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  1. Thank you for any updates. We sail on the Pearl next month. I am so looking forward to it but, Still deciding to cancel or not due to underlying health conditions. Curious if your cruise is full or if you notice a lot had cancelled?
  2. We were on a cruise once that had anytime, 1st seating and 2nd seating. We signed up for anytime. When we showed up when doors opened by 6, we could not get in, was told reservations are booked up every night til 8:30pm. That is to late for us, so they moved us to 1st seating. So no, anytime dining does not mean that always. I was not happy to just learn people can make reservations on our upcoming cruise, this makes me feel I may have to, so I don't get stuck eating to late. I like when the lines do first come first serve.
  3. Do you feel you need bug repellent at Chahuita national park
  4. Did it just taste like water or did you find it to taste nasty.
  5. I was about to order the 6 waters, so we would have it for our excursions. Glad I read this . The spring water makes me nervous, especially not knowing where its from. I would expect purified water for sure. So it actually had a nasty taste? That would gag me as well. Bummer!!!
  6. How far a walk is it from Bananarama to walk down to infinity for access to reef snorkeling? Is it easy to find someone renting snorkle equipt and does anyone know the going rate? thanks
  7. I hope sure hope so. Following for an answer.
  8. What did they charge to rent snorkel gear? Do you feel you also need a guide or its fine to do on your own.
  9. Does the Pearl have a pizza place, I did not see it listed? if so Open 24 hrs.?
  10. So I was wondering if I will be missing a big part of the experience of the locks by taking a land tour and not coming back thru the locks on my partial transit. I am really torn between if I'm going that far to experience it I should be on the ship both ways, but the other part says I will be missing out on seeing Panama.
  11. Has anyone taken the tour called "shape of Panama" with NCL line who can give a review. I was mostly curious if this takes you into the new city and what you do there & time spent, The description mainly talked about the old Panama City. I want to be able to see both. Time spend just riding in the bus & if you saw a lot on the way. Would appreciate your opinion if you have taken this tour. There was only 3 brief reviews on there site. thanks
  12. We will be sailing on the Pearl 10 day panama canal from Miami. Was curious if anyone has a copy of the daily papers they leave in the room. Thank you.
  13. Thank you, I just went ahead and booked it! Now I got a cruise to look forward to 😀 Ps I hope they have chocolate croissants. I was sad this year to find out carnival no longer have them😣
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