 star mariners), but not for a few years. Over the years Celebrity has cut down on potion size and I am pleased with that as I felt I could never eat all on my plate, now most days I can and still have dessert. I have never ORDERED a second entree but when asked how it was there were times I didn't like it and said so and they OFFERED to bring me another. I have seen others order mutiple entrees to "try" and my take is that it is none of my business. We have a 14 day cruise booked for Aug 19 and no matter how the "test" turns out plan to go, but I would like to know BEFORE we get there if this is the current policy. If for some reason I am still hungry after dinner I will go to Lido, never have yet but always a first time. I just want to know the plan BEFORE we book or go, then it is my choice to book in the future or not. Many people are very passionate about this, me I just like to cruise.
  8. Glad to hear this, will on her in Aug '19, please keep it up!
  9. This is all wonderful info, I wish every cruise line had a thread like this. We have cruised HAL in the past but years ago and never needed internet. We will be going to AK on a 14 day and I know(as we have been before on other lines) that Shkagway and some others have spotty service no matter what, the mountains get in the way. So we will have cell sevice in port to contact family but only need the internet on the last day to get airline boarding pass. Although at $10/day we may get it for the last few days if we can get that rate. Thank you all for this info it is wonderful and you can't find that on Hal's web pages
  10. Thanks RM, So can I do a checkin in "surfing mode" Our tickets will be one way so $25. but one of us could do both checkins
  11. An other question on internet. We are going on a 14 day and as we are on vacation we will NOT need the internet nor are we bringing anything but cellphone for in port emergency. We WILL need to get our airline boarding pass the day before we get off the ship. Do they offer one day rates or by the minute on the last day? We are flying Southwest so depending on cost it may be worth it to pay SW to have them do it.
  12. Thank you for the quick response. I am glad that is one thing that has not changed on HAL. So one less thing to find in port. Thanks again, this is a great thread.
  13. Can someone please tell me if there is a Catholic priest onboard HAL ship? I know the last time we were on HAL (over 5 years ago) there was, we are on a 14 day and hope that there still is.
  14. Thank you RuthC and Btimmer. We will get the water ordered before we leave as I do not want to be hunting for water before we board the ship and a gallon should be enough. This is a great thread and a lot of helpful comments, thanks again.
  15. OK folks I am lazy, I have only read about 8-10 pages of this thread, I think it is great but I have some different questions. We are only 2 star mariners and haven't cruised HAL in over 5 years and I know things have changed. Mostly we have cruised on Celebrity so have more perks there but we booked the 14 night AK on the Amsterdam in Aug. We have done AK 3 times before but this 14 day goes to places we haven't been. DH uses a CPAP that uses distilled water and would need an extension cord. On Celebrity they confiscate the extension cord and they provide one onboard and distilled water for free to all that request. Do they do this on HAL. Also shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion, do they offer it in OVs, little bottles or on the wall? I am not fussy but need some and want to travel as light as I can. I think this is a great thread for new and old alike (to cruising, not age). From the first post about 5 years ago I know many things have changed. Thanks for you help.
  16. Thanks for the info, it helps but still hoping for self service on old Amsterdam, we will be in Alaska.
  17. We will be going on the "OLD" Amsterdam and wonder if they still have the self serve laundry, I think it was refurbed in 4/18 and wonder if it still have it or gone the way of other ships, any one been on after that? Also is the $49 unlimited for a 7 day cruise we are looking at 14 day.
  18. This thread is hilarious I am so enjoying it, the only sad part is that it all fits, I definitely have to know how many stops and it they have bathrooms. As for discounts/perks we are in the process of booking our first HAL cruise in a while. We know where we wanted to go so the week BEFORE black Friday we priced it out so when the deals came out we looked and they were offering prepaid grats for the same price, to us that is a deal so we booked.
  19. We were also on this cruise and at the Q & A with the officers and agree something didn't seem right. Capt. Kate started to say "breaker" when the CE started his romantic talk. After he said that it was stated that no more questions would be answered about it and if someone did they would be red carded (as in soccer) and they all pulled a red card from their pocket. I would really like to know the TRUE reason it all happened , if it was something easily fixed why not say so. I worry more not knowing what it was, but the rest of the cruise was fine.
  20. Thanks for the info, from the time we get in 10 for an 11 mass we may cab it there and walk back. As for beach stop that sounds like a good plan as long as they have changing rooms at the beach I don't think the priest would appreciate us 2 whales going to mass in swimwear.
  21. Thanks for the info we need it too, how far from the cruise port to St Pats? Walkable? We like to walk as many places as we can. Thanks for your help
  22. I'll say also, SAS is great. We used them last Oct and will again(have reservations) in Sept. We fly in and out of FLL as it is way cheaper for us and they are great communicators. Great service, but as said don't cut your flight time out of FLL to close traffic can be really, really bad, we book late afternoon out of FLL and then less worries. If you tell Celebrity what time you want off the ship they are good about giving it to you.
  23. Let me get this straight, if I am Elite on Celebrity MSC will give me what they call that status on MSC??????????? I need to look into this, we love Celebrity but I think it is time to look at MSC.
  24. We have stayed there in the past an love it, we cruise out of Miami in Sept and have booked it again as we fly in to FLL. We are not picky about beds and things but have always had a pleasant stay, also near a nice sports pub for burgers and beer if you are into that.
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