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  1. so if you arrive in Manhattan and want to see a show; the best place to buy 4-6 tickets would be where?
  2. My appology; You are correct I did add an extra r to your name. Still have a great cruise
  3. so if you do a Nile cruise do you fly to Cairo and pick up the boat there or down south in Aswan?
  4. Website is still down for maint as of 5 Nov. Good luck
  5. Nitemare, by quiet do we mean quiet inside hotel or quiet not a lot going on around hotel? I would not think it is quiet on the streets of NY no matter where you stay.
  6. I can tell you the medallion net was blazing fast on our cruise. I could stream netflix. I run a family blog/vlog when I travel so internet, especially fast internet is very useful for me. Have fun.
  7. We chose to go with window suite verses a regular suite; we figured the weather was going to be cool in Oct 2020; so we would not miss the balcony. Like others have mentioned, there are lots of places on the ship to see the outside scenery; plus it is a very port intensive cruise. The price for window suite was less than mini suite
  8. Have fun on Sky Princess; welcome to the Princess boards. No negativity here; just love and lots of info to help you plan the best ever cruise
  9. Thanks mjkacmom, we still have a long time; but will book the tours prior to arriving in NY
  10. I understand where you're coming from and wanting to do this. Sure you can print documents at home and take them with you to the port. All the info you put into the cruise personalizer is same info you would put into the app. Either way is fine; what ever you feels is the easiest go with that
  11. Got2Cruise, if I stay in financial district is it fairly easy to walk to the 911 memorial and museum? Also is the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island on the Hudson River or do I go to the end of district? Thanks. My plan is to see See Ellis Island and Statue; so that requires a ferry ride. Then plan on 911 museum and memorial. Then up to Little Itlay so my wife can have some italian food. And maybe venture up to see a show. We plan on 2-3 days in the city pre cruise. Thanks for any and all advice. As of now I am looking to stay either Hilton Garden Inn or Doubletree both in Financial District. Or the Marriott in Financial District
  12. LorisR. looks like you have everything under control. How many sea days will you have on the TA?
  13. larenkn59; I am also on Basel to AMS in May 2020. We sail 10-18 May and have a 0920 flight on Delta out of AMS. We plan on taking taxi from port to airport. I think I read on another post it is about 20-25 min to airport. We will be leaving ship around 6am. Since its an int'l flight we are allowing 3 hrs for checkin
  14. to all those on Sky this week. Once they allow boarding; have fun and take lots of pics
  15. Yes you can pick up new case or they may just issue you a new medallion which is in the case. No worries
  16. Glad it worked out for you. Have fun on your cruise
  17. I think it shows the reflection of the barcode which messes up. If you take a picture of your passport using your ipad verses the scanner it should work. LIke I mentioned I used my iphone and took picture of my wife and my passports
  18. Daniel A did you scan with a printer or take a picture with your cellphone?.. I took a pic with my cellphone and then added to the app
  19. RRFan, you took the ferry and walked from Wall Street up to Cental Park? That is like 2 or three miles.
  20. I was in Belize in Feb. Did not get to see much of the island. You have to tender quite far from the port. Because of the barrier reef; they don't allow any ship to anchor close to the port. Tender ride was about 25 min. We were signed up for a snorkling tour; but it was cancelled due to high seas and winds.
  21. you are good to go. those other options are available with the medallion class app. have a great cruise
  22. Which two ports will be new to you?
  23. wow Lois what a nice way to start retirement. A TA crossing, then a river cruise. Can't beat that. Have fun next year.
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