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  1. ... We are sailing on Carnival Breeze which will be at terminal CT6 if that helps.
  2. When dropping my family off at the P.C. pier with our luggage, is there a place that they can comfortably wait for me to return? I worry that they would either have to wait in the rain, or bake in the sun if it takes me a while to get back after dropping the car off pre cruise....
  3. [not a bad plan BUT note since these are not airport offices, most close by 6pm. MOST have a night drop box tho, so you can park the car, drop the keys in the box and you'll get your receipt by mail/e-mail ... you can UBER or taxi to hotel if needed. (I've heard some of the offices find taxi hanging around for just such business) Thanks for all of your help Capt_BJ... You are awesome! :)
  4. ... Actually, I read it wrong. The Disney Fantasy will not be there when we sail out, so only 3 ships in port, but they are all pretty big ships (especially the Oasis ots).
  5. [https://www.portcanaveral.com/PortCanaveral/media/Cruise-Assets/Cruise%20Schedule/2018/Copy-of-Cruise-Schedule.pdf Looking at Sept I'm seeing mostly 3 ship days for Fri thru Mon ... but don't be surprised if it is busier in Dec . . . Thanks Capt_BJ; It looks like there will be 4 ships at port Canaveral on the day we sail out.... Disney Fantasy, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Liberty, and RCCL's Oasis of the seas. :( I may consider returning the car earlier on the night before the cruise, and using the hotels shuttle service to the port.
  6. I am so confused... We have read that returning a car before taking a cruise is good and a fairly quick process. The problem (I thought) was when you were trying to rent a car from a Port Carnival location after a cruise. So I should just stay away from renting a car all together? Thanks for any info. Karen
  7. Thanks... Yes I found that out earlier in my search :)
  8. Thank you tartan cruiser! This really helps... My best rate is at LaQinta which sounds like my best choice all the way around. :)
  9. Hey Breadman54, What happened during your stay to make it so bad?
  10. Thank you both so much for the great information.... :) You are right Kilmarlic, I never do sleep the night before... Too excited!!!!
  11. AWESOME site SteerageJoe.... Thanks for the link! :)
  12. Sweet! Thanks for the pics SteerageJoe... I agree, the La Quinta looks very nice... What makes it the better choice of the three? I am having such a hard time making up my mind... :confused:
  13. Thanks so much Kilmarlic... I had no idea that there was a restaurant on site at the BW... Do you remember what the name is? Also, I was worried about the pull out sofa bed in the family suite... has anyone in your group ever slept on one of them? They only have a king bed family suite available for our sail date, so I am the one who will be sleeping on it. (Not sure if that's good or bad). :confused: Thanks again for your help :)
  14. Thanks Capt_BJ, Great advice as always.. :)
  15. Thanks Capt_BJ, We are also now considering the Best Western in the family suite building, as well as La Quinta oceanfront. I really respect your opinion as a local, and enjoy reading all of you posts about the area... Of the three hotels, International Palms, Best Western and la Quinta Ocean Front, which hotel would you chose? We are just looking for a hotel that is within walking distant to the ocean, has a place within walking distance to get a drink in the evening, and has a decent breakfast in the morning before our cruise. Thanks so much for you thoughts :)
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