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  1. I will bet you one million dollars you will be on that ship. I have heard of about 2 people ever being bumped. And honestly I live for the day. They put them on a different cruise and gave them another free cruise and a refund. I can not stress to you how much you should try and relax. I have done at least 20 guarantees over the years, maybe more. it is fine, maybe you're getting upgraded to a junior suite, its happened to me. I can assure you that you will not be downgraded. Your TA, can not see all the cabins available and certainly can not see all the people they are moving around right now.You are going to have a great cruise. I hope you get a suite for your guarantee.
  2. Long before the bid program, they waited until 3 days before to notify me. I have booked guarantee all the time for 20 years, it was often last minute then and now. You know you're on the ship in a balcony, how is this diminishing your pre cruise experience?
  3. This was really helpful. I did a search earlier for shore info and it did not appear. I never book through any ship but I am going solo so 50 off for one is a good deal. And it was free bc I got all 4.
  4. Way to misinterpret . I thinks it hilarious that the rest of us have not thought to do so. Have a nice day.
  5. In all of my cruises, I have only seen it offered once which was on Freedom last year out of San Juan on Day 5. We bought a few. I do a bunch of short sails out of Florida and have never seem once.
  6. There is a filter on NCL you can use. I tried quite a few Royal cruises and never found one. I joined the solo group where they post deals for solo but there did not seem to be much Royal listed.
  7. I like that he's the only one that thought about typing his name in the file. Thats hilarious! I can not tell you how many I have printed. And yes I have a color printer but I used to print them in black and white, they worked just fine. In over 40 cruises, all I have ever done is fold them as directed.
  8. You also can not compare the booking price of a year ok with current booking price. Yes you should always book the cabin you want in the first place but there are deals to be had. Before bidding, always check to see what your upgrade cost would be. Sometimes due to price drops , its cheaper to pay for upgrade.
  9. I keep thinking they will change how the tips are divided with the sales of so many UDP plans . We have always tipped extra in the specialty but it does seem odd that all the tips go to the servers in MDR and buffet and none to specialty. We do try to tip in cash anytime its an extra tip.
  10. There are kids sail free rates right now. Did your cruise not qualify?
  11. I have never taken the shore credit before. Do I have to wait to book excursions till I am on board the ship in order to get the 50 credit. and the same question with specialty dining reservations? can I do it in the planner? I just booked my first solo cruise and am leaving on Saturday on the Sun.
  12. I travel by myself ,mostly land and have never been singled out. I am curious as to why you thought a stop in Morocco was something that caused a further search . I spent weeks there. no questions asked.
  13. I think you have a basic misunderstanding the perks on NCL. You will not have a "huge gratuity charge on your final bill". when booking the cruise, if you chose a perk, they add gratuity of the drinks package on right then and there, as well as the dining package. This is because people failed to tip staff as it was free. When the perks first rolled out, there was no gratuity added. but before you board the ship, all your drink and dining gratuity is paid. It will not be on your own board bill. as far as perks on celebrity go, you chose the perk of gratuity being paid. Thats a set number, you do not have 2 sets of gratuity, merely one. you could have chosen the more valuable drinks package but you still can not drink 2 drink packages. I do get that if you paid for 2, you should get 2. But you do not have 2 sets of gratuity.
  14. Quite a few great NCL out of Miami. The Pearl and Sky have great deals the first 2 weeks. I just booked a balcony on the NCL sun for 5 days with all the offers for under 500. There were inside for 129 though. The sailaway balcony was only 199. For 299 I took all the offers. That was for this Saturday though.
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