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  1. To the OP,  I have stayed in Emerald Princess two bedroom family suite.  It has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, two separate entrance doors and common living room.  Basically you are getting a mini suite and inside cabin combined into the two bedroom family suite.  There are only two family suites on Emerald.  They are located on Deck 9 Dolphin Deck

  2. So you park your car in cruise port parking lot; leave your bags in the car and then leave the port.  If this is the case; then I would assume two things.  First it would be ok if the bags are locked in the car and no one has access to them.  Second, like airlines; the security requirements would be to not let bags out of your sight until they are checked in with porters at the port.  Are you worried about not getting a parking spot if you show up at say 3pm?

  3. Hello,  I stayed at the Marriott waterfront.  It is across from Norwegian Cruise Line pier.   Pikes Market is up the hill; about a five min walk.  The waterfront has lots of places to eat. Space Needle and Pop culture museum are about a mile from hotel; we took lyft to space needle; price was $4.50 for four of us.  Hotel shuttle took us to pier 91.  We paid $7 for hotel shuttle

  4. Got2Cruise,  thanks for the tips and info.  I have both Uber and Lyft apps; since I have used them both in different cities.  I do know that Little Italy has shrunk; based on the map of both Chinatown and Little Italy.  Again thanks and have a great day

  5. Hi,  we used EZAir for our trip in Feb.  Domestic flight to Florida. Booked 11 months out;  airfare dropped twice during the 11 months;  we would not have been able to change to the cheaper flight on airline website;  with EZAir we saved money because we could re-book to the lower price without any penalty.

  6. Just show up at the club class area of the selected dining room.  The hostess will look at your medallion or key card; they will see you are in a suite and check it against their list.  After that the same hostess will seat you every day.  No worries.  As for traditional dining;  go into your personalizer and change it to anytime dining.  Your travel agent or Princess agent can do that.  We've stayed in suites our last two cruises and have never had a issue

  7. We cruised Alaska two years ago with our two teenage grandkids.  They had a ball; they did a few things on the ship;  but most of the time they hung out with each other wandering around the ship together.  They were never bored

  8. SargassoPirate;  I would guess it is duplication of effort.  If you fill out the medallion class app and you end up at the pier with the medallion you are good to go.  If you show up at the port with paperwork boarding pass; you will then exchange that for a medallion; which is what Princess is using or trying to use on all their ships. So I guess having your medallion in hand cuts out one extra step in the boarding process

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