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  1. Loving your review. Stunning photography! I did the Glacier Hike excursion with a different cruise line. It was one of the best excursion I've ever done. We were fortunate; it was sunny and 70 when we went. We were shedding layers. Even the guides were snapping pictures like crazy.
  2. OHCruisin

    Star Class

    I was Star Class on Allure in November and the Genie brought a porter to our cabin to pick up our luggage in the morning. Escorted us and our luggage to customs.
  3. OHCruisin

    Live - Adventure Finds A Way - 3/10/18

    We boarded from deck 1 on the 2/17 cruise. Terminal was in good shape but apparently the gangways not so much.
  4. OHCruisin

    Review of Adventure of the Seas, 2/17/18

    My friends and I were on this with you! We loved Javin's tour the first time we did it, loved it this time, but decided next time we'll do a trip to Nevis.
  5. I did all private excursion with the exception of the helicopter and hike on Mendenhall. That's only because none of the private companies would take cruise ship passengers, except through the cruise line. We were safely back to port with plenty of time to shop, eat, etc. around the ports themselves.
  6. OHCruisin

    Oasis or Allure

    I have done both twice, Allure again in a couple weeks. I actually liked Allure more than Oasis due to the staff. I found them to be friendlier and more welcoming than those on Oasis.
  7. OHCruisin

    MSC Seaside - Ocean Cay removed from itinerary

    I'm sailing in September 2018 so I was never going there, but honestly, I'm sailing this time for the ship. Never been on MSC and am giving the YC a try.
  8. Raising this thread. I'm on Jewel to Italy/Greece (all EU) in September. If I purchased the beverage package on board, is the VAT added?
  9. OHCruisin

    Seaside booking promotion

    Thanks Two Wheels. That explains it. Missed the sail by date. I'm in November 2018.
  10. OHCruisin

    Seaside booking promotion

    Does anyone know when the "MSC Seaside Onboard Credit Plus" promotion began running? I booked my YC in March and don't see where I was given the free WiFi or the OBC. Before I call them, I want to make sure the promo was in place. Appreciate any assistance.
  11. OHCruisin

    NCL and OBC

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. For some reason, people missed the part about wanting to use the non-ref for EXTRA tips, not the DSC.
  12. My friends and I ran into this same deal on GS for Feb 2018. By the time a couple of them were able to get online, the price had shot up over $1000. Actually, my single supplement price, all-in, was $1800.
  13. Not to step on bugsy's toes, but we have spread out ordering. We generally eat at our beach chair though, not in the restaurant. But they will let you order your app now, wait awhile and order lunch and then dessert later.
  14. I've done this tour twice and agree with you. Great way to see the island and so much fun! Sitting in the back almost required wearing a snorkel from all the water flying back at us at high speed:D