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  1. We will be sailing on the Pearl 10 day panama canal from Miami. Was curious if anyone has a copy of the daily papers they leave in the room. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, I just went ahead and booked it! Now I got a cruise to look forward to ๐Ÿ˜€ Ps I hope they have chocolate croissants. I was sad this year to find out carnival no longer have them๐Ÿ˜ฃ
  3. Looking to book the Pearl for the 11 day panama canal cruise, because we liked the itinerary & price. But I have been reading horrible reviews else where about this ship. That's besides the recent breaking down, and the recent norovirus outbreak. Anyone care to share there experience, good or bad. Hoping to find hear good reviews here before committing to booking. Thank you.
  4. Our paperwork said to bring extension cord with no surge protector for our cpap. On the way to our trip, we stopped at Walmart and bought a 4 ft. cheapest $1.47 regular cord we could find. Worked perfectly.
  5. We docked at 7. Quick & easy to get off, go thru customs, exchange money, walk 3 blocks to meet our tour for 10am. We were there by 8am. Very easy. We sat in the park watching the locals commuting to work, it was very interesting & eye opening. I would get off early and take in the daily life as you wait. Soak up all you can while your there.
  6. This was our exact same experience and timing last Thursday. Self disembark, used uber & was at our gate waiting for our 11:50 flight around 8:30
  7. yes you can walk off the boat & walk around Cuba all you want. There are lots of taxies and tours available all over if you decide to grab one once off the ship. We went back on the ship for Dinner in the evening then walked back off again to walk around, this month
  8. Thank you for posting this! Much appreciated!! I see no longer a drink of the day:(
  9. There is a review on here after dry dock; they had the menues included in there.
  10. We are staying near the airport. No rental car. What is the best way to get to clearwater & cheapest? Would that be an Uber? Do you know the cost? Or is there a bus or other. I am not familiar with the area or the distance, but thought it would be nice to check out clearwater beach. Thanks
  11. I was also looking to confirm this also. I am assuming we can. Wanting to besure before also purchasing more AARP cards.
  12. Following! I would also love to see these. Thanks
  13. I also have those same bottles and do the exact same thing. I will be bringing them along for sure with bottles of water & snacks. They are great. Definitely better safe then sorry:) I wanted to purchase a frozen type drink while in Cuba though, but don't know that I dare chance it with the ice they will blend up. Didn't know if anyone knows for sure if they do or do not use a filtered or bottled water when they make these for tourist. I kinda doubt they do. Some islands I have heard do though.
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