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  1. Grantclaire

    5 night out of Tampa

    Thank you for the reply!
  2. Grantclaire

    5 night out of Tampa

    Thanks that is good to hear!
  3. Grantclaire

    5 night out of Tampa

    Thank you! How was the Brilliance?
  4. Hi, we have been on 8 cruises on DCL and are thinking of trying a short cruise on RCI to change things up! Has anyone done the cruises out of Tampa and what are your thoughts? No kids going ,2 older active adults. Thanks
  5. Grantclaire

    canada anyone

    We are on the July 8 cruise. Can't wait to visit Halifax and are planning a couple of days in NYC post cruise.
  6. Grantclaire

    Car rental/is this possible?

    Thanks for the help, I have been searching online and have noticed that I could book an 8 day rental with Budget at MCO and return it there for the same price as splitting up the rental. Of course I would have parking fees while on the cruise. This may be the better option?
  7. Grantclaire

    Car rental/is this possible?

    Hi everyone! We are booked on the Wonder Dec 23/09 and we are planning on arriving 2 days prior and staying 2 days after the cruise. Can I rent a car at MCO for 2 days return it at the Port or Cocoa Beach then on return rent a car at the Port for 2 days and return it to MCO before our flight? Thanks
  8. Grantclaire

    Dec 23/09 on the Wonder

    Yes my invoice is showing Nassau/at sea/CC. That would mean Christmas day at sea. Maybe that gives the staff on CC a holiday?
  9. Grantclaire

    Dec 23/09 on the Wonder

    Hi, We are booked on the Wonder Dec 23/09 4 nights. The itineary is different Nassau/at sea/Castaway Cay. What else can we expect? This our second cruise ever. Both on the Wonder! Thanks
  10. Grantclaire

    Just how crowded does it get?

    We cruised this past March on the Wonder. The ship was full but we never felt crowded. The pools are busy except for the adult pool. My wife and I just kept switching back and forth between the kids and adult pool. People were friendly and not pushy at all.
  11. Grantclaire

    Beverages on Board

    I bought a 6 pack of Bahamian beer in Nassau and carried aboard in a plastic bag. The room steward brought an extra ice bucket for me and I had cold beer in the cabin!
  12. Grantclaire

    Lost Nintendo DS found

    The lost and found dept just emailed us to let us know they have found the nintendo DS that we left on The Wonder on our March cruise and they are sending it back to us. Great customer service! I wonder where it was for 2 months ? It had a long vacation!
  13. Grantclaire

    March 9 Wonder

    Had a great time on our 4 night wonder cruise. It was our first cruise ever. The food was great, the staff was outstanding. I don't think I have ever been treated so well. The ship is clean and well organized there is hardly any lines and the ship was sold out! We went for a selfguided walk in Nassau that we enjoyed. Castaway Cay was the highlight for me. The day at sea was relaxing. The cabin balcony was fun and had breakfast there a couple of times. The only downside was the last am was a little hectic and in the hurry my DD thinks she left Nitendo DS in the room. She did not notice it was missing until we arrived back in Toronto. I called Disney lost and found but nothing was turned in. We did check all the drawers before we left the cabin but she may have left it in the top bunkbed. It more our fault,shedid not play the game at all she was too busy with all the kids activities! Live and learn. It was a great trip!
  14. Grantclaire

    How does Dembarkation work?

    We just got off the Wonder last week. We had early seating so on the last AM we were asked to have breakfast from 0630 to 0730. We did and were on the bus back to MCO 0730. Quick and easy.
  15. Grantclaire

    Leaving Saturday,Thanks!

    Hi, We are flying out of Toronto tomorrow [in a snowstorm!] for our first cruise on Sunday on the Wonder. Thanks to everyone on the boards for the great info! Hope I can give back some help when we return. Thanks again