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  1. Since the 12-14 age group is not usually big I hope that I may move my son down who turned 15 at the end of Feb. to be in this group with brother who is 13. :confused:
  2. Salene

    Confused about debarkation options...

    So are the self-assis cruisers able to have breakfast before leaving? We are planning to head to Disney for the day and want as much time as possible, but I full stomach for the kids is a must.;)
  3. I read somewhere on a few different posts about the age restrictions for Camp Carnival. I was wondering how they know the childrens ages? Do they go by the age at booking or should I bring something? I read that they are very strict in this.:)
  4. We will be sailing in June on Sensation, :) and the boys are wondering what they will be offered with Camp Carnival. They will be in the 12-14 age group and I have not been able to find much. Thanks for any info.
  5. Salene

    Information/Opinions about Camp Carnival

    What are some of the activities from the camp for the age group 12-14?:rolleyes:
  6. :) Booked cruise with two rooms across from each other, I and one son and DH with other across hall, well of course we would like the boys in one with DH and I in the other, do we tell the cabin steward, or just move the beds together for ourselves each night? Thanks for any input.
  7. Thanks, for all the information, maybe I will hit the spa and then head to the beach. Does anyone know when the teen meet is usually held? I think that this will help keep them occupied.:)
  8. Sailing on Sensation 6-3-07 and DH wants to stay on board while in Freeport. We are sailing with our DS 13 & 15, and I was wondering what is available to do, Did I read somewhere that the pools will be empty while in port? :o Should we just get off and make our way to the beach? DH is looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing, ;) but I don’t want the kids to be board. Thanks for any information that you can give!!!:p
  9. Will be sailing in June on the Sensation, and after reading some of the post talking about noise from above. I hope that the dining room (this is above our deck)will not be to loud during sleeping hours. I found many posts about chairs moving in the 24 hour pizza shops, or on some decks, keeping passengers up at night. Any one have information on this???