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  1. Thanks for sharing this thread with those of us who won't be cruising Alaska this year
  2. I understand your concern; last time I cruised I was on Caribbean Princess; the first all medallion ship. Everything at the port went very well. Sometime in the future Princess will have the app working properly. They should let Apple control the app; that way it will work and it will be user friendly. All the Best
  3. Also whatever you can not complete via a phone or website; you can finish at the port. There are pleny of Princess reps at the port helping people who are not 100% ready for ocean medallion green lane. Not something to worry about. Cheers
  4. 100% agree with everything you said. Will self debark; clear customs and head to airport. Plan on being at airport NLT 0830
  5. I think so too only other option would be a later flight that gets me home at 5:30am the next day. thanks for your support
  6. Thanks for feedback. There is only one other flight which leaves at 1:30 with two stops and does not land in my home city until 5:30am the next morning.
  7. I had a 1:20pm flight out of LGB(Long Beach). Delta emailed me yesterday and changed my flight to 10:15 out of LGB. My traveling companions are worried it is too early to make this flight. I told them LGB is a small airport about 20-25 min from cruise port. The ship docks at 6am and we can walk off at 7:30; collect our bags, go thru customs and catch a 8am taxi to airport. We are all TSA Pre; it should not be an issue; what you say? p.s. the flights out of LGB are limited as everything goes thru SLC (Salt Lake City). We chose this airport so we could avoid having to deal with LAX.
  8. SargassoPirate; I was just the opposite from you. I used medallion app and medallion on Caribbean Princess and it worked very well. I could open my cabin door, order drinks, buy gifts, find my spouse; etc. No issues at all with the app. I think the new app is worse than the original app
  9. rabin1; I would think you could book this far out. I booked mine 60 days out and it was fine. Try like on Oct 1st and see what happens. No sense getting frustrated over it when you may be too far out to book. Hopefully Princess will get this app working by end of the year.
  10. That is good news. We will be able to walk off claim bags and head to airport. Cheers.
  11. I have Club Class dining for my Oct cruise. I booked Sabatini's in the app. It was no problem at all. 1. Click on the fork and knife on the app 2.Click on View or book individual daily reservations 3. Click on Add a reservation 4. Click on specialty dining 5. Click on the people who will be dining. If you see you and spouse picture; both must have green check marks next to them. You click on each face and should get the green checkmark 6. Click continue 7. Next screen shows the Crown Grill and Sabatini or whatever place you have for your ship. In the middle of upper page you select the time. I think it defaults to 7:30pm; so you will have to click the time and scroll to the time you want. Once you have time selected; you select the table and your done.
  12. I have stayed at this hotel quite a bit during my business travels; there is also a McDonalds right on the corner and an outback steakhouse in the parking lot. Unless the outback closed.
  13. Hello all, Delta just notified me of a schedule change for my October cruise. I now have a 10:15 flight out of LGB. It should be possible to make; but do not know what Princess protocols will be for covid testing prior to leaving the ship. If we just walk off at 7am clear customs and pick up bags, we can take taxi and be at airport by 8am. I know it's a small airport so it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Where is Scottca075, I know he always has good news. Thanks
  14. good luck rbslos18; have fun on your cruise. Glad your flight times worked out
  15. I have done 1 1/2 in CDG. The key is know which terminal and gate you are landing at and what terminal and gate you are departing from. It is a big airport but it is manageable.
  16. If you have a hard copy you can circle the "negative" so the person at the port can focus directly on that.
  17. Very informative video. I think you covered the suite well. Cheers
  18. I too drink sparkling water or club soda I think drinking out of a bottle verses a can; the taste is a little cleaner. This is my opinion thanks.
  19. wow thanks for so much pre-cruise info. I have stayed at that Doubletree also. Have fun and look forward to more of your "live" posts
  20. I have no Quest testing centers in Ohio; I will use Walgreens again. Used them in Jun and had results in 20 min. Thanks for sharing your info
  21. I used Walgreens and took the ID Now test. Had results back in 20 min. The company that Princess uses is not in the State of Ohio. I will be using Walgreens again for my Oct cruise. The main thing is there has to be a pharmacy staff member watch you as you swab your nostrils; then you put swab into bag; seal the bag and hand it back
  22. Thanks for posting your dinner pics. They look very nice
  23. Jadn13; thanks for the above info; I live in Ohio and there are no testing sites listed. I will stay with using my local Walgreens
  24. For those who open the app and don't see green marks; sometimes it may take 10-15 seconds for the app to change colors. Just a FYI.
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