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  1. No not at all, not even on the repost. However, I could see it when Jacqui posted it. Great Picture!
  2. Such super news! Sorry, not to Canada but come on over to Tucson. It's nice and hot.... but it's a dry heat.
  3. Thank you for the daily Rich. Good morning and happy underwear day! Well, funny thing is my DH just bought himself new underwear so I guess I should celebrate. 🙂 Oh my, how I love oysters. One of my favorite memories was on our 10 New England/Canada cruise 2009 on the Eurodam. Boston was the port that day and it just so happened to be the day of Ted Kennedy's funeral. It was pouring rain, I mean really pouring rain. We had huge plans for the day but cancelling most of them and ended up sitting at a local bar ordering plate after plate of oysters and wine for lunch. Wish I was there right now. I decided not to work like a dog once I retired. Seafood Salad sounds really good. I wonder if tuna salad counts, but maybe I'll make shrimp salad instead. Roy, take care and praying for speedy tooth extraction recovery tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you as I have my regular dental cleaning appointment tomorrow that was supposed to have been in April which was rescheduled because of you know what. Jacqui, what a detective you are! So glad you found the culprit. Have a great day everyone! My timer is going off right now, meaning my dough for cinnamon rolls is almost ready, so bye for now.
  4. Thanks for the daily Rich. Been really busy today.... It's the granddaughter's 13th birthday today so I picked her up really early (it was early for me, I've been waking up late now that I'm retired) and we had a lot of errands to run today. First was Starbucks for her new fave drink, it's something with matcha in it, probably something someone on TicToc or YouTube recommended. Then it was to school to pick up materials for the remote classroom schooling she will start in just 2 days. Then we went to my Mom's to drop off her shopping list, and of course she gave me a new shopping list. Then it was the eye doctor's office to order her new glasses. Finally we went to Chiptole as a Birthday treat for lunch. Whew I was tired. Chocolate Chip cookies are my absolute favorite. God Bless the Coast Guard! Not having the meal suggestion, having leftover pizza. I didn't really look at the wine, was it a Barolo? If so that is a nice wine. I'll have to go back and look it up. Have a great evening everyone! Prayers to all in storms path.
  5. I use a desk top for CC. For me it's just easier to use than my IPad, although if I post a photo I use my IPad. Anyway, I don't worry about logging out on my desk top and haven't had a problem with it keeping me logged in. Now after hearing the story from Joy about the stolen identity I will have to start logging out on my IPad.
  6. Yes they are! But Blue is always cold even in the summer. Right now he is napping and has his blankie on. Thanks for sharing your picture.
  7. Thank you for the daily Rich. Happy Assistance dog day. Watermelon only tastes good really cold on a really hot day. I have one of the small ones in my fridge right now, I was wanting to make a feta dip for it but haven't gotten around to it yet so just might have to get that done today to celebrate. The meal suggestion sounds good, I love sweet potatoes but DH doesn't so we won't be having that tonight. Sauv Blanc is our favorite wine, I'll have to check out the recommendation. I heard from my PCC today about our canceled Rotterdam New England/Canada/Newfoundland/Greenland cruise. She said there isn't anything comparable to book right now so I told her I need to wait. Thinking about maybe doing a back to back New England/Canada but I so wanted to get to Greenland. Also thinking about a TA from Amsterdam. Right now I'm going to wait and see. Have a great day everyone and happy Canada civic holiday to all those up north. Wishing good health to everyone on the care list. Hoping storms stay away from all those expecting them.
  8. I had to do a double take, your doggie looks just like ours! Not sure if you saw his picture last week when I posted so thought you would like to see it now. I think he might be smaller than yours, Blue is 10 pounds. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Thanks for the daily Rich. Wow, a good ice cream sandwich sounds so good, reminds me of my childhood and going to the 5 and dime lifting up the cooler lid and picking out the ice cream treat that I wanted. Friendship and Forgiveness should be celebrated every day. That Sancerre sounds really good, I'm going to look it up. We usually get a Sancerre for special occasions because they can be pricey. Spent the morning rushing around the house cleaning. It's crazy how much you can get done when you are under a deadline. Had an impromptu birthday celebration for out soon to be granddaughter. She will 13 on Tuesday, where did the time go. She is very special to us, we have half way raised her since she was a newborn. We went swimming, had pizza and birthday cake and she opened presents. Lots of fun. Have a great evening everyone!
  10. dfish, I so wish I could see your sunset. I use Firefox and all I see is a link to nowhere, then pulled it up on Internet Explorer and there wasn't even a link, then tried it on my Ipad and there was a box but no photo. I love the New England/Canada itineraries, we've been on two. And you were on the Rotterdam, what great memories. I had booked a New England/Canada/Iceland cruise on the Rotterdam that is now no longer happening. And I'm not sure there will be a similar replacement cruise coming up. Bummer.
  11. Joy, thank you for thinking and praying for them! SIL is must better, still taking treatments but she felt good enough to make dinner the other night so that is great news. BIL never had symptoms. Both are no longer contagious. My hubby is going to see them in a week so I'll get the full low down then. Never did find out how SIL contracted Covid but she did take a bus to see grandkids shortly beforehand.
  12. Thank you for the daily Rich. A raspberry cake with chocolate sauce sounds so good. Might have to look up a recipe. I would love a garlic butter steak tonight, yum. Everyone's photos were so great today. The flowers from Bennybear, Jacqui, Fred... I could have missed someone but all were so pretty. And Roy, your sunrise in Quebec was beautiful. The doggie pictures, love them all. Denise's Paisley, so cute and blonde. Cat's Bindi, so furry and adorable. CM1984 with the big black dog with the white heart on his chest, so stately and fun looking. Then Gerry, love love love the Puerto Rico photo, so special and a keepsake. Have a great day everyone, see you in August!
  13. Oh my! What a gorgeous dog and with a white heart on his chest!
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