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  1. It is nice having your best friend who is also your travel agent. It is nice for obc or other perks; but one thing that has been the best part of a travel agent/friend; when I had things go wrong on cruise; like an emergency; I made one call to his cell phone and he would fix the issue promptly. This is worth it's weight. You never plan for things to go wrong during or before your cruise; but if and when it happens I make one phone call; I am not on hold, and can get things taken care of. So that is my personal reason for using a travel agent verses online.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I love lip sync battles. I think air guitar would be fun too
  3. actually you can use the touch screens at the elevators to find someone; you don't need a phone. You put your medallion up to the screen and wait for it to change colors then start your search. you would have to use your phone app to order a drink
  4. I watched them; very funny; so this was crew lip sync battle or just having fun?
  5. The app worked well for me; had medallions mailed to me; only hold up on embarkation day were people having to re take their security photos. I like the new system
  6. Well I would think since the ships both leave out of NY area; which itinerary appeals to you most; or which ship features appeal to you; and which one has the best discount or perks. That would be what I would look at.
  7. How much does it cost to use Sanctuary; and not use the cabanas? Thanks
  8. I concur with pamwigs; the main hold up on boarding day is people who don't have their security photo taken prior to getting to the port. They have all their medallion stuff ready; but their security photo is not a full frontal face shot. If it isn't a clear shot; then they have to retake Princess security has to retake your photo with a ipad; and this slows down the line
  9. Great review and good comparison. Thanks for doing this
  10. When I sailed to Alaska last year; the sea days were fine. You couldn't really swim in pool but you could sit outside in the sun. We saw whales; eagles along the water; so that was nice. Weather outside was sunny and around 60 degrees. We went mid July
  11. I have done Roundtrip out of Seattle on Emerald last year. You can still see quite a bit right in downtown Ketchikan; so being there six hours will still be enough time. I did Seattle roundtrip because airfare for four people was way less than flying into Vancouver and out of Anchorage.
  12. My prayers go out to all those involved and prayers of thanks to the rescue teams and doctors.
  13. Yea I get what you are trying to do. google docs are set up different than a word doc
  14. They look tasty no matter what the origin is. Enjoy them while on the ship.
  15. Hello, I just created a google doc and pasted the above link. I then emailed the document to gmail. Opened the doc and clicked on link and opened the countdown timer. Maybe you can try again
  16. Thank you Langoustine I appreciate your quick response
  17. What kind of food does Gallagher’s serve
  18. you should be able to click on the link and create your countdown. Copy and paste in google doc. Copy and paste into the google doc itself. You would not be adding an attachment
  19. Hello sailed on Caribbean Princess in Feb. The ship has been refurbished; it has the medallion net and ocean medallion programs. Ship was in great shape, great crew, and food was fine. Did not experience crowds at any of the shows or dining facilities. Have fun
  20. suggest the med in May. Weather will be perfect with calm seas. Look at doing your Venice cruise on Rhapsody. Good stops and the weather will be great.
  21. suggest you contact your hotel and ask them to tell you where to find the nearest laundry facility.
  22. My choice would be Oasis. Even if you have to divert for hurricane weather you will still have fun on this ship.
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