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  1. Has anyone seen formal commitments/plans for NCL cruises once they start sailing again? I know there has been discussion and assumptions made based on the European protocols. I’d like to know what we can expect onboard before booking a 2021 trip.
  2. Has anyone been in a concierge cabin on the Joy? I’d like to get some details on the experience and the included benefits.
  3. We were onboard last week. I didn’t see an escape room advertised. We did one a couple years ago on the Escape so didn’t really look either, thinking it would be the same. There was no crepe station in the buffet. They sell crepes in Coco’s.
  4. They had 2-5 no limit games onboard last week in addition to the tournaments.
  5. Definitely coming. The onboard app shows only American Diner and doesn’t reference Margaritaville. Still in place onboard though with signage and custom tables.
  6. Both shows were great. The productions were first rate and performers played their roles very well. Jersey Boys sounded just like the Four Seasons and especially Frankie Valli. A little shorter than the broadway version- my MIL said it was a good edited version that included all the main parts. Six was great too. Cool story and impressive singing. Lots of references to recent pop culture too.
  7. Sure. No issues with sickness spreading from what I’ve seen.
  8. They had scrabble and at least one monopoly. Checkers too. Not sure if any were full sets.
  9. It’s still Margaritaville onboard. They did, however, change out the signage on the Margaritaville store on deck 8 this week. Food republic menu is on their iPad system. I recall that it showed through the app if you have a cruise booked.
  10. Not really. I was impressed at the port that they reviewed every page of my passport to see if I had been to China.
  11. Hopefully the photos come thru, WiFi is spotty. For the go karts, they were running yesterday in Nassau so yes to port. This was a bad week for the karts, though. Between the 4900 passengers and the weather today, I haven’t been able to race.
  12. 9180 is over the brewhouse, for context, it’s more over the entrance than the bar itself. Not sure about the music traveling. Craps table is currently at $10 min with 3/4/5 odds. Blackjack has been at $10 all week with 6/5 on bj. There is a library, but pretty small. There is lots of space in the observation lounge for a puzzle like that. I have no idea if they’d allow it to stay. Our cruise has 1100 kids so space is at a premium. Plus, today is really rough seas so I could see the puzzle sliding off a table with the ship rocking like this.
  13. Hey all. Trip has been great so far. On time at each port and weather allowed us to get to GSC. Today the waves are rough so the bags are out in the Stairwells. I’m not platinum yet, so no idea. They are not doing anything in the buffet for corona. I was surprised after reading about it on these boards. One of the officers told me that it was just for the first week, back to normal now. As far as the arcade package, my 12 year old son said it’s not worth it. Most games are not included. We did notice that the bowing was also not part of the package. On the epic last year, they had pool and darts, but not on the bliss. Seems like it’s not worth a couple hundred bucks in our opinions.
  14. We are cruising through Sunday, let me know if you need any info.
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