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  1. Yes, these are great tips!! I am just a little nervous..I think! LOL! I don't want to be without something that will enhance our balcony experience, so thank-you for your input!
  2. Thanks for trying to get back to the Topic!
  3. WOW..so many excellent points on the balcony! Thank you all so much for your answers and opinions, I consider myself to be a considerate cruiser, so all this info is extremely helpful!!
  4. Hi everyone! So this is my 14th Cruise, and my first time for a balcony!! I know..I know..what have I been doing all my cruising life?! LOL!! Does anyone have any tips for a balcony room or should I bring anything extra that will make the balcony better? TIA!! I also just got upgraded to PLATINUM!!! I am thrilled!
  5. Thank you so much for the info!! Sounds so fun! I am going to hide the ducks too!!
  6. Love your review and all of your pic!! Toes are super cute too! Can you explain the ducks? It looks like an adorable thing too, I have not head of this. Thank-You!
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