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  1. You can ask this question on the ports of call England boards; a lot of people who have been there post transfer options. Good Luck
  2. Ep010835; thank you for the reply. We will be on CB next Feb; and all this info is great to know. Can't wait to use it myself. Have a great cruise
  3. We were off Emerald Princess by 0830 and 45 min drive to airport is fine. you should be good to go with 1:30pm flight
  4. Another option is stay at your selected hotel; book a Princess Transfer and take taxi to one of the Princess hotels that is close to your hotel
  5. Great job with your video; thanks for sharing and loved your theme song
  6. Your welcome. You are on CB three weeks prior to me. I will follow your cruise; I am on 16 Feb
  7. Sure if you put in the car rental address then give them a quick call to let them know you are at car rental and not airport lot
  8. Tony I also called Princess and they told me they reset the app and all my info should work. But it didn't work. So I will call them back in January. I don't leave till Feb; no big deal
  9. I have same issue with Ocean Ready App. When I put my reservation number in; the app says my name does not match reservation
  10. I believe the Princess Now app has been replaced by ocean ready app. You can set up your account, sign in with your reservation # and you should be good to go
  11. I correct myself; it's 45 days and not 90 days
  12. You can change without charge up to 90 days prior to trip; anything past once tickets are purchased; then you would incur a change fee
  13. You flickr album is great. Thanks for all the wonderful pics. Happy Thanksgiving
  14. Did the OP notify EZ when they bought the upgrade with Air NZ? Maybe they should have notified EZ Air of their upgraded seats; that way when United changed the flight to Houston EZ would have made a seamless change. But I may not have all the info here.
  15. Thank you for a wonderful ride along vacation. Enjoyed your posts. Best to you
  16. Hi you started this post with hello from Pacific Princess; aren't you on the Star Princess?
  17. Wow based on the few reviews I would say Pacific Princess may be the ship for this cruise.
  18. Hello, I will tell you what we did on our cruise last July. We too had kids traveling with us so we had to book weekend cruise. We sailed roundtrip out of Seattle; The Ruby left on Sat and the Emerald left on Sunday. We chose Emerald. Both ships have itineraries that go into Glacier Bay; so you would have to pick one that fits your schedule. Ruby and Emerald are sister ships carrying around 2500 pax. Never felt crowded at all on the Emerald. Since you are gone most of the day; we did not spend a lot of time on ship; nor did we spend much time outdoors on the ship. Too cold to hang out outside; but this is one option. I have not sailed Royal; so can not answer about the ship being too large for Alaska. My friend just returned from sailing NCL Bliss to Alaska; and this ship is way larger than Royal. He said he never felt crowded or herded. Hope this helps
  19. Wow that cabin is awesome; as is your large balcony. The dining table looks fabulous. It will be hard to give that suite up; but alas; someone else is already planning on moving in next week. Cheers
  20. Your memories will last forever; what a wonderful trip you had and you have it all documented with pictures. I say you had a trip for the history books
  21. Is there a better time of year to take the California Coastal cruise; I am asking about weather conditions. Thanks
  22. Totally agree; what's all the fuss about; its gonna be fun using the medallion. Thanks for your feedback
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