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  1. Finished ours this morning and took about 1.25 hrs to get the approval. Paid the fee, printed out the forms and also saved them to a folder on my phone. Should be all set to go. We have not gotten our luggage tags yet and we sail on the 14th, but not stressing about that, ,we can fill them out when we get to Nassau. Covid test is scheduled as well. Cannot wait!!
  2. For those that have already filled out the form, I know we each have to have our own as adults. However, do we also just put 1 for the number of persons in your party, or do we put the number of people that are travelling together even if we are all adults?
  3. Thanks to everyone for the helpful information! It gives us a better idea of what to expect when we get back to NAS after our cruise.
  4. One other thing, is there an option to get a porter to help take the luggage to get scanned or one of those rented carts like the bigger airports have?
  5. We are also on the 14th cruise so we will be with you. We have already requested the wheelchair through American for the airport as well. We will also have a collapsible walker with us. She can walk, but not for a long period of time. She will use her walker on the ship, she is fine with that as we just take it slow. She will also gate check her wheel chair, but we will have some checked bags, but another sister and brother in law will be with us as well so we will be fine with the luggage end of things. Thank you both for your responses. I have a better idea of
  6. Does anyone that has been on Adventure out of Nassau recently have any insight to having wheel chair assistance after the cruise? Is it a different line or what is the process? Also, my sister and I are flying first class, is that a priority line like it is in the states? As well, she has to have wheel chair assistance to and from the gate. Does not really matter either way, but trying to get a feel for what to expect after the cruise after reading about all the long lines, etc at the airport. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for the great Live posts! We will be on August 14th and cannot wait to get back to cruising.
  8. We fly to Florida from WI on Thursday and will be visiting family before flying to Nassau on Saturday so we will also get our test on Wednesday before we head to our hotel in Madison before our flight and will just do the Antigen. We do not leave until the 12th so at least we did not have it scheduled yet, will do that next week. Like you said, we all knew things could change so will do what is necessary to go.
  9. Is great news that you can sit together with your entire group. We will have 4 of us in August but one typically does not go to all the shows so it will be nice that the other 3 of us can sit together and 1 person does not have to sit alone
  10. For our August cruise, our Adventure itinerary was moved around so that we would not be in port at Coco Cay with Freedom. I believe right now only 1 ship at a time is allowed at Coco Cay.
  11. Hi all, can anyone tell me if I have to change a guest name on an existing reservation (not the primary guest) if the cruise planner items would transfer as well, for instance the beverage package? Since the reservation is not being cancelled, I am hoping that the new guest name would just go on the bev package purchase but wanted to find out for sure. I got a pretty decent deal on the package and really do not want to have to repurchase it. I would remain on the reservation, just the other guest may possibly change. Thanks in advance!
  12. As far as I am aware, the balcony dividers do NOT open on Adventure. I know they do on the Freedom class and above, but not on this class of ship. We are also travelling with family members. We have been on this ship before back in 2017 and they did not open.
  13. Thank you so much for the informative review. We are really looking forward to our same cruise in August.
  14. We go August 14th and mine shows ticketed. It was updated within a few days of us making final payment. And it is through Air 2 Sea--we had seats while it was pending, and could update them as soon as it hit ticketed if we wanted to,
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