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  1. Went through ABQ last week and the gate supervisor told me that more schedule changes will come but you have to be flexible.
  2. I booked this for my last night on the Panorama. First night is Steakhouse. I will eat the Sea Day Brunch and how can I skip Guy's on Capitano night?😁
  3. Glad you took my advice. You will get bonus miles and Elite Qualifying miles. With the DL card you get discounted Sky Club passes . Amex plat gives primary cardholder access to DL skyclub when flying Delta,Priority Pass Select with 2 guests and AMEX Centurion Lounge for $650 a year .
  4. Honestly Southwest does not interline with other airlines for IRROPS(Irregular Operations). If Alaska had a problem they could rebook me on AA or even Jetblue through their interlining if the flight is available. Delta can rebook me on Air France or KLM if needed. Southwest is fine for nonstops or short hauls. I would never fly Southwest for a cruise on the same day or for connecting to a European flight. To Hawaii they are fine as the plane arrives in the night before and goes to Hawaii. If I needed to be at a place by a certain time then I avoid SW. Even opening a
  5. Southwest is going downhill in their Customer Service not to say I don't consider SW because their Flight attendants and 2 free checked bags are great but overall I prefer Alaska and Delta. For my cruise in February ,20222 I booked a First Class ticket to LAX for $208 which includes my Checked Luggage and Alaska Club Access which I use on the outbound and return especially I have a lot of time at LAX. Its a matter of preference.
  6. This is the reason why I do not use Cruise Air. I am one to not like the Basic Economy fare basis due to not being able to even use my miles to upgrade to First Class or Comfort+.
  7. Another option is to contact a resort and see if you can get an All Day Pass to the All Inclusive resort and get tested as well all in one go!
  8. I was debating an all inclusive resort in Cabo but then booked the Luxury Sail and Snorkel cruise with all inclusive drinks and a lunch. I felt like I could easily do this the next time I will visit Mexico on a land vacation. I loved the idea of taking a sailing cruise vs an All Inclusive. Also online you can Google passes for All Inclusive Resorts and take a taxi to the resort. Some of the resorts the Cruise ships send you to are not as nice. For $104 per person you can get an Adults Only Luxury resort vs the cheesy one the Cruiselines like to crowd you at.
  9. Let me give you my honest opinion. I am waiting until February 26th ,2022 as I wanted to wait for Carnival to work out the kinks. First I was booked for October 2021 and I decided to move it as I was not sure how they would be dealing with Shore Excursions. If you are going please don't miss Local Traditions at Private Villa and Rhythms Of The Night in Puerto Vallarta, Luxury Sail and Snorkel Cruise in Cabo. In Mazatlan The Shore Excursion Group booked me on Highlights of Mazatlan with Lunch in a small group!. But I am not sure how third party bookings are going to be when you sail.
  10. Thanks for your reply. In Mazatlan I booked it through the Shore Excursions Group at $55 with Lunch and Tour. The other tours were very reasonably priced and the Luxury Snorkel Cruise which I am sure we will see whales is totally worth the cost. I am looking forward to Puerto Vallarta. How does Carnival do two tours in one day booked through them? Do they coordinate it with their on shore Shore Excursion manager? I really wanted to do the Private Villa excursion and then the ROT in the Evening.
  11. How do you find the Shore Excursion Group for Mazatlan?
  12. For my Panorama Cruise I chose the Luxury Sail and Snorkel Yacht in Cabo as well as the Local Traditions at a Private Villa and Rhythms Of The Night in Puerto Vallarta through Carnival. In Mazatlan I am doing an independent tour Highlights of Mazatlan with Lunch. I will have half a day till around 12:15ish in Cabos to enjoy the ship. Puerto is really my long day which I'm excited about and Mazatlan the tour will be over by 2:00 PM so i can rest onboard the ship as we leave at 9:30 AM for the tour. Anyone did any of these tours? Is it worth paying the $20 for the unlimited drink
  13. One piece of info we did this on our B2B book the Steakhouse for night one. Its a great way to avoid the stresses of the MDR on the first night. We also love the Italian restaurant too. You can book it now and use your OBC! Enjoy.
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