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  1. If we have reservations at Teppenyaki on Escape and our friends have a separate reservation for the same time can we request to be seated at the same table? We are a group of 4 and they have 2.
  2. Is there any way to edit a dining reservation I made online? I made the reservation for 4 people but want to change to 6 people for the same time. When I go to make a new reservation my time slot is no longer available.
  3. I am on the same cruise! Hoping for a fun Super Bowl Party!
  4. Please tell me more about renting a golf cart? Cost? Where did you go and what did you do? Did you feel safe?
  5. Thank you for sharing these pics. It makes me feel better!
  6. Thank you! That isnt horrible! I need to look out not down I guess. The roof looks so close, which it is, I guess.
  7. I have cabin 9272 booked on Escape. I just realized this is directly over the waterfront and our view down is the roof of the waterfront! Anyone know have any feedback on this cabin? How bad is having that roof right there?
  8. I highly recommend John's Car Service. Excellent service.
  9. Most reviews are positive for SAS. Im not sure what happened the day we had them booked but they left us and another couple we met on the cruise stranded! They nearly missed their flight!
  10. We used SAS once several years ago. Transportation to the ship was great but they never picked us up after the cruise was over!! After 2 hours of waiting and calling we ended up in a taxi.
  11. Thank you for the review! I am looking at going here in Feb.
  12. Jenner9

    Paradise Beach

    Ahhhh! I missed this! Thank you! Let me know how you like it!
  13. Jenner9

    Paradise Beach

    I did check their website but it isnt very clear. All it mentions is the AI price but I have read recent reviews that mentioned the pay as you go. I also sent them a message but havent heard back yet.
  14. Awesome pics! Please tell me more about your husband's goggles. My hubs also has ear problems and cannot get water in them.
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