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  1. I agree with you on the toilet paper! Never thought about the tissues, will remember that for next time.:p
  2. We cruised the Valor last week and hubby didn't want to take a suit so I talked him into wearing a dress shirt and tie and dress pants on the two formal nights and it was fine. The other nights were casual shirts and khakis. You still see tuxes though.
  3. I too just got off the Valor 2 days ago. Everything about it was good except I did get a little sea sick. The food everywhere was good, no complaints, except that we ate too much! We have been on 2 NCL and 2 RCCL and 5 Carnival. We like Carnival because of the price we get. I am partial to Royal Carribean just because I think it is a little more classy. The Valor is a great ship though. We went Eastern and stopped in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We had been to these islands before so we just shopped in Naasau and went snorkeling in St. Thomas and shopping in St. Maarten and to the beach, which is a 20 minute walk from the ship was great. You'll truly enjoy the Valor. Let me tell you there is only one outlet in the room so you may want to bring one of those plug in strips. We were on the Lido deck, same deck as the pool and food so it was great. Did not see as many tuxes as we usually do and hubby didn't take a suit this time and it was fine. We didn't want to pay for extra luggage. Any more questions just ask.
  4. Well all the backlash must have made msberrios mad because they didn't reply back did they? oops We have opted out before and tipped on our own but now we just do the automatic. I agree with Peter on the subject though.
  5. [quote name='LonW']Leave him at home and take me, I will be glad to wear a suit.:D[/quote] Do you ever sail carnival? Looks like you only go royal:confused:
  6. My hubby is not taking his coat or tie this time.(Valor 6/1, 5 days) He is just going to wear nice slacks and shirt and I am sure it will be fine.:)
  7. Trying to pack to leave this weekend on a 7 day cruise and wondered if Carnival has done away with formal nights. Don't really want to pack the coat and tie for hubby if we don't need to. He doesn't like to take it any way. So hopefully he can just take casual slacks and dress shirts. Let me know if anyone is aware of this. asap thanks
  8. Thanks for the info on the blow dryer and curling iron question everyone. We leave in 7 days!!!
  9. Can you take your hairdryer and curling iron in your carry on? I have looked at the tsa.gov website and it doesn't say. Any help on this would be great.
  10. We will be cruising on the Valor on June 1st. Is there anyone else out there going the same time? This will be our 8th cruise but our 21 year daughters first one. She is so excited.
  11. I have motion sickness myself but tend to agree with everyone on the Bonine. I start taking them a day before we fly and one every day while on the ship and I am fine. They work better than Dramamine I think as they don't seem to make you as drowsy and I drink alcohol while taking them. I have never tried the ginger tabs. We leave in 26 days on the Valor going Eastern and it is always more rough waters than western or southern but hopefully I will be fine.
  12. Are you saying you can get to St. John by taxi? Might like to go there but didn't want to take a ferry.
  13. Where on St. Thomas did you snorkel? We want to snorkel there but just don't know the best place to go. We would rather go somewhere that you could just snorkel from the beach.
  14. We used our Net 10 phone last April to call home every day. We were on a western cruise. I used it every night to call home and check on our daughter. I was very excited when I found out I could get a signal. Most of the time we were out in the middle of the ocean! I am taking it again when we go in 29 days to the eastern caribbean, hope it works. Hope this helps you.
  15. Just wanted to know how the ship was and if anyone had stayed on Lido deck and where the best snorkeling was on St. Thomas and St. Maarten.
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