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  1. magical914

    Alcohol and a 20 year old

    We've sailed twice on NCL with our children and their friends. On the Sun(2008) we had signed parental consent forms and both friends(20) were able to get PC cards with my consent. On the Jewel(2009) we had the signed parental consent forms again, but they we're not able to drink because the minor's [I][B]parent[/B][/I] must be on the sailing. I understand from the manager on board that each ship's staff determines how strictly they uphold that rule.
  2. magical914

    Tapas on the Jewel?

    The Tapas bar is located right between the Blue Lagoon and Tango's(mex rest) which is about midship on deck 8. We visited quite a few times on our Jan cruise. The sangria is to die for!!!!
  3. magical914

    Big dissapointment with NCL-Jewel

    Wow. I was shocked when I read your review...We were on that same exact cruise and LOVED it. Our rooms and beds were great...as a matter of fact I thought it was one of the the cleanest ships I've been on. Our group found dining no problem at all but we also didn't dine early..that may have been the difference. We ate in 3 of the specialty restaurants and found them all very good. We did actually win at bingo and we only played the least expensive packages. We bought the raffle once, when it came with a beach bag and extra bingo games and won $10.00. We weren't lucky at all in the casino, but we had fun and set limits on our spending. We loved the crew. We thought everyone we came in contact with were very nice. We even developed some friendships. I'm so sorry you were so unhappy with the Jewel, she became one of my favorites!
  4. magical914

    Please help with SPIRIT Deck 9

    Thank you all for the information. It's great to hear you loved the ship...
  5. magical914

    White Hot Party - Monte Carlo Night

    We just got off the Jewel this month. The Monte Carlo Night was primarily in the Casino. The White Hot Party was late night in the Spinnaker Lounge. My Daughter(21) and her boyfriend went-had a great time and said it was alot of fun. Cruise staff recognized her all the next day(lol) T shirts for both were available in the gift shop for $15.00. If you want to buy one get it early, they sold quickly in the smaller sizes.
  6. Can anyone comment on personal experience with the noise in inside cabins on deck 9 in the aft section? I know these are located below the childrens area and childrens pool but they are larger than most, and we prefer the aft location. NCL has assured us that the noise will not be a problem...but I really was interested in hearing from someone who was there! Thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. We LOVED the Jewel. The ship is beautiful, the crew was very friendly, polite and we had them kidding around with our group in no time! The shows were great, the comedian...hysterical. We even won twice in bingo! However, we did nothing but lose in the casino.lol The noro was runnning wild about midway through, we went to silver service which made service a lot slower, but it was for the good of everyone. Even with the extra stress, the crew was great!
  8. On our Jan. 9 cruise a letter was left in our cabin with an explanation of the credit and the amount. A seperate letter was send to each cabin passenger.
  9. We just came home from the Jewel this week and I can't wait to be back out there!!! I'm also looking forward to Belize. We were there last year on the Sun, but because of rough seas all the excursions were cancelled. Later in the afternoon we were able to go ashore but we had limited time and really just visited the shops, I would really like to see more this time. I can't wait to here back about prices....we're hoping to make it a big family cruise. The more the merrier!!!!
  10. magical914

    disembark question/help?

    We just did this yesterday. We left the ship at 10am arrived at Ft. Lauderdale airport around 11am, and had plenty of time before our 1:25 flight. It was a sunday so there wasn't much traffic and we had hired our own transportation that was outside the ship waiting. You have more than enough time ...we were the last group off the ship, you could choose to disembark even earlier if you're worried.
  11. Hi...just returned from the jewel last night and I am already thinking 2010. We would also be interested in possibly joining you depending on date, $, etc. We would need 3+ cabins. Can't wait to hear back!
  12. magical914

    alcohol under 21

    Hi....We returned a week ago from the Sun. Both of my children brought friends(19 and 20) and my husband and I were able to sign the form on board the ship to allow them to drink. I did download the parental consent form from the NCL website and both friends parents signed them, but we were never asked to show them. I guess if they the kids are listed in your cabin and are over 18 thats all they need. Hope this helps.
  13. magical914

    Group Cruises??

    Hey Kristen When in January 2009 are you looking to go? We are also looking at possibly going on the Jewel in Jan. for my daughters 21st bday. Right now we have approx. 15 interesred in going....l
  14. magical914

    Is The Freedom Really That Bad

    We sailed on the Freedom in early July and had a great time. Our rooms were a good size and very clean. Our Steward was always on top of everything and nothing was a problem for him. The Dining room staff was excellent, always remembered out preferences and was happy to get us any request we had. As a matter of fact, one night the drinks we wanted were not available from the Dining room bar, only from the Casino (it was one of the nightly specials) our beverage server, Dawid, went out of his way to go up to the casino for us so we would not be disappointed! The entertainment and cruise staff was excellent. They had us laughing every day! We didn't find the ship over crowded at all. We devised our own family(10 of us) cocktail hour by the sushi bar and never had a problem finding a seat or having great service(thanks Doris). I think your vacation is what you make it. We showed appreciation to everyone who serviced us and we were treated liked royalty in exchange. Our philosophy was, how bad could it be? "Were in Europe". We laughed all the way home from the airport reminding each other of all the great memories. Was everything absolutely perfect? No. But I can't remember what wasn't. Have a GREAT cruise.
  15. magical914

    Phone number

    NCL's Casino Marketing number is 1-877-752-9625.