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  1. Cruising in January and I'm getting concerned that this MASSIVE FAILURE of a system will not be fixed by then. Thinking of cancelling and booking w another cruise line. Good luck to all that are struggling .
  2. Thank you so much for posting your experience . I just up graded to new I Phone in anticipation of having to need one for a January cruise, oh well. Maybe Princess is starting to get tired of reading and hearing all the complaints they're receiving about their new poorly designed system
  3. I searched yesterday and could not find any prices for liquor . How can Princess simply remove something that was working unless someone has decided to eliminate liquor for in cabin purchases ,
  4. With an upcoming January 2022 , I have been reading all posts concerning the problems surrounding the Medallion App. There are so many problems and so few answers . It makes me wonder as an Elite is it worth the trouble to continue to cruise Princess .
  5. Always travel with a pair of binoculars , one for me one for DW. On a recent cruise while relaxing on the balcony I noticed the ship slowing down to a stop. I observed that there was a 35 ft sailboat of the port side. A tender was lowered and the sailboat was searched. No one was found abroad and we sailed on.My trusty binoculars gave me a birds eye view of this mini drama
  6. Have gone to Alaska twice in early May and loved it . My college roommate's daughter was a Park Ranger in Denali and recommend going then. There was snow cover in some areas, spectacular waterfalls due to melting snow, foliage was just blooming and crowds of tourists minimal . IMO a great time to go.
  7. We ask one of the Horizon Court head waiters . They are very helpful, we really recommend Bavarian and Italian Night .
  8. The show gives a great insight into the daily life of crew members and their ĺiving conditions . I'm sure it will be very hard for them to come back . We have January and February 2022 cruises booked and are looking forward to them so we can do some special things for these hard working crew members. Does anyone know what benefits if any the crews got during the shut down ?
  9. During the first days of a cruise we always ask at the Buffet what nights are specialty nights. This information sometimes can be found in small type in the Patter . Bavarian Night is our favorite .
  10. Get up and dance and don't hold back . Hope to see you on a future cruise with us .
  11. Booked for a ten day for January 2022 , hoping that cruises will sailing by then.To all those who have cruises booked for 2021 ,I hope they sail and that you have a wonderful cruise .
  12. All of the improvements and new procedures should be part of the New Normal for Princess along with passengers only allowed to disembark on ship sponsored shore excursions .
  13. DW and I had booked a 10 day Princess Caribbean Cruise departing in January 2021 , we have since cancelled and booked another for January 2022 Too much uncertainty about what the new normal will be for cruisers caused us to decide to wait and see
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