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  1. I think the main dining room food is much better on Royal. It doesn't ever change though. I can get great lamb chops on Thursday forever. And I love the escargot and prime rib and lobster. None of those exist in MDR on NCL. However, the food on NCL is good and I really like their specialty restaurants. For buffet, I say Royal but just by a little bit. The service style is very different and I much prefer the more friendly sale of Royal. NCL is just a busy restaurant, no small talk per se. You should be fine on NCL. For reference, Diamond on Royal, Platinum on NCL.
  2. Glad you had good luck. My 2 linen pieces are very tiny now. They were brand new and only worn once in Athens. It was a short skirt, now its a micro skirt.While I accept I could have gotten fatter, I certainly didn't grow 5 inches.😀
  3. They stopped sending them out because it is more cost effective to put them on line. As well as easier for most people to access. Im not saying I read every little thing but I did do research on the air rules before I booked.
  4. Do not put anything in that you are even slightly concerned about shrinking. I had 3 items that I can never wear again. And even an old t-shirt that I have had for a while was little snug. But husbands clothes all came out great.
  5. That bag holds so much . I was shocked. We still had room.
  6. Are you just arguing for the sake of argument? Yes you can certainly check invoice also.
  7. yes, I did read the post and gave my opinion. I have found all the cruise lines to be very reasonable during the pandemic. Ill have been on 4 different lines after next week, they have all clear reasonable policies for cruising in a pandemic.
  8. Just around lol , a few hours, 3.5
  9. I did not see any taxis when we stayed there for a week.
  10. It's completely torn down . They're going to put in a super nice are . There is pictures of it there.
  11. It's who NCL uses . It was a good tour.
  12. Thanks . I really like Radio Beach . We did a trash pickup there.
  13. The surefire way is to look on the ncl page on the latitudes benefits section and make sure your cruise and your category is listed there at the time of booking . Sail away are not included and list of sailings changes .
  14. As far as I know , you may cancel up to 2 weeks before sail date , which is more than reasonable . Insurance should cover you for anything closer . Testing before you board is the standard for all the lines . It's no big deal . They also cover you if you have had a PCR test within 72 hours of boarding . Everyone I know , took a covid test before their flight . No one wanted to be asymptomatic and fly far away. It was a great safe cruise .
  15. Yes. Allow plenty of time . We ended up walking down bc I do not have patience.
  16. The WiFi was absent horrid in our cabin . 2 days didn't work at all . Worked best on the balcony . Internet guy said they'd been having problems .
  17. You will be unable to hotspot . It doesn't work . But you can sign off and he can sign on . It will be ok ,
  18. They are running according to the paperwork we had . We rode one and it was very uncrowded . We passed a few , all were fine . And open air .
  19. No but the train was super easy and was 22 per person . Then a straight 5 minute walk . Or taxi for 90.
  20. My daughter is a covid icu nurse in Orlando. She has been on vacation for 10 days. She came back to a veritable nightmare. 975 cases at Advent. I follow John head on FB and assumed they would allow unvaccinated. When they announced vaccinated only ,most people seemed all for it. It seems many people understand the risk of cruising, even those choosing to remain unvaccinated.
  21. I have flown AA twice. You only need a covid test uploaded in Verifly for yourr RETURN flight home. All other entry requirements follow the country you are visiting.
  22. Thats not a bad plan. I think I may do that also.
  23. I am on NCL and they do not require tours. I'd be very sad if that was added on as we never take ship tours. I like being on my own away from the crowds. They have added masks on board but I believe that is an EU rule.
  24. I have a cruise on September 12th in Greece with NCL. I specifically booked them bc of their 100% vaccinated policy and cancelled RCCL bc of their immediate caving to Desantis in Florida. I respected how Del Rio responded.That being said, I did book a short MSC next week bc of price and felt that Id be ok with vaccinated and unvaccinated . I am not as worried about catching covid as I am about my cruise being disrupted by a major outbreak.
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