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  1. I started having problems while onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam sailing August 28th. At first I thought it was due to the internet onboard but no, it’s wasn’t. One of the only ways I have been able to reply and/or post is by logging out just as soon as I finish reading. In other words, I can’t stay logged in all day like I used to. It’s really getting old.
  2. No problem! You really do have to stand and lean into the Lido windows to look down on those cabins. Also, those areas in the Lido are carpeted so that should help with the noise.
  3. A quick good morning to everyone! I have a covid test scheduled this morning for my Houston trip. I wasn’t able to get a rapid test so am having a PCR done. One of the ladies has had to cancel at the last minute after coming down with covid so it was recommended that we all get tested. We had spaghetti last night so I might make baked spaghetti with the leftovers. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Joy, @Seasick Sailor, I’m not sure if you saw the pictures I posted of the cabins you are looking at for your Rotterdam cruise. I don’t have the link but it’s post #52 on Friday’s Daily. I can repost them if you can’t find them.
  5. We disembarked the beautiful Koningsdam yesterday and almost didn't make our flight. After waiting in line for an hour I was beginning to panic a bit (a lot according to Craig). Thank goodness for a very thoughtful port agent who let us in the line ahead, otherwise it would have been another 45-60 minutes. I'm sure other passengers weren't so happy that we were put ahead of them, even though we were given permission. However, the next agent wasn't so kind......I felt like I got scolded much like in school for doing something wrong. Okay so disembarking in San Diego is not the same as it was in Seattle just 6 weeks ago where we just practically walked off in 10 minutes. I won't be posting much over the next week, I'm off to a women's retreat on Thursday in Houston. I need to remind myself not to book two trips back to back.... a cruise yes, but not different trips.
  6. Yes and no. We drink Sauvignon Blanc and even though the bottles should be the same size and shape, one fit but the other one didn’t. One was a bit taller so it didn’t fit but we just turned it on it’s side. You might have to take out a few sodas to make it fit better.
  7. It might be the ship you are on. It was more on our last cruise, the Nieuw Amsterdam in Alaska. On that ship Rudi’s is a Pop Up only one evening a week, and the charge was more. I don’t have access to the amount right now (on the Koningsdam right now) but I remember it was more than it is on the Koningdam which has it’s own separate Rudi’s restaurant open each evening.
  8. It will be the menu on the app. The menu on the website is just a sample menu.
  9. Safe travels Lenda! Wave to Tucson as you drive through!
  10. Confirmed main means you are confirmed for 8:00 pm (Main), which is fixed dining, and you have requested a table for 2. You will get your table number when you board. You can check out the location for your table then. Many request a certain table number in advance.
  11. Joy @Seasick Sailor: I was able to get some pictures of those cabins on deck 8 for you. These are looking down from the Lido and the Canaletto. I hope this helps.
  12. Good morning from the lovely Koningsdam! We had such a great time yesterday on our Sonoma Wine tour with @AncientWandererMaxine, her DH, and @lazey1Jane. It was warm in Sonoma but the minute you cross the Golden Gate Bridge it gets windy and chilly. We ate lunch at a restaurant I would love to go back to. Lots of good things on the menu. Today is a sea day on our way to Ensenada so it will be a nice relaxing day. Have a great day everyone!
  13. I totally forgot about our 2 bottles of wine at embarkation in San Diego and we checked that bag instead of carrying it on board. The wine was taken out and that bag was hand delivered and we were told that the 2 bottles would be held until the end of the cruise. I asked if we could pay corkage and get them now. Finally we were given permission to do that. I tried to get my 2 bottles free but it didn’t work. Weird because there wasn’t a desk at embarkation to declare wine. Oh well, I wasn’t going to push the issue.
  14. Good morning everyone from the beautiful Koningsdam! We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge at 6:38 am. Right now we are eating breakfast in Club Orange, or as Craig calls it, Orange Club. 🤣 One annoying thing — there is a man who FaceTime’s his wife while he eats and, of course, is very loud. Our cabin is on the port side and we will have a lovely view of the city. I’ll try to post a picture later. We have lunch reservations at 11:00 and a tour at 12:30. I’m not sure how we are going to do both. Have a great day everyone!
  15. We are on the Koningsdam right now. The Lobster Bisque is wonderful. DH ordered it last night. My DH and I shared the Chocolate Soufflé last night. It’s actually on the smaller side. It was really yummy. The table next to us had the Baked Alaska and it’s on the larger side, it looked really good too.
  16. Our roll call meet and greet was this morning. Seth came and talked to us just as @lindaler promised. I think Linda said 25 people showed up. Seth was the highlight for sure. I was able to get a picture of Jane, Linda and myself.
  17. Good morning from the Koningsdam at sea today. It’s not as rocky as I expected. We have a neighbor this morning. Have a great day everyone!
  18. Hello and good evening from the Koningsdam. We left Avalon, Catalina while I was sound asleep. I haven’t slept well so that was a well needed nap. Craig said the Captain came on and made an announcement that the wind was going to be 40 knots for the next 36 hours, stabilizers will be out, hold on to hand rails, bring anything loose inside and the outside decks will be closed at some point for safety. So I guess I better take an extra Meclazine. 😐 Release the Kraken! Lunch today was delicious at Bluewater in Avalon. Calamari and Sand Dabs.
  19. Good morning from the lovely Koningsdam! What a beautiful ship this is! Our sunrise this morning from our verandah: We are eating breakfast in Club Orange. Mimosas are required, IMO. Last night we had a great CC Happy Hour with Linda @lindaler, Jane @lazey1, and Maxine @AncientWandererand her DH. Somehow I forgot to take pictures, I think we were just having too much fun. Avalon is our port today and the day is turning into a beautiful day.
  20. No worries. I’ll have to check out that thread.
  21. We are onboard!! Yay! Easy easy embarkation!
  22. Yes, we just walk across the street to the ship, very easy. We like Tower 3 because it’s slightly closer. The rooms are dated but okay for just one night. This area is very walkable and lots of restaurants and things to do close by.
  23. Wyndham Bayside. We always stay here when we are in San Diego. It’s especially convenient for cruising as you can see by the pictures.
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