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  1. This was the MDR menu from the Oosterdam June 2, 2019. Not too different from Crew News menu. Sorry if it is blurry. We love eating in the MDR breakfast, lunch, dinner. That is just us and I know it isn't for everyone, just as the Lido isn't for everyone.
  2. For us it holds a days worth of clothes for two people including sleepwear, not much else. I've squeezed in an extra pair of slacks or tops here and there. Jeans take up more space. It would probably hold 3 pairs of jeans but not much else but socks pushed in here and there. You might be able to ask your steward for a second bag if you have extra laundry on embarkation day but I've never sent out 2 bags at a time so not sure this is doable.
  3. Personally I don't like being under the Lido Pool where the deck chairs are. Other areas are fine, like closer forward and further aft. I am a nap everyday in the afternoon person and the chairs scrapping above back and forth back and forth were just too much for me. If you don't prefer an afternoon siesta then go for it.
  4. Me too!!! I still wear a long gown, not as fancy as in the past though. Husband wears a white collared shirt, jacket and tie. I do see people dressed up more than us, not very many though.
  5. You can buy casino chips ahead of time. They are delivered to you and you just take them to the casino to cash them in. Easy and you don't have to carry all that cash with you traveling.
  6. Don't do the $600 Romantic pkg just for a table for 2. We have changed our table preferences over the years. We started out loving large tables, 8 - 10 size. But that was 20 years ago. We evolved to tables for 4 - 6 and those worked out just okay... Once we were with a couple where only the husband spoke English and couldn't communicate with the wife at all. Another time we were with a group that complained about everything little detail. I couldn't stand that and we were able to change our table. Once at a 6 top and never once did all 6 eat together and we never knew when the others were going to show up or not. And the times we sailed with my mother we were at a table for 4 which worked out perfect for the 3 of us. Now we ask for a table for 2 and if we can't get a confirmation before sailing for whatever reason we just ask upon sailing. The Maitre d' is usually available in the MDR to ask. We weren't able to get a confirmed table our last cruise because we booked so close to sailing. I went to the MDR, spoke with the Maitre d' and asked for table for 2 at 8:00pm. He took our cabin number and noted it and it was never a problem. I do have to say he wasn't the friendliest person but he was efficient and helpful. Lucky us, 3 night we were taken to MDR for fixed seating and had a lovely table with great stewards. The main steward offered the table to us for the rest of cruise because it hadn't been reserved and of course we said yes. He then went to the Maitre d' and set everything up for us. A very pleasant chain of events made for a wonderful experience in the Dining Room each evening.
  7. Watching right now, see her just coming away from the pier.
  8. Write a note on your form “Cold Water Wash”. And if you want low heat dry add that also. Only one issue in all our cruises. We received a phone call about a piece of laundry and to come to the Front Desk for details. They brought out a shirt of my husbands that had been damaged, I think it had tear but I really don’t remember what happened. The shirt was older and not a big deal. We got a credit for the damage.
  9. BTW we have disembarked in Montreal also with no issues but we did that on our own and were going to the train station. I have ave been in and out of Seattle two cruises and never found it chaotic. Lines moved and things got done, you just have to be early. I’ve had more close calls at my own little Tucson airport than anywhere else, but do have to say most of them were my own fault for being a bit late.
  10. We took HAL arranged transfer from the ship to the hotel as part of our post cruise package just off the Oosterdam in Seattle 2 weeks ago. We had a 9:30 am disembarkation time. First disembarkation group was for 7:30 am. Disembarkation began about 30 minutes early and groups were called early very frequently. Our group was called about 35 minutes early. We didn’t hurry but didn’t delay either. We were off quickly and in our shuttle waiting for about 30 minutes for others to get on. We wouldn’t have had any problem getting on a flight.
  11. No problem sending laundry out first day upon embarkation. Just leave it in the "blue bag" on your bed with your form filled out and you should get it back the next day. Probably not early but in the evening though. We choice unlimited laundry each cruise and it is well worth for us.
  12. Yes, exactly correct. Two bottles (one per person) per stateroom are yours to enjoy in your cabin and then you pay $18 per bottle for each additional bottle. You can take those extra bottles to lunch or dinner, MDR or PG or even keep those bottles drink those in your cabin. Our glich wasn't that..... I knew that already, it was the time it took to process it all. I was eager to board, the lines were short and here was my husband and the steward, unpacking wine from the carry on and talking about wine and putting stickers on bottles, signing stuff, then re-packing wine into our carry on and so forth. I just wanted to get on that 'dam ship.
  13. Yes, we were downtown so not far to the pier. You will still get there early enough to enough lunch even coming from an airport hotel. Yes, I've lived in Tucson since '71.... practically a native. We love it and love the heat, crazy but the pool has been cold so far this year.
  14. Ditto! However, I do add delicates and have had never had a problem. I always write *Cold Water Wash, Low Temp Dry* on my form.
  15. Order your wine package once on board, you just never know if the wine you want ahead of time will really be onboard the ship. We usually order at lunch, embarkation day. We decide based upon the wines offered for that package and the number of days we are cruising. We are white wine drinkers and somewhat picky about we want. Our past cruise we found a good white we liked on one of the packages and went with that. Our wine steward must have thought we were boring because that was what we picked each time. And.......We were lucky enough to find our favorite white wine at Target in Seattle and purchased 6 bottles to carry on. We kept two for the room (didn't have to pay corkage on those either) and took the other four to the Dining Room. Worked out beautifully for us.
  16. You will love your cruise. Just off the Oosterdam one week ago today. The Oosterdam is great and the itinerary is good. Anything specific you would like to know?
  17. We are just off the Oosterdam 1 week ago. You will have priority check in because of you are 5 star. We did pre-cruise hotel and were picked up at 11:00 AM and arrived at the ship about 11:15 AM, practically walked onto the ship which would have been faster but had a bit of a delay with our carry on wine. Even though I knew the drill with the wine it seemed to take forever to unpack the wine, get the little stickers put on, pay for it and then pack again. It was probably noonish about then. We walked right to our cabin and then to the Ocean Bar for a drink and to lunch. A wonderful way to start a cruise. Enjoy your cruise!
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