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  1. nice pic of opera house. PescadoAmarillo your blog pics are fantastic
  2. well I hope you get refunded everything. I will wait until next year to make decision.
  3. teejay6, did you book directly thru AMA or use a agent? I too are in same situation. Our May river cruise cancelled in April; and we were offered 115% FCC; if we don't use is within two years Dec 2022; they will refund our money. So we have around 18 months to take a river cruise. I would think you would have same sort of deal. Below is the contract email we received from AMA; Upon the expiration of this FCC on December 31, 2022, if you are unable to use your FCC, an extension or a refund equal to the original amount paid to AmaWaterways may be requested, unless the FCC has already been applied in whole or partially to a new reservation or any client that has had the FCC subsequently transferred to them.
  4. Ellie; how cool was that McDonalds at Sydney airport. Was your flt time to SFO around 10hrs?
  5. Oskie3188; yes AMA does monitor these boards; so whatever you post they will see; they may not respond directly to you but they do know what you have written. Teejay6; why exactly can you not get your deposit back? And how does one put down $10,000 deposit. Thanks for your answers
  6. My May 2020 cruise cancelled with them; my paperwork states, that I can elect to receive 115% credit or cash refund. If I choose the 115% I have two years to book; it then states if I do not cruise by May 2022; they will automatically refund my money.
  7. I'm confused by your comment. You say Ama cancelled your cruise and you are out $800; why did you not get your money back or a future cruise credit?
  8. AF-1

    Expert Flyer

    klfrodo; that is awesome; good for you.
  9. The above pics taken by Ellie and azbirdmom are stunning. The harbor in the morning with lights on and then with the sun up are beautiful. Thanks for posting these pics.
  10. weedpindle; I understand your frustration; if you are upset with my comments I am sorry for that. I went on a rock and roll oldies cruise; which I paid for. You may contact the concert promoter and vent your frustration with them; just don't be upset with me because I took a cruise.
  11. Janet-S-K; I understand you had a bad medallion experience. You used the medallion in it's starting stages. Like any tech device; it has evolved and will get even better. The iphone gets better ever year; so will the medallion. This is life we live in filled with techy devices; so embrace change and it will embrace you. Have a great day. I have personally used the medallion and can't wait to use it again on my next cruise.
  12. Yea, I get what your saying; not many people hang out there. I guess it is more like an observation lounge where people sit during the day and watch the world go by. At night you can't really see much outside; so people don't go there. That is just my opinion. Have a great Labor Day
  13. satxdiver; did you mean they were LGBT from LA?
  14. scottca075; great map; thanks for sharing
  15. Lazz, I think everything from cruising, to flying, to driving to vacation spots is a work in progress. Things change weekly depending on how the different states are doing with Covid outbreaks. I personally am not going to worry or make a decision until at least January. I do have a cruise booked for Oct 2021; and let's see if that cruise goes. Have a great Labor Day
  16. I don't know if this hotel is in your price range or if you have hotel points; but I have stayed at both the Hyatt that is close to cruise port and Seaport Village; with lots of dining choices; or the Marriott that sits right on the water at Seaport Village
  17. Namvvet68; below are links to parking at the pier, the airport, and area's surrounding airport to include hotels https://www.portseattle.org/sea-tac https://www.portseattle.org/page/transportation-tofrom-sea-tac-airport https://airportparkingreservations.com/lot_extra_car_sea
  18. Take a look at Princess Covid Requirements.
  19. I understand your frustration. There are quite a few people from all the different cruise lines; who are waiting for their money.
  20. So Florida does not have mandatory mask rule; or is it county by county requirement?
  21. Hello, if you read the article that I posted in #27; it explains your question. Have a great weekend
  22. Got it Ellie; thanks for your answers; nice pics of all the Halloween decorations
  23. I am sure all of us have been on cruises and you walk past a bar and it's roped off and the sign says private function. That does not bother me in the least; I just walk past and go some where else. Not a big deal.
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