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  1. Thank you for these helpful replies. It also sounds as though breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill is still an option. We are not panicking over this but think it is better to know as much as possible in advance to have a better experience once on board. Thanks again and look forward to other information or advice!
  2. We are considering the Transatlantic on NA in April and wondering if there is anyone who can tell us about Club Orange on that ship. We plan to be in a Neptune suite as we have been in the past so we are concerned about dining. Normally we are on the upper level of MDR at a table for two at second seating and find the prospects of being in a roped off area in the dining room very unappealing. It would be out first experience on a ship with CO. I admit we have some trepidation about this program. I guess everyone may have different perspectives on that. Although we are 4 Star Mariners we have never cruised on NA and would greatly appreciate any information in general. Is Lincoln Center stage on NA? There is the possibility of waiting for Zuiderdam a few weeks later. Can anyone make a comparison? Thanks to all.
  3. Thanks to ClefsDor and Keith for their responses about the welcome Champagne. The Charles Heidsick is a nice choice. Does anyone know the prices of that and other Champagnes that are not included? Would love to be able to see the wine list. Thanks again.
  4. Looking forward to our upcoming cruise on Serenity from Monaco to Civitavecchia and wondering if anyone could share a recent list of wines available to purchase. The attachment Keith had posted earlier no longer opens. We are also wondering if the mini bars in the Penthouse level (not PSuite) are stocked with the same level of included wines that are offered throughout the ship or would the quality be a bit higher? Assuming the included Champagne is still Jacquart? Our first venture into Penthouse territory so any info or updates greatly appreciated.:-)
  5. Does anyone have an update from Viking Star concerning Noro on the cruise that ended on Thursday or the current cruise? Have there been additional cases after the initial problem two weeks ago? Would greatly appreciate hearing how things are on board currently. Thanks for any reports from those on board.
  6. We are also booked on the February 28 Transatlantic and would greatly appreciate updates from those currently on board. Thanks to all for keeping us posted.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has information about possible groups on Oosterdam’s Transatlantic in October. Both categories of suites already show sold out. Thanks for help.
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