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  1. I am as flexible as they come. I understand that mechanical issues can and do happen. I am ready for my February Cruise and if they change the port order I am not at all upset. I already booked my Shore Excursions with Carnival for Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. In Mazatlan I booked a Shore Excursion with a third party and they will refund my money if they cannot change my date! I purchased the $10 insurance just in case. The excursion is $40 so not a big loss.
  2. Ah sorry I missed it. BA has a flight from PHX to LHR and beyond perhaps for next year. The OP would do better out of LAX ,DEN ,SAN or SFO.
  3. Look at Turkish Air via IST its 2 hours to and from IST.
  4. What are your experiences with Turkish Air Economy Class? They include 2 free checked bags and 1 carryon. You do pay for seat selection which is not too bad and they even have an option to purchase an Extra Seat which includes a 3rd checked bag. All longhaul flights have hot meals and alcohol as well as on shorter flights you do get a meal if its over 2:15 or a good snack and wine /beer. They seem to be setting the standard above all as the cabin is only 3-3-3. I would gladly transit through Istanbul even to fly back to Paris .. They offer either a free overnight or tour of Istanbul as well as an option of staying there for a few days which I would consider. Also their prices are very competitive. I was able to purchase a flight from SFO-IST-TLV-IST-SFO for $648+$200 for seat selections at the front of the plane for my Parets ad I. For myself I paid $544 to have the middle seat blocked on all flights and my flight includes a 3rd checked bag if I need it. Its like the Euro Business Class Lufthansa has where the middle seat is blocked. The $544 includes my seat selection fee in a standard seat. Extra legroom seats are around $119 depending on length of flight. Also they have a great IFE system. Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Give me a Suite at a Ritz, Hyatt or Four Seasons with Room Service, Bar Service, Butler Service , Jacuzzi Tub a large wrap around balcony where I can go outside not on my expense then we can talk about the quarrinitne. If I can earn points all the better along with the highest speed of WIFI. I would find ways to entertain myself. Just saying why would anyone want to stay in a dark Motel Room without a balcony?
  6. On Royal Caribbean we had a bad experience in the Steakhouse and the Maitre D invited us back on his dime for us to return and enjoy it. Point is if you let them know about the experience I am sure they will either invite you back or chose another restaurant or refund you. We had a bottle of wine sent up to our cabin which we enjoyed on our redo steakhouse night and the Manager even allowed us to swap it out for a better bottle which we did.
  7. Article about CVS giving the wrong COVID approved test for Hawaii. Now you can fill in the blank CVS providing the wrong paperwork for Cruise. I am sorry but I do not trust CVS. https://www.abc15.com/news/let-joe-know/traveling-to-hawaii-soon-make-sure-to-get-the-right-covid-19-test
  8. I also heard that CVS had issues for Hawaii. I would like to know what was not acceptable to the Cruiseline? I am doing my test for travel at City Health for international flights at SJC airport where they specialize in travel testing. CVS does not really specialize in travel testing. I am sorry to inform you but there have been many problems with the CVS test not getting back to you in time. They do not guarantee the 1-2 day turnaround time. At one pharmacy in Oakland last October a homeless person stole the tests and a family did not get the results in time and were in Hawaii and flew home. It was for some sort of special occasion. The rapid antigen or PCR test is what is best especially for vaccinated passengers. I found out a rapid testing center right by the Queen Mary and will do it there on Friday with a 1-2 hour turnaround time.
  9. May I please add that I myself would not ask for an exemption if I had Children that were not vaccinated as I would err on the side of not getting approved. I would also not make any nonrefundable reservations. I would just wait until everyone in my party was vaccinated before putting down any $$$.
  10. My Cousin is from Sydney and his Mother is living there. He advised me to wait to book a cruise I was considering until December 2022 at the earliest as even he is not sure about the restrictions even as an Australian citizen. I may go as a solo traveler sooner if the restrictions ease up. Right now airfare is very high! I am in no rush to go there. He lives in New York. I would wait it out a bit to see what happens. I would let a few cruises go on for a month or two and fully complete the itinerary before committing to a cruise out of Sydney. I work in Tourism Research and Development so please take my advice and my Cousin's advice to postpone any travel for awhile.
  11. Your friend cancelled so they should be responsible for any financial damages you encounter including any additional costs for the package. Also I am traveling solo and am not taking the Cheers Package because I do not drink 15 , also I cannot use it on Shore Excursions which some include alcohol and also they limit you to 15. For me I like the flexibility of a "Pay as you go" even if its a little more. I don't find any value in the Cheers Package!
  12. Consider either the Steakhouse, Cuchina del Capitano or Chef's Table(if its available)!
  13. My Shortest Cruise also is 7 Days this February but I have done a 14 Day Panama Canal on the Princess from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles, 14 and 15 nights on Royal and a Back2B 21 Night on Royal. Also I did a B2B on Cunard from Athens and the 2nd one out of Rome on the QE2! I would not waste my time for anything under 7 nights. The Panorama has just enough sea days 3 is perfect and enough ports with shore excursions. I'll be enjoying the Brunch on the Panorama as well as Breakfast Burritos! For me just enjoying some chill music on my Balcony from my playlist and watching the ocean with Room Service with a Bloody Mary is awesome. Followed by some Pool time and Serenity Deck time. I cannot think of a better vacation than a cruise!
  14. I was just able to fill out the Vaccine Attestation online. Please try it again.
  15. Carnival needed to send a Followup email to ignore. I'm going to ask for OBC on this glitch😂 Let IT pay my drinks.
  16. I bet they will use this for purchasing drinks soon I can imagine people abusing the drink package or fighting. When a fight occurs the CCTV will pull data from the Facial Recognition system and security can flag the passengers. I'm all for it from a safety standpoint, quicker embarkation and disembarkation without using my Seapass. Maybe it will unlock your stateroom door with your face.
  17. Under Manage my Cruise I only see "To Do" Online Checkin February 12,2022. Hmm seems like it was sent in error and caused panic! Question is if a child were to get vaccinated in December for a February Cruise and was fully vaccinated a month before the sail date how could they cacel the cruise? I am going to ask for some OBC for this panic(:n
  18. I am getting the same error. Threatening to cancel the cruise when there is an IT error is illegal.
  19. Got an email for my upcoming cruise station ng they want my attestation 48 hours after getting the email which I did today . I'm fully vaccinated. They are threatening to cancel my cruise if I don't fill it out. Problem is their website is having problems. They are threatening cancellation if I can't fill out my form because of their IT issue. That's their problem as I am not IT. I'm on the phone on hold. Hope I get it resolved. Can they just cancel my cruise due to their shoddy IT? Thoughts?
  20. I can't increase the font on these menus. Is there a better version?
  21. So it seems like that the buffet needs some TLC so the other options such as the Blue Iguana, Deli, Guys , MDR, Steakhouse and Cuchina del Capitano are better otpions.
  22. I would also imagine January-March also cancelled.
  23. Good to know about the cakes. How about the Gelato station where is it? It's included right? I'll have gelato for lunch or dinner over the buffet anyday! Especially after eating lunch in port.
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