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  1. Hello sh2738, my wife is a vegetarian and 150 CP did a really nice job of providing choices for her. Enjoy
  2. WOW, Royal has amped up the WOW factor on Symphony. Just got off the Inaugural 4 day cruise on Symphony Nov. 9-13. This will be a general review of Symphony with numerous pictures. For a more detailed review of my cruise dates look at BirdTravels and for a very detailed review of Symphony, look for Twangster’s trans Atlantic review. For a more detailed look at an Oasis Class ship with more pictures see my review of the Oasis, “Oasis 3/22-29/14, so so writing, pretty good pictures, very pretty girls.” If you have been on any other Oasis class ship the Symphony will look almost identical. While I did not go to every corner of the ship I noticed some changes. A new venue Playmaker’s in the space across the Boardwalk from Johnny Rockets. It is a sports bar with numerous TV’s and a great place to watch a game. The food there is really good, hamburger and shrimp stood out. Also small changes in Central Park and some changes to the menu’s of certain Specialty restaurants. We arrived to Terminal A on a shuttle from Dollar Rent A Car from the Miami Airport (excellent shuttle). We got to the terminal around 1:30PM and had no problem with traffic at the port. Terminal A is brand new and so well done. There are no check in desks, you go to an agent to process your Sea Pass. SO, if you are a good person and have filled out your information prior to arriving and have your Set Sail Pass, I am here to tell you that it will take you maybe 5 minutes from the time you enter the beautiful terminal to the time you walk onto Deck 5 and the Amazing Symphony of the Seas. As usual the ship feels a little crowded at the start of day 1 but by that evening you do not feel like you are on board with almost 6,000 fellow passengers. Debarkation is not as bad as you would think. We exited the ship around 9, with our luggage. Though there was a line to exit the terminal going past customs the line moved very freely and quickly. If you have a US passport they use a face recognition system that is so cool, no papers to fill out, just smile and off you go!!! THE SHOWS We went to the ice show 1977, Hairspray, Hiro (aqua show) Flight, the adults Comedy show was funny (Adult is the word). Each show was so worth going to see. The story line of the Ice show I have to say was a little hard to follow (as was the opinion of some of the people we talked to on the ship) but the individual performances were so good. Make sure you get there for the opening number! I have seen Hairspray before but the singing and acting on this production was the best I have seen (as good as if you saw it on Broadway). Hiro was of course a highlight as the aqua shows always are. FLIGHT was perhaps the most enjoyable for me and my wife. A story of aviation and flight from the Wright Brothers to a “Mars Trip” told in reverse order. This was a total beautiful original production. A must see! THE FOOD We had dinner in the speciality restaurants. Hook, 150 Park, Wonderland, and an invite to Coastal Kitchen. Breakfast and lunch we went to the MDR for the buffet side of the restaurant. Breakfast on the buffet side was excellent. Made to order omelettes, waffles, multiple options of other tasty items. For lunch we enjoyed the chopped salad and saw many other passengers enjoying the varied options on the buffet. We stuck with the salads knowing that dinners would be food heavy. Hook is a new venue for Royal and for us was a hit. We went on the first evening and the fish was wonderful. The entire menu was well done and varied. 150 Park was a little different from the first time we went to one. Michael Schwartz was the executive chef of 150 Park and now no longer is associated with the restaurant. The choices at 150 Park were so amazing. Table side made martini’s, Caesar salads made table-side as well. We sat with friends and each one of us really enjoyed our dinner there. Wonderland is a WONDER. We were a party of ten and had each item on the menu at our table. Each bite was so flavorful and prepared to perfection (as was each item we had at all the specialty restaurants). The “Mad Hatter” patrolling the dinning room was a hoot. He was so entertaining as whimsical and the center of Wonderland. This is one restaurant that is so different from anything you would go to that if I had to pick one specialty restaurant to dine in this would be the one. Coastal Kitchen is available only to Suite guests and Pinnacle status, and we were an invited guest. As exclusive as it is, it is that special. Menu changes every day, I guess to those able to dine here can go every day and have a different experience. Our experience was exceptional!! Each dish was perfectly prepared. We were a party of 6 and each one of us enjoyed our meal. This was a bad thing for my wife and I as we were so impressed with the food and service that on our next cruise, I guess it is “Suite Time”. All in all this was a great vacation. The ship to us was the destination and we only got off in Cozumel for a very short period of time. Book this ship, go to all the shows, enjoy the daily activities and nightlife and have the time of your life!!
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