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  1. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. I couldn’t find my Venice pictures last night to see if I had an Aperol Spritz picture but I really enjoyed all the ones posted! It brought back lovely memories. No ex spouse here. I will celebrate Be Kind to Lawyers Day. And we all need more laughter. I ended up making pistachio crusted salmon with Beurre Blanc sauce last night and Craig made his famous mashed potatoes. They really aren’t famous, I just like to call them that because they really are wonderful. Not sure what t
  2. I can see them this time and thank you! What a lovely plant, big leaves with tiny flowers. I wonder what it is.
  3. This is how I learned to make them when I was in Venice. I was fortunate to rent an apartment for 2 weeks in 2000 and again for 5 days in 2005. I had one every evening. 🙂 It's also where DH began his love of Negroni's, which he had every evening! Nothing like sitting outside before dinner with a Spritz or a Negroni and in Italy!
  4. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. I appreciate plants but don’t really consider my few chili plants and basil much of a garden. It just gets too hot 🥵 here and my yard is too small for more than that. Scrabble is the only game I can get DH to play with me. I bought a travel set to take on trips and it has come in handy. I found that the sets on board were always missing tiles. I have been to Alaska twice with DH but not Fairbanks. DH has been once without me and I’ll have to ask him if he went there. He took his
  5. Good afternoon everyone!! Thank you for the Daily Rich and today’s celebrations. Thank you for your lists Roy and please remember you are always in my prayers and thoughts. I know that the best treatment for you will happen. I am home after taking my DM to her appointment and we went to Chili’s for lunch. I absolutely love grilled cheese sandwiches and could have one every day. It’s always our “I’m too tired to cook” meal. DH is the grilled cheese maker and does a great job getting the crust just right. I usually like mine with 3 slices of cheese, a combo of Swiss and
  6. Only when I change devices between my iPad and PC. I never seem to have a problem on my iPhone.
  7. Beautiful pictures!! And you also got a lot of Ocotillo in the third picture. I love the desert. 🌵
  8. Good morning everyone! I just wanted to pop in and share what my daughter just texted me: I am off to take my DM to an appointment. I’ll check back in later. Have a great day everyone!
  9. Thank you for the explanation!! You are a wealth of knowledge!! BTW, I enjoyed your pictures yesterday of the Police dogs!
  10. Good morning!! I don’t really know what happened yesterday but I didn’t make it to the Daily. I started reading and got caught up with the Port of the Day, Puerto Chiapas, trying to figure out if it was near Santa Cruz Hualtuco which was a port on our Panama Canal cruise. I think they might be close and both are in Oaxaca. Then one thing lead to another. Anyway I will read the rest of yesterday’s Daily next. Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. I agree about keeping Prince Phillip on the list until his services. I love Barbershop quartets and the
  11. Thank you for the information. Prayers for all those on St. Vincent and to those helping.
  12. Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! Happy Anniversary and Birthday to @luvteaching. Happy Anniversary @ger_77. And Congratulations @erewhon(yesterday?). And @Overhead Fred I couldn’t help but notice that your shrimp were arranged on your plates in the shape of hearts ♥️! How clever and sweet! I am so stealing your idea. RIP Prince Phillip. I always thought he was so handsome. Thank you for the Daily Rich and thank you for your lists Roy. Certainly a mishmash of Days to celebrate. I think all POW’s are heroes. I always think of John McCain and the movie base
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