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  1. Does anyone have information on volunteering in the Sydney area before the cruise? We will arrive on the 8th of Feb before our cruise on the 11th and would like to help with some of the issues caused by the fire(especially with the animals). I did a bit of research and found volunteer activities but they are all for at least a week. We’d set aside one of the days to volunteer if there are things we could do. (We will also be in Sydney from the 24th to the 26th on the return) So, I thought I’d ask here to see if any locals know of shorter volunteer activities.
  2. Yes. That is the way we saw Greece. If also find one with a stop in Turkey. I don’t know if I’d want to spend a lot of time on my own there but felt perfectly fine one the one day stop. All Greece stops were awesome.
  3. It’s a beautiful day at sea. I’m about to play bingo. Wish me luck. Below are the dinner menus for tonight.
  4. We had a great first full day. This is our second time to Half Moon cay and both times have been excellent. It is the best private island. The water is clear, the sand is white and soft, and there is quite a bit to do. I found a hammock and enjoyed a tropical nap. There were two ships in port today and the beach was a bit crowded. However, there were plenty of chairs. They even have a wedding chapel. For activities, you can pay for water sports or you can enjoy basketball and sand volleyball. The shipwreck bar is a fun spot. They offer a bbq from 11-1. It consists of hamburgers(Caribbean style, a bit spicy), jerk chicken, hotdogs and numerous sides. If you visit, you will want to say hi to the roosters and chicken that make the cay their home. Try not to feel too guilty while enjoying the jerk chicken. We enjoyed our first show in the World Stage tonight. The technology is amazing. The dance was interpretive and interactive with the screens. It seems the best seats are five to six rows up the steps. If you are too far down you will not be able to see the floor. Also, the shows fill up fast. I recommend getting to the theatre no later than 20 minutes until showtime. We found the New York Pizza place on Deck 10 next to the pool. They are open until 12:00am. They have pizza, movie snacks (popcorn, pretzels etc), and fries. A great place to grab a late night snack. Tomorrow is a sea day. Luckily for us, we also gain an hour tonight as we move westward. Now off to dream land.
  5. I don't mind. I enjoy helping. If I can do it, I'll try.
  6. Yes we ate at the buffet the first day. It's great. Yes, we ate the gelato. It is yummy.
  7. Getting ready to watch the first show in the World Stage. Great day. Will post review and pictures later. In the meantime enjoy Lincoln Center Stage. (Our favorite thing on HAL) 825A3AF7-D425-48F9-867E-EDA48A925B01.MOV
  8. They came within minutes in the buffet at lunch. They do ask for your card. I’ll try it elsewhere and see how fast they are.
  9. It’s been great so far. Much better than I’ve experienced before.
  10. Our first day is almost complete. Well technically it is complete. Dinner was excellent as usual. I had the turkey and Todd had the shrimp. Below are a few pictures from dinner and around the ship. Also, I have the When and Where for tomorrow.
  11. I pushed the button in the buffet and they came within a minute or so. Haven’t tried it anywhere else.
  12. We are on board. We arrived at the port around 11:45 and we were on the ship by 12:30 or so. Our rooms were ready. We are on deck 8. Balcony BA. The ship is beautiful. It still has the new car smell. The art work is very nice throughout. We ate at the buffet for lunch. It is a bit small but the food was excellent. I love the salad bar. I also like how they serve you. I am a germaphobe so I think it’s best not to have everyone’s fingers all over everything. The crows nest EXC area is wonderful. I love the interactive screens. The main pool area is also nice. We we signed up for the thermal spa. It cost $299 per couple. It is limited so I suggest you buy early. I’ll post about our experiences. I also got the coke drink package($68) for the week and the premium internet package($166) for the cruise. Below I have the MDR menus and the first what’s happening. I also have a couple of pictures of our room. Now it’s nap time. More to to come later.
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