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  1. So my fb group people were talking about how they bring their children. Were there kids on any of you yalls diinners? I love kids and often cruise by myself with just kids but this seemed such an adult event to me. They were talking 6, 8 not even teens. Am I being crazy?
  2. I ate it all๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  3. Similar, a married daughter with plenty of means and 2 kids , along with 2 fairly broke sons and girlfriends. Afraid if I do not pay, they will not be able to do anything ,in the case of the boys .
  4. I am just on the sun page bc I also had a cruise booked there. Carnival played it safe I am assuming.
  5. It would be 6 more of us so a total of 8. I am already paying for the cruise . lord knows if they would appreciate it. They are pretty spoiled adult children that take much for granted. But I know my husband would not enjoy it if we did it without them ,unfortunately. I am debating on just giving them all gift cards at Christmas and letting them decide what to spend it on. Or picking a few things and paying.
  6. I follow him bit have no idea how to search his page I guess.
  7. Thank you. Yes I am on Horizon and would like to see it at night. Good to know there is a family night. I hope it is not the day we are celebrating a birthday dinner at the steak house.
  8. Thank you. Where did you get this info?
  9. Is there a set schedule somewhere that I can check? As in, I would like to see Dumbo and Mary Poppins with the kids.
  10. Its definitely not an active thread. I have been to Jamaica about 10 times on land vacations and a few cruises. I am having a rough time figuring out what to do with a 3.5 year old. Bobsled videos shows signs that say he can go with an adult but all the booking says 5. Falls , I think there is a kid area but not sure. I know my granddaughter Zipline and tubed at 5 but not sure about a littler one. Any suggestions on this?
  11. I am booked on Sunrise. How many people were in the group? I am deciding whether to pay for whole family.
  12. My PVP won PVP of the year. However, my friend booked an upcoming cruise through her PVP so I used hers for ease. I found hers to be even nicer and not quite as busy as mine,
  13. yes I got one of those. I did not know it was unusual bc I have not sailed Carnival in many years. I was offered an Oceanview for a nominal price. But I have 3 cabins in a row for all my kids so I ignored it.
  14. Port changes are generally ok. Cuba was a specific itinerary with overnights on old ships. And very expensive compared to a Bahamas cruise. So not the same as skipping a port on a regular cruise bc of high winds. And airfare already booked was was unaffected. No the ship moving could have gone. It exempted paid for travel.
  15. I would take the Carnival if you do not want to go far. Grand Turk you are at the beach. Freeport you are close to the beach. Half Moon Cay , is the private island on the beach. And you would have a nice balcony to relax on. I love Royal but it feels like the Carnival ship is a better match this go around. And I agree, do not do large group private excursions. Do small and you dictate the itinerary and you will never have issues. I have never booked through the ship and my family has had zero issues.
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