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  1. Thanks, getting excited and look forward to pics from the first passengers
  2. Sailed on CB in Feb.. Ship, cabin, crew, food. All great. We had aft Penthouse Suite. Was beautiful, clean, and large. I stayed in family suite on Emerald last year with grandkids. Great suite, like others mentioned, mini suite plus inside, private doors, two full bathrooms. Only negative is balcony. Since it is all the way forward, nothing blocks the wind. Our steward had to tie down the furniture every night. The wind was rough and furniture would get tossed around unless it is tied down. Basically balcony is useless once you leave port. But maybe we just had very windy weather in Alaska. While you are in port it is large and nice to be on. But we would book family suite again
  3. Jeter02, here are a few suggestions. 1. Princess IT told me that since Sky is not officially sailing until 20 Oct; some of the bookings may not show up in the medallion class app. Once it is christened and fully operational; then all the sailings should be accessed via the app 2. You can order medallion via the ocean.com weblink
  4. The wakeview or aft terrace pool is really nice and quiet. Plus it is right behind the world fresh marketplace; so if you get hungry; you are a minute away.
  5. No, you pretty much covered it. Which ship will you be crusing on? If it's a medallion class ship; they will try and have you use a medallion on board
  6. I use auto updates on my iphone. I have been using the medallion class app today; and just checked it again 8pm. no issues at all
  7. Thanks to all who have added the new pics of the ship. They all look great and can not wait to cruise critic members get on board and start positing their pictures. Have a great day
  8. Hlitner, very good advice; and thanks for sharing
  9. Thanks for the info; I have a cruise next Oct; but airfare won't be avail until next month.
  10. jangor, if and when you get the app working; you should be able to receive two green checkmarks; once you have those you can order your medallions for delivery to home or the cruise port. You have paper copy so you are good to go even if app crashes
  11. Have you ever heard of wifi calling? If you have wifi on the ship you can call with your smartphone. You just need to go into your phone settings and make sure wifi calling is enabled
  12. jangor, I know the frustration. I log into an app; it works; log in again and it doesn't. Delete and start over again. I guess with all the tech in todays world; that seems somewhat common; same as when a windows computer acts up. you hit control-alt-delete; and reboot
  13. Sorry, I am on Ama Serena; you're on a brand new ship. Ama's website says those cabins are french balcony; thats all I can see
  14. CaroleLee, I have plenty of adapter plugs just curious as to where the outlets are located and how many total; this will allow me to know how many adapters I will need. Thanks
  15. awesome good for you. Have a great cruise
  16. greenie082756, you can walk down to customer service everyday and request a paper copy of your folio. For me it is quicker to access my folio on my ipad in my cabin
  17. Jangor, try deleting medallion class app then download again. Sign in and set up your profile and security photo and then add passport info. Let me know if that works ecs66, Sky won't be active until next week 20 Oct; could be why you don't see anything on her on your app. Do not know why Regal does not show up
  18. Hello, all you should need is the medallion class app. All the other apps ocean now, ocean compass, etc will not work until you are on board the ship. Hope this helps
  19. You will not be able to access your SKY cruise until the ship goes live. The ship is not officially in Princess inventory as far as the app is concerned. Yes you can access things for your cruise on their website; but the ocean ready or medallion class app won't have access to Sky until 20 Oct. This info was told to me by Princess medallion IT dept. If for some reason you open the medallion class app tomorrow and your cruise shows up; then all the better. I sail Oct 2020 on Sky and my medallion class app just showed my cruise countdown today 11 Oct 2019
  20. You can only check your folio while on board the ship. I was on CB in Feb and could check my folio. I went down to guest services and asked them why I could no longer check folio's on the tv. They said that since the ships went to medallion net the folio's were avail on smart phones and tablets via the ships intranet
  21. Nukesubsailor, other than having to go thru the hassle of customs and then re-boarding; was the Brooklyn terminal organized; like with the medallion staff? Were you processed back on-board in a timely manner?
  22. Maybe people should contact Princess or post threads on Princess Facebook page telling them to install new bedside lamps with built in usb/chargers for such things as cpap machines or other type machines. My wife carries a portable asthma machine that she uses in hotel rooms and cruise cabins. Maybe SKY Princess will have that available. Princess had your hotel folio on the tv; but when they went to the new ocean medallion program; your folio is now on your smart phone. Yes I know some people don't want to pull out their phone just to look at their bill; however, to me I have my phone with me; so it's a natural thing just to look at my phone to check on my folio. You can go to guest services everyday and request a paper copy. Have a great day.
  23. Zalusky, doesn't Princess have any ships with covered pool area? I am confused as to why you need an extension cord to be dragged next to your bed. I know you want to charge you phone or other things; but that can be done anywhere in the cabin. Do you know if the new Sky Princess has plugs next to each side of the bed? Video chatting on tv to back home. Why can't you do this now? You plug in your iphone thru tv and video chat. I am sorry you are not satisfied with Princess. I just started sailing with them three years ago and am having a lovely time. Been on RCL and NCL. I guess that is why there are so many cruise lines out here. There is something out there for everyone
  24. I can't get this promotion; I have a suite booked and there are no more available; so I can't cancel and rebook because I don't have another suite to move to.
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