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  1. We received free travel insurance and $500 OBC from our TA. Last time we used a different TA and received a $400 Visa gift card in the mail after we returned from the cruise. The first time we booked with Viking and no perks.
  2. I had one at Starbucks. I think they added them to the menu there a few years ago.
  3. Thanks so much! We are really looking forward to it.
  4. Thanks, everyone! We are looking forward to our first Azamara cruise in a few weeks. Karen
  5. Does that include mojitos and Moscow mules? Thx
  6. We have cruised to Alaska many times and have rented cars and driven to Emerald Lake 3 times. We saw a moose at Emerald Lake, bears beside the road not too far from Skagway and lots of beautiful scenery. We have used Murray's guide which highlights sights to see along the way, like the tiny little desert, etc. Enjoy your trip!
  7. We ordered luggage tags about 2 weeks ago and received them in less than a week. At the bottom of the online check-in page there is a link that says Request Luggage Tags.
  8. We went with Dyea Dave 2 years ago in May at it was wonderful. We had amazing weather and a fabulous day.
  9. We are debating driving or taking the train. My husband and I took the train from Anchorage to Seward years ago on a previous cruise. Do you recall about what the cost was with the cruise line? Thanks!
  10. We took the tram the first night to a fondue/raclette restaurant recommended by the Viking rep at the hotel. It was just a few tram stops from the hotel and then a block or two walk. There were numerous restaurants in that area. The second night we walked a few blocks to a restaurant. There were several restaurants within a 3 or 4 blocks. Again, the Viking rep has a list of suggested restaurants. There is also a small café in the same area as the hotel for sandwiches, etc. But it does close early, maybe before 7. We were also offered free tram tickets from Viking. It was mentioned on our bus ride to the hotel, but you had to ask for them from the Viking table at the hotel. I'm not sure if that is always the case, though. We also took the optional Highlights of the Swiss Alps tour and it was wonderful. A lot of it had to do with the beautiful weather. The guide said she had never seen it so clear. It was a long day and quite expensive, but we were so glad we did it. If you are doing the extension in Zurich, you may not want to do this tour also.
  11. Thanks! That's good news, indeed. We were on the Hild a few weeks ago when we got stuck in Speyer. It meant one day of bussing from Speyer to Strasbourg. And the last day we were supposed to dock in Basel and bus to Zurich, but instead we bussed from Speyer to Basel and on to Zurich. I feel bad for those that were more impacted than us.
  12. Does anyone know where the Viking Hild currently is docked? Thanks.
  13. We just returned yesterday from Paris to the Swiss Alps. We made it from Koblenz to Speyer, but then were stuck. We bussed from Speyer to Strasbourg for tours, lunch provided by Viking and then to back to the boat in Speyer for dinner and overnight. The next day we bussed to Basel, had lunch in restaurant provided by Viking and on to Zurich. When they announced the changes, they mentioned that anyone with special dietary needs would be accommodated. They would simply give you a card to put at your place at the table, and a special meal would be provided. In Strasbourg, we had a typical German lunch-- sausages, ham, potatoes, sauerkraut, etc. The lunch in Basel was lovely, at a large convention-type hotel. They had a wonderful buffet that had just about everything imaginable- salads, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruit, etc. My only complaint about the lunch was that it was too long and severely cut short the walking tour in Zurich. Even the local Zurich guides were frustrated that they didn't have enough time to really show us anything, but we had a reserved time for the boat tour and couldn't deviate. The low water levels really impacted our time in Zurich because we booked the Highlights of the Swiss Alps tour (which was amazing because the weather couldn't have been better!); but because of all the extra travel time we were left with no time on our own in Zurich. We were disappointed but also thankful that the weather was perfect the entire time we were there. 75-80 degrees the entire trip. We are hoping that they will get the much-needed rain. Our trip was only impacted the last few days, and I really didn't care for the long bus rides. Our program director led us to believe the bus time would be shorter than what it actually was- It took us about 2 hours each way from Speyer to Strasbourg, which we were told would only be about 1 hour and 20 minutes. We debated just staying on the boat and exploring Speyer some more instead of the bus ride to Strasbourg, but in the end went. It was a beautiful town, but we may have enjoyed a more relaxing day not going.
  14. Great to get a report from the Hild. I was pretty sure ship swaps would not be an option, but thank you for confirming that. We will be going the opposite direction in a few weeks.
  15. Thanks for the info. We will be boarding the Hild Oct 8 in Trier and have been concerned about water levels. Any “must see” or other tips? Hoping you are able to complete the rest of your cruise without interruption.
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