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  1. Book on Jet Blue or Southwest and arrive the day before. Also check flights fron Washington DC. The fare could go down to $200. You can also download Hopper and set an alert for your dates. For Lauderdale may be less expensive and there is a train to Miami and from there Uber it to your hotel and port. Play around fly one way to Miami gong and home from Fort Lauderdale where you could spend the night before going home. Even if you Ubered it all the way the savings could be substantial. You could book seperate one ways trying to avoid Basic Economy. SkyScanner and Kyak Hacker fares can save you.Then all you do is book it directly with the airline. Southwest does not appear on sites like Expedia Me personally would never arrive the day of the cruise or fly out the day the cruise arrives back in Miami. Hope this is s helps and enjoy your precious time with your Grandkids.
  2. There is no reason to do that as potters will have the updated manifest.
  3. Frozen Dessert Mix https://instantwhip.com/products/frozen-dessert-mix/
  4. For me I like the Scotch as I like to sip it and to me a little goes a long way. I would much rather get a Double Scotch for after the show than some cheap wine. A good Glenfiddich(one of my favorites) is great. Then I may get a glass of wine or Campari with Dinner or beer. To me its not about the quantity its the quality. Glenfiddich over New Amsterdam anyday! The Tequila Royal Features is also decent.
  5. I thought I saw Glenfiddich in addition to Dewars.
  6. It would be nice and make the Customers feel that Royal embraces their loyalty!
  7. Shhh we won't tell. I love going for a nice latte in PJs and then sunbathing!
  8. To me its the simple things in life a good Latte or Cappcuchino, a good Danish and views of the sea from up above!
  9. Now that is a dumb question. Well of course make it up every night space is limited especially in Interior and Oceanview Cabins. Well duh make up the bed every night we want to watch TV on the couch. Accessible stateroom or not makes no difference. Leave the sofa bed and not making it up in the morning and setting it up in the night makes no sense at all. Of course we want clean sheets at the very least after a few days. Wow I am so shocked at this question. Never at a hotel was I asked if we wnated the Murphy Bed Sofa Sleeper made up every morning and in the evening. it was done without me asking. And yes they got a good tip! Is the stateroom attendant trying to save time on your expense? My response would be well of course make up the bed every morning and evening. That is why you are tipoing to have them do an outstanding job.
  10. All the more reason not to do Automatic Gratuities. I am sorry but I paid you to do your job and now you want a tip for your laziness well I'm sorry it ain't happening especially after giving you more than one chance to rectify this. I know you have many cabins to take care of but part of your job description is to make up the beds per the guest's wishes. If you can't do your job well then perhaps its not the right one for you. For instance I know that Housekeeping is not for me but Guest Services would be up my ally. Laziness is no excuse for poor service. If my Stateroom Attendant left dirty towels and glasses failed to make up the beds well then tough luck they either get a prorated tip or none at all depending on what they do and don't do. I come on vacation not to have to waste time telling the crew to do their job day after day. What helps is on the first day try to meet your stateroom attendant and tell them what your needs are. See how well they do and if it goes south then tell them or leave them a note on the bed and if after that contact the Executive Housekeeper if not then go to Guest Services and let them take it from there. Remember these workers get performance reports and if they are not good they get booted. Royal does not want to lose loyal customers.
  11. The manifest shows three people to a stateroom so well then I don't expect making the bed up every night. At our timeshare in our 2 bedroom they setup our unit for three. I would ask my Stateroom politely stating" Would it be possible to setup the bed and take it down every night for this third person along with a third Bathrobe, Mattress Topper etc?". If its not done after a certain amount of times asking then please go to the Supervisor of the Stateroom Attendant and tell them your concern.
  12. I love my Affogato Cafes. I have done this trick that was mentioned above and add coffee over the Vanilla Ice Cream. In the Main Dining Room I ask my server for Vanilla Ice Cream, Coffee and Cheese Cake. I then crumble the cheese cake over this and its delish!
  13. Aww what a cutie! I love those Yellow Labs! BTW are you familiar with Woodland Park CO? Lark Burger? My Cousin owns a Gallery Kamruz in downtown Telluride and focuses on photos of Dogs. Her dog Chloe who passed away was the inspiration for inventing the Pet Drivers License in Boulder. I visited my Cousin Mary in Boulder a few times and hope to see her in Telluride. If you stop by her Gallery please say her Cousin Daniel sent you! Its wort the trip!
  14. One could do a progressive dinner. Start at Giovanni's for your Pasta and Appetizer move on to Chops for your meat and soup and salad and desert. Or you could start at Izumi's and end up at Giovanni's with a stop at Chops. It sounds like its one entree per person per check and I think they have this policy to make it fare for others who need to dine too for speed of service as well. Perhaps they had a lot of waste or people would ponder a long time when other guests had reservations. Now I wonder if you were to return to the same Specialty restaurant would you be asked to wait a long time while others who have had reservations are seated. I wonder if the priority in being seated again would go down because you had already dined and a party of 5 who did not eat would get seated first. I wonder if its one reservation per group or passenger per night? I mean if you wanted to dine at more than one restaurant you would be placed on a waiting list. I can see those who keep ordering entrees would slow down service for those who want just one entree. It may throw off the service times and others may miss a show and complain that the service is taking more than the suggested two hours. Would it make more sense not to get this package and then pay $10 if you really wanted a second entree. To me I am so full after ordering more than one appetizer one entree and one or two deserts. Its more than I eat on land. What could work is if you really wanted a second entree pay the $10 and share it with your dining partner if they too want another entree that you both enjoy Thoughts?
  15. I got a call from Tiffany from Mr. Bailey's team and she helped me to resolve a few issues and spent almost an hour to resolve it and called me back. I can attest that his team is really good and will get back to you. I also dealt with Laura one of Mr. Godlstein's and now one of Mr. Bayley's assistants too. In addition Mr. Goldstein personally responded to some of my e-mails to him. It would help to contact them and get a hard copy of the policy in writing.
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