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  1. My daughter is a covid icu nurse in Orlando. She has been on vacation for 10 days. She came back to a veritable nightmare. 975 cases at Advent. I follow John head on FB and assumed they would allow unvaccinated. When they announced vaccinated only ,most people seemed all for it. It seems many people understand the risk of cruising, even those choosing to remain unvaccinated.
  2. I have flown AA twice. You only need a covid test uploaded in Verifly for yourr RETURN flight home. All other entry requirements follow the country you are visiting.
  3. Thats not a bad plan. I think I may do that also.
  4. I am on NCL and they do not require tours. I'd be very sad if that was added on as we never take ship tours. I like being on my own away from the crowds. They have added masks on board but I believe that is an EU rule.
  5. I have a cruise on September 12th in Greece with NCL. I specifically booked them bc of their 100% vaccinated policy and cancelled RCCL bc of their immediate caving to Desantis in Florida. I respected how Del Rio responded.That being said, I did book a short MSC next week bc of price and felt that Id be ok with vaccinated and unvaccinated . I am not as worried about catching covid as I am about my cruise being disrupted by a major outbreak.
  6. Royal has always allowed one bottle of wine per adult....for a very long time. Definitely since 2008.
  7. Your numbers are way off < there have been covid cases on almost every sailing . Nothing to freak out over but I keep seeing little blurbs here in the Florida press. I think @Até has pretty factual info that paints a clear picture.
  8. I am also getting a test even though vaccinated. Seems easier and no worries.
  9. I read not to sign up if you are trying to get a match. so I have not signed up but have also heard nothing back from MSC, no confirmation but no respond email, nothing. I would have liked my match before my sailing next week. Any advice?
  10. For those who were successful, are the perks still applicable for 4 day cruises? I sent paperwork the day I booked but paid in full bc it was required. so no discount. My cruise is August 2nd. Was hoping a month was enough time.
  11. I just booked the 4 day on August 2 for 379 on Meraviglia in a balcony. Great deal, fantastica experience with a photo. I had no idea about the levels but it was only 20 to jump and a picture.
  12. really beautiful videos.
  13. Thanks , I looked on line and that is exactly what I will do . yes , I understand it wasn't through the ship. Was just trying to determine if bus stop was near port.
  14. That sounds nice .was the bus att he port or shuttle to Chania and then bus?
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