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  1. Looking forward to reading this in detail since we just booked the same cruise for next year!
  2. We just booked this same cruise for next year and will be reading this thread in detail! And will also be checking frequently for a price drop since our booking started out a bit high!
  3. I love the Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail. I order one of those every night along with the appetizer on that evening’s menu.
  4. Has anyone done the Panoramic Tour on Royal Caribbean? We just want to see a bit of the city then get back on the ship. Here is the description: Enjoy a relaxing 90-minute tour that takes you on a narrated panoramic drive. Ride along the coastline and take part in a tequila tasting. Your drive includes beautiful coastal scenery as well as points of interest along the way. You will then make your way downtown. See Aztec Eagles fighter planes that flew with the Allies during WWII as well as the Mestizo Monument, which depicts a national political hero Gonzalo Guerrero. Make a stop during
  5. Thanks to both of you. We always go to the MDR first thing to check on our table. But we wanted to be preemptive and email or call ahead of time.
  6. Is there an email address or phone number to contact RC to request a table for 2 for our seating?
  7. Do you have to get a taxi if you just want to get off the ship to have some food and drinks and just walk around a little? Or is a taxi required to be able to get away from the port area?
  8. I should have mentioned that we already bought the package for our upcoming cruise. We always get our money’s worth! I am just curious about this calculator!
  9. I read in a RC Facebook group that someone posted a drink calculator on Cruise Critic but I can’t find it! You plug in how many sea/port days and how many of each type of drink and it tells you the cost so you can decide if the drink package is right for you. Does anyone have the link?
  10. Our cruise is Nov 19th so of course we have made final payment. Our cruise price dropped drastically. There is nothing we can do at this point - correct?
  11. Can you only call and request an adjustment until final payment?
  12. I have sailed on Oasis class, Voyager class, and Majesty. I am curious about Quantum class. It looks like those ships have some unique features. How does it compare to the others? What do you like about the those ships?
  13. Symphony's was great! We spent all our time there - never went to the main pool. Oasis's solarium was so hot and stuffy that we couldn't relax there. We went to the main pool instead. I am hoping the refurbishment on Oasis includes improvements to the solarium!
  14. 1) Any tips and tricks for 2 adults on Explorer? 2) We loved the solarium on the bigger ships - how is the adult pool on Explorer? 3) Where are some good quiet locations to hang out? For example, on Majesty we enjoyed the deck chairs behind the movie screen for people watching. 4) How are the live music venues? We love listening to live music but not dancing! We are hoping to catch some jazz in Dizzy’s. 5) What’s your favorite bar?
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