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  1. But they can make the numbers say anything. For instance they say bookings are up by 600% over the previous 3 days. But if they had only 2 people in the previous 3 days phone to book then 600% increase only puts them at 128 people. That may be a "surge" in their books but not in mine. The can make stats, percentages and figures say anything they want really
  2. NCL does allow you to bring shakes on board as long as you contact them before hand and state that you need them for medical reasons. And yes, people do need extra protein for medical reasons. Especially if you have had weight loss surgery. Contact their special needs department or whatever they call it. We did this for our Jade cruise and the only issue we had was an over officious security person at the Port of Miami. We showed them the letter we had from NCL but I doubt she even read it. She just waved us on.
  3. Been to Bonaire twice. Once on Navigator. If you are doing the Snorkel cruise I think you are doing (Woodwind?) then you will be fine. Its a 5 minute walk from the dock to their offices. You turn right from the cruise dock and go through a hotel complex (or rather a collection of small buildings etc) and you are right there. First time we were there we were the only ship and the second there was one other. Still didnt feel crowded Very easy port/island to get around as its so small and very un-touristified...(I made that word up)
  4. On other cruise lines we have been on they will sometimes show movies in the theatre on sea days. Sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes late in the evening. Just wondering if this is a "thing" on NCL. We have only cruised the Jade before with NCL
  5. We have twice cruised the last Alaska cruises of the season with Royal and Princess. This year we are doing the same with NCL and its actually very late. I believe we leave on Sept. 30th. On our previous cruises we saw plenty of whales, both from the ship and on a whale watching tour with Harv and Marv out of Juneau. On our first cruise we had excellent weather in nearly all ports except for Ketchikan (not called the wettest place in North America for no reason). On our second cruise we had average weather but it was chilly and overcast in most of the ports. Personally we like cruising to Alaska that time of year as there were no children on the ships and there is a much more subdued and quieter atmosphere. Lots of seniors or at least people our age (50's) cruising and it seemed a bit more laid back and peaceful. We also found that if we were the last ship of the season and the only ship in port, that a lot of the tour companies dock side were offering 50% off their tours once you got off the ship. We did a small private tour of Ketchikan and surrounding area for half what people were paying the weeks before so we were more than happy with that.
  6. Will be disembarking NCL Jewel on a Sunday in October and just wondering if there will be an ample supply of taxi's at the port. Will be wanting to go to LAX for an afternoon flight.
  7. So we have done two Alaska back to back cruises, both were the last cruise of the season to Alaska and then a west coast cruise ending up in LA or San Diego. We have now booked the exact same cruise for this coming year but just doing a different cruise line. Its your money so you do what you want on an Alaska cruise. On our first cruise the only organised excursion we did was in Skagway and we did the White Pass railway trip up into the Yukon and back. That was 12 years ago and it was expensive then. In Juneau we got off the ship and took ourselves up Mount Roberts and then had lunch at the Twisted Fish restaurant before we got back on board. On our second trip to Alaska our only pre-organised excursion was with Harv and Marv for whale watching and we were under whelmed considering the price we paid. We saw plenty of wildlife but our captain wanted to do her own thing and now follow the other boats and we missed out on a lot. Personally its your trip and your money so do what you want. We saw lots of whales from the ship when we were at sea and just cruising. You have to have keen eyes and patience (a pair of binoculars helps as well) but for us the ship is always as much a part of the cruise as are the ports. We were generally always back on board pretty early and the restaurants were open and the indoor pool areas were usually pretty empty. We spent a fair bit of time sitting in the restaurants or bars that had views out over the town or the scenery just playing cards and watching the world pass by. Im sure you will have a good time no matter what you do
  8. So planning a back to back Australia and New Zealand cruise for our 30th anniversary in late 2020. In the past we have cruised with Royal (Serenade, Navigator and Rhapsody), Princess (Sapphire) and NCL (Jade). We have cruised Alaska, Pacific coast and the Caribbean and all our cruises were pretty much back to back as we like an extended period at sea etc. We tend to like the smaller sized ships (2400 pax or less) As its our 30th I want to make it a bit special and so far I'm leaning towards Celebrity or Holland America. But saying that I was wondering what peoples experiences were like with all the cruise lines. The good, the bad and even the ugly (cue the Clint Eastwood music). I realise cruise line choice is subjective and we have only tried 3 ourselves. I have friends that highly recommend HA and Celebrity but others have also cruised 30 times with NCL so I'm all over the place. Price could obviously be a factor as we will be away for such a long period of time. One question would be, is a balcony necessary? We cruised Alaska twice and had an inside cabin as we found we spent so much time outside on the decks getting a better view of the ocean and shore line. In the Caribbean we had balconies. Any help would be appreciated
  9. For instance Royal uses the far west terminal which is closest to parking garage G. Just wondering if NCL uses a specific terminal so I can figure out which garage to park in on arrival. Thanks
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