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  1. Yea, never seen it. Not a biggie to me. We still eat in Crown Grill on first night for our suite.
  2. I think the OP wanted to know about getting on the ship; not into the port. They mentioned getting on board first so they could make spa and sanctuary reservations. I think everyone who show up to port has to get in line and go thru port security. After that depending on your status you either get to go to elite lounge or regular waiting area.
  3. Compozer, when did the suite reservation card start? . I have been in suites my last two cruise; this year and last; and have had to go to the dine line or crown grill to make reservation. Curious?
  4. For your 50th do you plan on doing just a cruise or the cruise tour with train?
  5. Everyone on sky will have medallions. It is a medallion ship; since you are elite; you go to the lounge and board with other elite members. You will board ahead of the other non elite passengers
  6. dides, the above pic for the premium oceanview is pretty nice. Love the cabin decor and color scheme.
  7. The Brooklyn Bridge is not really walkable from the port. The NY ferry system is at the port. So for $2.75 per person you can board the ferry; it will take you right past the Brooklyn Bridge(for photos, and continue on to Pier 11 at wall street. From there you could uber over to 911 memorial and museum. Then reverse course to go back to the ship.
  8. You are welcome. I find that the medallion class app works very well on an iphone. I do not know how well it works with android phones.
  9. If you filled out your medallion class or ocean ready app and you have green checkmarks with a bar code; take a screen shot of that and show that to port security. I did this in Feb at FLL Port Everglades. No problems at all. Once you pass port security; you can then show medallion to the Princess reps
  10. rangeley; the medallion class app has the other apps included
  11. AF-1

    Sky Princess

    Here you go. This was live about an hour and half. He will be posting live from Princess Facebook page for the next three days.
  12. For those who are interested. I just watched the Sky entertainment director live on Princess Facebook Page. He showed off the new Sabitini's. He said he would be posting live from the ship over the next three days.
  13. Sky was live on Facebook. The Entertainment director was live; and said he would be posting live on their facebook page over the next four days
  14. We used mobile passport in PE in Feb. We saved about 15 min wait time. You can not fill it out until you arrive; it is only good for a few hours. You can't fill it out the day prior.
  15. After reading the above article; it looks like Sky and Enchanted will be the last ships to use diesel engine power; the new ships will use liquefied natural gas engines
  16. DebbieMacG, I hope you get a good solution for your cruise. Best to you
  17. AF-1

    Sky Princess

    Yes I did watch the video; thanks.
  18. Itchy&Scratchy; absolutely. I hope they find a solution. But for me I won't be getting in the pool. I am sailing Sky next October to New England and Canada. No way will I be going into any pool.
  19. Are the pools heated? I don't know how warm they will be on transatlantic in Nov. I hope the op gets answers; that's a shame. What were they thinking?
  20. Grego, you da man. Thanks in advance for making a video
  21. AF-1

    Sky Princess

    I think the pics will show up here today or tomorrow. Most travel agents who are on the ship will probably post to their companies website. Gene Sloan who has travel column for USA Today; He will post pics online to the newspaper.
  22. Thank you New Cruiser Girl 2 and CineGraphic. I downloaded the NYC ferry app. Appreciate it
  23. Nice picture; thanks for posting. The ship doesn't look that big in this picture
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