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  1. I appreciate the reply Bo1953 but I am not looking to hijack the original posters thread. I will continue to work with the insurance carrier to hopefully resolve my issue. I just wanted to post my experience with trip insurance to answers the question posted.
  2. I purchased travel insurance for the first time through Insure my Trip for a policy from Nationwide. Never again. Our cruise was canceled and it has been a nightmare trying to get any type of reimbursement back for a trip that never took place. They basically have $1100 of our money and never had to provide any type of coverage. I understand that you may never have to use the policy and it just for peace of mind in case something happens but this trip never happened at all. At least with car insurance you have possession of the car.
  3. Just an update - The 2 cabins that were inside were changed to Aqua. The consensus of the group was that we will enjoy use of the PG and Blu and the overhang on the cabins is good because my dad cannot tolerate sun. We will have to live with the dividers not opening and will just speak to each other through them. Also, the ship is pretty full and we could not find a better option. That being said, after researching, it looks like we will not be able to get a big table for all 12 but we understand that. We are hoping to be in the same area when seated and will probably change around tablemates from day to day.
  4. Thank you everyone for the replies. I am going to talk it over with my family but it looks like it may be wise to move to verandas.
  5. I will be traveling with my family of 12 on the Millennium next year. We are first timers to Celebrity but not cruising. We have 4 Aqua class cabins and 2 inside. It is my understanding that the 4 people in the inside cabins will not be able to dine with us in Blu. Dinner is a big deal for us and we enjoy talking to each other about our day. When we booked Aqua we were unfamiliar with the difference between this and a regular balcony. After I found out that the balcony dividers do not open I was seriously considering finding another cruise but not being able to dine together may be the deciding factor. Is there an easy way to ensure that all 12 of us will be able to dine together? We really do not care if it is in Blu or MDR. Thanks!
  6. We have 4 Aqua class cabins in a row and 2 inside cabins across the hallway for our Alaska cruise on the Millennium in 2020. Just found out that the partitions do not open. What ?! Blows my mind that this was not included in the upgrade. We are a group of 12 who have sailed on Carnival and Royal and have always been able to open the partitions. Part of our reason for booking cabins in a row is so that we can interact outside on the balcony. May have to reconsider this cruise and go with a different cruise line.
  7. Can you tell me if the balcony dividers can be opened? Thanks so much!
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