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  1. Hi All, I believe the Alaska cruises will be cancelled for 2021 as Canada is not allowing any cruise ships with more than 100 people onboard until after Feb. 2022. And as a cruise to Alaska must stop somewhere in Canada along the way it's a no go. Same for your Canada/New England cruises on the other side of the country. It's best to start looking at 2022 cruises. Mine is in September, 2022. Take care and stay safe, happytotravel
  2. Hi All, I too booked late 2022 (September on the Joy) thinking that by then things will have worked out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed like everyone else that cruises won't be cancelled that late in the year. Already cancelled two cruises (2020/2021). Really miss this type of holiday. In the meantime we have to be content with "planning" and planning and planning"! Take care and be safe, happytotravel
  3. Hi Lost Sailor, I did the same thing a few months back. I had an April 2021 cruise and had a feeling of cancellation so I went ahead and booked a 9/22 Canada/New England. Hope we both make it! Hi Hamrag, Unfortunately as things are going with Covid throughout the world we in Canada want to stay as safe as possible. Can't blame us. But I do sympatise with you. I too would like it to be different. Take care and keep on planning your cruise someday we will be able to go. Keep the faith! Happytotravel
  4. Hi All, My May 30th cruise was cancelled and I received my FCC on May 01 and my 2 Cruise Next Certificates on May 12. Just to let you know that NCL is not always as slow as some folks say. I've gone ahead and booked my 2021 cruise using all of the above with a bit left over for ShoreEX. Take care all and happy cruising whenever! happytotravel
  5. Hi All, I just booked the Tampa/New York repositioning cruise for April 11, 2021 the other day. It's always so much fun deciding on a cruise and booking and planning for it. Hope all will have as much fun. Looking forward to this cruise as my May 30th Canada/New England isn't happening. Til then everyone stay safe and healthy! Blessings, happytotravel
  6. Hi, I went and checked the website and your cruise date is still showing. There is a blue arrow just below the June 14th cruise. Click on that and you will see additional dates. I believe those also will be cancelled but just wanted to let you know they still show up. Take care and stay safe and begin planning next year's cruise. happytotravel
  7. Thank you! I just discovered how to remove it by accident just before I got on this page to let others know. A simple thing like that sometimes feels like a project. Take care and stay safe. happytotravel
  8. Sorry, I was talking about the "favorite" cruises under My NCL . When you're on the My NCL page you can click on the heart near the top of the page and any cruise that you clicked on it's "Heart" when researching for a cruise will be found there. I have 2 that I am no longer interested in and would like to delete them. Thank you for answer my original question so quickly. happytotravel
  9. Hi All, Wondering if anyone knows how to delete the favorites I no longer want to see listed. Thanks, keep safe everyone. happytotravel
  10. So nice to read the wonderful memories everyone has about this very special ship. Thanks for all those super photos. Blessings to all wherever you are and stay safe from covid 19. happytotravel
  11. Those were the days my friends we thought they'd never end! My husband was one of the ship's doctors around 1994 and 1995. At that time one of the perks to keep the doctors on for 4 months at a time was the wife could go along too. It was great!!!!! I have lots of wonderful memories of the crew as well as some of the passengers. We were a great family. At that time we traveled only in the Caribbean. I have a beautiful photo of the SS Norway framed on my wall to remind me of those days. So sorry when she was sent away to be lost forever. Take care, happy
  12. Hi, I read that Portland Maine is refusing docking for the first 2 ships of the 2020 season both of which are in April! My cruise on the Pearl is on the May 30th one. So, we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure it's not a picnic for NCL or any of the companies to scramble and figure things out. still "happytotravel" PS: sorry if someone else has already posted this info"
  13. Looks like Canada & New England cruises beginning in May will have new ports! I'm on the Pearl May 30. Thank you all for keeping us abreast of things. Still "happytotravel"
  14. Thank you, will check it out. It's not always easy to find things on NCL's site.
  15. Hello Everyone, Will be on the Norwegian Pearl cruise of May 30, 2020. Do you know which hotel or hotels NCL uses for pre-cruise and cost? I emailed my PCC but he's not in until Monday so I thought I might get an answer here. Thanks, happytotraval
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